Monday 30 June 2014

Beyond The Tardis Who's Changing Review by Simon Mallinson

Directed by Cameron K McEwan

I purchased this DVD at the Comic Con last month, so Blogtor Who, what did I think about it?  

The Fans
I have to admit even though I enjoy looking at the cos players I am probably not A) built for this part of fandom or B ) rich enough.  The clothing is amazing and the ideas on what to wear take my breath away, even though some of the views, which is very valid and I uphold your right to think this, is a bit weird, but very funny to this old grouch of a man, bah humbug!

The Stars
Ahh now this section had me rolling on the floor in tears at some of the stories they told.  We forget that these people are just people, not some strange being that appears only on our screen at our command, interesting thought...mmmm.  Stop that Simon and finish.  All the stars were very well picked and all were big fans, which surprised me in some cases.

So here is my congratulations to the beautiful Louise Jameson, my muse in leather, the wonderful Sophie Aldred, the big sister I wish I had, Simon Becker-Fisher, maybe the only person I could get away with as a cos player???  Dan Starkey, yes Dan, your knowledge is amazing and I did the same at school, and Neve McIntosh, the lizard woman that rivals Diana from V in my heart.

So Blogtor Who, it was lovely meeting you and the gang, and look forward to your next adventure.

This month is my birthday, yes, I am the meaning of life, ok for the none Douglas Adams fans, I’m 42, so any bottles of malt whisky please send to me via DJ, it will be gratefully accepted!!!


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