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Articles Welcome to Issue 36 - Children of Earth: Day Five

Issue 36

Children of Earth: Day 5

Content Guide

Cover, Content Guide and Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown: COE: Day 5
By DJ Forrest

Who Reviews
The Lazarus Experiment by DJ Forrest
Silence in the Library by DJ Forrest
The Girl in the Fireplace by Tony J Fyler
Amy’s Choice by Tony J Fyler
Nightmare in Silver by Tony J Fyler
Target Zone:
Carnival of Monsters by DJ Forrest
The Zarbi by DJ Forrest

TW Reviews
Ghost Mission by Tony J Fyler
Children of Earth by DJ Forrest

Big Finish Reviews+
Last of the Cybermen by Tony J Fyler
The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 1
By Tony J Fyler

Happy Birthday Tamie Wiggins

DW & TW Connections
Land Girls
By DJ Forrest

The Whoniverse Round-Up
Sharon Morgan News
Andrew Cartmel News

Editor’s Note

So it’s that time again when another series has ended and we look forward to the next instalment of stories to review. Children of Earth reaches its climactic ending, and there’s plenty of reasons to dig out the hankies and sob on someone’s shoulder. For Ianto fans, everything ended in Day Four, where for Jack fans, the story continues, so we really hope you’re brave enough to read till the end of the page.

Alas, we have no interviews this month. Everyone is extremely busy with cons and holidays and rehearsals and more, but we endeavour to bring you interviews in our next edition.

Tony and I have been busy reviewing all your favourite episodes of Who and Torchwood episodes and audios that were broadcast in May plus we have another Connection with a cluster of Who and Torchwood cast.

We have some interesting news in our Whoniverse round up this month and hope to catch up with Sharon Morgan again very soon.

There are a few celebrating birthdays in June, but kicking off the month, Tamie Wiggins celebrates with a bunch of familiar faces. Have a great day.

Check out the last instalment of Heaven and Nature Sings this month. It’s been a great journey and Echo is a great writer.

Short and sweet this month. The sun is beating me too much to want to stay indoors and write.

Top up your sun protection people, it’s a scorcher!

Welcome to Issue 36 – Children of Earth: Day Five


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