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Connections Doctor Who & Torchwood Connections by Mickie Newton

Doctor Who & Torchwood

By Mickie Newton

For the next three issues we are taking a little sidestep into Doctor Who where we follow Jack and where possible we shall try to reflect this in our connections between the two shows. In this issues connections we shall be looking at the Hand first part of the Doctors appendage (the next half will be in a future addition of a Doctor Who Sidestep when we visit ‘Stolen Earth/ Journey’s End’.

The Doctors Hand                                               


Whilst in London Jack recovered (this has never really been explained) the Doctor’s hand that he’d lost thanks to a Sycorax and his sword. Jack decided it may be useful as some kind of Doctor detection (which Jack refers to in ‘Utopia’ as a “Doctor Detector”) device and is kept in a canister filled with some kind of preservation liquid in the Hub. Because of its importance to Jack, he is extremely protective of it, but when he is questioned by his team about it, all he will say is it means something only to him. When the Doctor and Martha arrive outside the Water Tower his presence makes the hand glow and the canister bubble.
Doctor Who

Owned by the 10th Doctor who lost it in a sword fight with a Sycorax in the Christmas special “The Christmas Invasion” (the 10th Doctor’s debut).

Jack returned the hand to the Doctor in the first of a three part story which starts with episode 11, ‘Utopia’ season 29/3.

At the end of ‘Utopia’ the Master steals the TARDIS, along with the hand. In the second part, episode 12, “The Sound of Drums”, the hand is used by the Master in order to obtain the Doctors biological coding. This the Masters uses to radically age the Doctor many hundreds of years via the Masters Sonic Laser.



Though the TARDIS is never actually seen in Torchwood, we do hear her landing engines at the end of the season one episode ‘End of Days’. This is continued into the first of a three part Doctor Who story, in the episode ‘Utopia’ season 29/3, when we see Jack running to the landed TARDIS after he has left his Torchwood colleagues behind to wonder where he has gone.

Something to ponder on (though not TARDIS related):

At the end of the final of the three Doctor Who stories ‘The Last of the Time Lords’ the year of hell, becomes ‘the year that never was’ so in other words, the year that has passed where the Doctor, Jack and Martha’s family were trapped on the Valiant and Martha has spent the time passing on a message never happened, everything was reset, with the exception of those present. So why does Gwen question where Jack has been all this time, in season two episode ‘Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang’ if the year never happened?

Doctor Who

The TARDIS (which stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) is a type 40 and very old, it’s the Doctors spaceship he uses to travel through both time and space. But she’s no ordinary spacecraft, because she is also very much alive. Like her pilot, the TARDIS can also change her internal, and when the Chameleon Circuit is working, she is able to change her external shape too. Of course we all know the TARDIS in the shape of a blue 1950s police call box, a shape the Doctor is happy to stick with. But on the inside she is a huge box of delights. Most people, when they first step inside, are heard to say “It’s bigger on the inside than the outside” She is able to have as many or as few rooms as she or the Doctor cares.

Of course we could sit here until the sun explodes discussing this incredible being, who is also the Doctor’s only continuous companion. But I think I shall leave that for another time.

It is also the main cause of Jack’s inability to die as it was the TARDIS’ own time vortex that was used, by Rose, to bring Jack back to life after he was killed by the Daleks on the game station in the final episode of season 29/1 ‘The Parting of Ways.’

It is also worth noting that when the TARDIS was refueling back in 2005 in episode ‘Boom Town’ season 29/1, before all hell broke loose as the TARDIS started to rip open the Rift, thanks to Blon fel Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen aka Margaret Blaine’s Extrapolator that Jack had wired up to the TARDIS console, our Torchwood ‘non dying’ Captain Jack Harkness was keeping his Torchwood team away from all that was happening above the Hub in Roald Dahl Plass. The question is, were they hiding below in the Hub, or had Jack decided upon a wild goose chase somewhere?

Dr. Martha Jones


Our time with the good Doctor, Martha Jones, is a long and complex one. But obviously not as complex as the good Captain.

In 2008, Martha, now a doctor and UNITS Medical Officer (thanks to UNIT and a little word from the Doctor himself), is placed on secondment to Torchwood when they begin to investigate an organisation called the Pharm headed by a Prof Aaron Copley, in season 2 episode 6 ‘Reset’ After Copley killed Owen Harper, who later was resurrected by Jack, Martha took over from Owen has the medical officer for Torchwood 3 until Owen was pronounced fit to serve as medical officer again. This happened at the end of episode 8 ‘A Day In the Death’.

Martha also makes an appearance, in the same year, in the radio story ‘Lost Souls’ when she is sent, by UNIT, to CERN in Geneva where she is later joined by the Torchwood team, or what is left of it. This story occurs after the terrible loss of both Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato.
Doctor Who

Martha, a medical student, was the 10th Doctors companion for season 29/3 and initially appeared in 13 episodes. In the her final three episodes of her time as the Doctors companions; ‘Utopia’, ‘The Sound of Drums’ and ‘the Last of the Time Lords’ we see Martha grow. In the final story of the three Martha literally saves the world from the Master and the Toclafane in 2007. This year of battle became known as ‘the year that never was’ as time was reset when the battle was won. The only ones to remember were those at the epicentre of the events, the Doctor, Martha, Jack, Martha’s family and all those on the Valiant.

Martha appeared again in the following season, where Donna Noble was now the Doctors companion. Firstly in the two part story ‘The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky.’ She stayed for the following story when the Doctor and Donna were meant to be taking Martha home and they found themselves on the planet Messaline in the year 6012 and in the middle of a war between the Hath and the humans. At the end of this the Doctor finally managed to return Martha home again. We then see Martha again in the season’s final two part story ‘Stolen Earth/Journey’s End.’ The Daleks have stolen the earth along with 26 other planets and the Doctor is nowhere to be seen. Martha is given the job, by UNITS General Sanchez (Michael Brandon), to use the Osterhagen key if the Doctor cannot be found. She is about to use it in a base in Germany when the Daleks find her and teleport her onto the Daleks Crucible. Here she met other 'Children of Time’ Captain Jack, Rose, Sarah Jane, Mickey and Jackie Tyler, as well as the Doctor. This time it is Donna who saves the universe after the biological metacrisis and turning her into the DoctorDonna.

Our final sighting of Martha come towards the end of the 10th Doctors life when he is visiting friends before he dies in the 2009/10 two part special ‘The End of Time’ along with her now husband Mickey Smith, when they are battling a Sontaran, who the Doctor knocks out.

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