Sunday, 9 April 2017

Articles Welcome to Issue 46 - The Gathering

Issue 46

Miracle Day: The Gathering

Content Guide

Big Finish Reviews+
The Cold Equations
The Contingency Club
The Eternal Battle
The First Wave
The Invisible Man
The Silent Scream
By Tony J Fyler

Torchwood Reviews
Visiting Day

Fans Fiction
Mitchell: Part 2
Marley’s Story

Locations: US
Middle Men

Coronation Street Part 4

Who Reviews
Wishing Well
The Last Dodo
By DJ Forrest

Comic Book Review
Twelfth Doctor Collection Vol 1
The Fourth Doctor Vol 1 – 5
By Tony J Fyler

Episode Breakdown:
The Gathering

The Whoniverse Round-Up
Happy Birthday ‘Captain’ Barrowman
Jason Arnopp
Sarah Pinborough
Eve Pearce

Editor’s Note

Hi everyone,

As per usual, this past month has been exceptionally busy, more offline than on too. Having just moved to a new house, the ‘roughing it’ lifestyle I’ve now adopted is wearing a little thin. Surrounded by boxes and wallpaper scrapers, there’s a lot to do before I’m totally satisfied that the decorating is all done, and I can relax a while. So, the episode breakdown for the last episode – Bloodline, won’t be available until our June issue, but worry not, because my wonderful team, will still enthral you with brilliant articles and reviews, of Who and Torchwood.

It’s just exceptionally difficult to juggle a full time job, and everything else I need to do every month – so easier this way.

This month, however sees some great reviews from Tony and myself, along with our final Coronation Street connections – phew! It took an exceptionally long time to finish, did that. More connections to come in June – crikey, it’s scary when you think we’re almost halfway through the year, and yet, January doesn’t seem all that long ago.

Check out our reviews this month – plenty of Big Finish reviews, along with books and comic reviews on the Who section. Torchwood’s new audio story Visiting Hours is worth a read, but if you’ve not bought the audio yet, leave it until you have – likely spoilers.

There are so many great Big Finish audios that I’m yet to purchase, at this rate, I’ll need two full time jobs to pay for them all!!!

OK, so I think I’ve rattled on enough now. But before I go, did anyone pick out their horses for the Grand National on Saturday 8th April? If you did, I wonder how many of you bet on Doctor Harper! I’m not a betting man, and it was purely only because Doctor Harper sprang out at me – the geek that I am – immediately thought – ooh, Torchwood. He didn’t win however.

So enjoy Issue 46 and all that surrounds it.


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