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Articles Welcome to Issue 42 - The Categories of Life

Issue 42

Miracle Day:
The Categories of Life

Contents Guide

Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown: The Categories of Life
By DJ Forrest

Big Finish Reviews+
Whispers of Terror
The Wormery
The Memory Bank & Other Stories
The Ravelli Conspiracy
Order of the Daleks
By Tony J Fyler

Who Reviews
Power of the Daleks
By Tony J Fyler

Scream of the Shalka
The State of Decay
By Jeffrey Zyra

The Monsters Inside
By DJ Forrest

Torchwood Reviews
Small Worlds
Greeks Bearing Gifts
By Tony J Fyler

By DJ Forrest

Nicholas Pegg
By DJ Forrest

Beyond The TARDIS
Class 1-4
By Tony J Fyler

CIA Agent: Rex Matheson
By DJ Forrest

The Whoniverse Round-Up
John Barrowman
Nathan Sussex
Steven Savile

Editor’s Note

As this is our December Issue, looking back over this year has been memorable especially for me and the Weevil. His return to Cardiff to catch up on his sewer buddies was perhaps more memorable for the fact that it took several days for the lingering odour of sewer to diminish from the office.

2016, however has been sad, with world events and the celebrities who we have lost over this past 12 months.

Moving along from that, this Edition is crammed full of reviews and articles, that we hope will keep you entertained well into the month of December and beyond. We have a fantastic interview this month, with Nicholas Pegg. It’s a really great interview, that I’m still chuckling over one particular reply regarding ‘Dalek kills’.

Our Who & Torchwood Reviewers have delivered a large selection of reviews this month, from Big Finish, to television Who, including Big Finish Torchwood and television. We’ve also a special ‘Fans Talk’ in our Coffee Shop, where some of you guys voiced your opinion about CIA Agent Rex Matheson. If any wish to continue with that thread, please do.

If you’ve been following the Series – Class, then be sure to check out our reviews in Beyond the TARDIS where four of the episodes are waiting to be read. It’s been an enjoyable series, although some have left me wondering ‘what did I just watch?’

Be sure to check out all our Pages, there’s plenty to read, and too much to list in my wee note here.
It’s been a busy year with many great novels to read and review, people to interview and we will have more of those interviews to share in the New Year.

In usual fashion, we tend not to have a January issue, but I think for once we shall. If anything, it will pass the time after the turkey has been eaten, the Weevil has windy moments and Owen is up to mischief with a black marker pen, daubing unthinkable things on the foreheads of those foolish enough to fall asleep after their Xmas dinner!!!

So, enjoy, and be merry, and have a good Christmas wherever you may be.

Welcome to Issue 42



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