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Connections Afterlife by DJ Forrest

DW & TW Connections:


By DJ Forrest

Afterlife was a BBC drama series that began in 2005 and ended in 2006.  It was written and created by Stephen Volk and starred Lesley Sharp as Alison Mundy, a medium, who unlike the charlatans, really could see dead people.  She was partnered with Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead series, who played Robert Bridge, a psychologist who didn’t believe in mediums, and set out to disprove Alison’s theories of contacting the dead.  Still grieving for his son Josh who was killed in a car accident, when Bridge was driving, he is angered by Alison’s belief that his son is in the room with him, and for much of the series, you see Josh, the little boy a few feet behind him.  That part of the belief system becomes reality for Robert during a séance for train crash victims.

It’s hauntingly fantastic and it’s just a pity that there was only one series of the drama but what a fantastic ending.

As with a lot of BBC Dramas it isn’t surprising to see a few familiar faces on screen, so after pointing to the screen several times in excitement it comes as no surprise to see this in our Connections this month, and it was surprisingly quicker to cover than the Eastenders one I’m still working on.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Series Cast 

Lesley Sharp played Alison Mundy for 14 episodes, 2005-2006.
She played Sky Sylvestry in Doctor Who: Midnight in 2008.
Appeared in Doctor Who Confidential in 2009 as herself in The Enemies episode.
Appeared in 2008 for the episode Look Who's Talking as herself.
Appeared in Doctor Who Greatest Moments tv mini series docu in 2009, in the episode The Doctor.
Was uncredited for Sky Sylvestry in Doctor Who: Journey's End in 2008.

Amanda Lawrence played Alison's mother for 2 episodes, 2006.
Played Doomfinger in Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code in 2007.

Rasmus Hardiker played James for 1 episode, 2005.
Was composer of theme music for film short: Japanese Doctor Who in 2014.  I decided to add this here purely for the mention of Doctor Who, but I’ve not seen the film or know much more about it. 

Rhodri Meilir played Daniel Two for 1 episode, 2005.
Played Rhodri in Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride in 2006.

Colin Prockter played Arthur Rose for 1 episode, 2005.
Played Head Chef in Doctor Who: The Long Game in 2005 and Air Raid Warden in Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks in 2010.

Nikki Amuka-Bird played Sandra Petch for 1 episode, 2005.
Played Beth in Torchwood: Sleeper in 2008.
Appeared in Torchwood: Declassified episode Sleepless in Cardiff in 2008.

Richard Beale played Mr. Keyhoe for 1 episode, 2005.
Played the voice of a Refusian in Doctor Who: The Ark episodes - The Return and The Bomb in 1966.
In the same year played Bat Masterson for The Gunfighters episodes - A Holiday for the Doctor, Don't Shoot the Pianist, Johnny Ringo and The O.K. Corral.
In 1967 played the voice of Broadcaster/Propaganda Seller in The Macra Terror episodes 1 - 3 and finally in 1973 played the Minister of Ecology in The Green Death, episode 3.

Tristan Beint played Student for 1 episode, 2005.
Played Tom in Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor in 2013.

Mark Benton played Connor McClune for 1 episode, 2005.
Played Clive in Doctor Who: Rose in 2005.
Appeared as himself in Making 'Doctor Who' with Russell T. Davies video docu short in 2005.

Mark Bonnar played Ben Varcoe for 1 episode in 2005.
Played Jimmy in Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People in 2011.
Appeared in Doctor Who Confidential episodes Double Trouble and Take Two in the same year as himself. 
Appeared uncredited as Jimmy for The Science of Doctor Who tv docu in 2012.
Susan Engel played Ellen Turton for 1 episode, 2005.
Played Vivien Fay in Doctor Who: The Stones of Blood parts 1 - 4 in 1978.
Appeared in three video docu/shorts in 2007 - Getting Blood from the Stones as herself and Vivien.
A Matter of Time and Weird Science as Vivien Fay.

Phyllida Law played Irene Moser for 1 episode, 2005.
Played Bea Nelson-Stanley in SJA: Eye of the Gorgon parts 1 & 2 in 2007.

Liam Cunningham played Jonathan for 1 episode, 2006.
Played Captain Zhukov in Doctor Who: Cold War in 2013.

Simon Fisher-Becker played Mini-cab driver for 1 episode, 2006. This episode was extremely brilliant and just a bit on the creepy side, an ideal one for the drink driving campaign.
Played voice of General Nylan in Doctor Who Online Adventures: Betrayal part 1 & 2 in 2014.
Played Dorium Maldovar for 4 episodes of Doctor Who, 2010 - 2011 but was uncredited for his character in Prequel to A Good Man Goes to War in 2011.
Appeared in Who's Changing: An Adventure in Time with Fans docu as himself in 2014.
Talking Who as himself in episode Dorium Moldovar the Interview in 2011.
Doctor Who Confidential as himself for The Born Identity in 2011.
Currently touring with his show My Dalek has a Puncture 2015.

Julie Graham played Lucy for 1 episode, 2006.
Played Ruby White in SJA: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith part 1 & 2 in 2010.

Craig Kelly played Young Stan Mundy for 1 episode, 2006.
Played voice of Joe in Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka mini series for episodes 1, 2, 4 - 6 in 2003.

Claudio Laurini played Man #2 for 1 episode, 2006.
Played a Headless Monk in Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War in 2011 but was uncredited.

Justin McDonald played Cameron for 1 episode, 2006.
Played Matt in Torchwood: Day One in 2006.

Michael Obiora played Terence Olivets for 1 episode, 2006.
Played Billy Shipton in Doctor Who: Blink in 2007.

Claire Rushbrook played Jennifer for 1 episode, 2006.
Played Ida Scott in Doctor Who two parter The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit in 2006.
Appeared as herself in The Weakest Link Doctor Who Special in 2007.
Was uncredited as Ida Scott in The Destinations of Doctor Who tv docu in 2012.
Appeared as Ida Scott for Doctor Who Greatest Moments episode The Doctor in 2009.

Series Music by

Edmund Butt for 14 episodes, 2005-2006.
Composed the music for ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ in 2013.

Series Production Management

Emma Reid was unit manager for 1 episode, 2006.
Was Unit Manager for Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead and The End of the World in 2005.

Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Nael Abbas was first assistant director for 7 episodes, 2005-2006.
Was first assistant director for Torchwood: Random Shoes in 2006.

Daniella Bonan was second assistant director for 5 episodes, 2006.
was second assistant director for Torchwood: Random Shoes in 2006.

Series Special Effects by

Paul McGuinness was special effects supervisor (unknown episodes).
Played Drathro in Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord part 3 & 4 in 1986 but was uncredited.

Series Stunts

Paul Kulik was stunt performer (unknown episodes)
Was Stunt performer in Doctor Who: Rose in 2005.

Rod Woodruff was stunt coordinator (unknown episodes)
Was stunt co-ordinator for 2 episodes of Doctor Who in 2005 - Rose and World War Three.

Series Camera and Electrical Department

Anthony Sutcliffe was second clapper loader for 6 episodes, 2005.
Was first assistant camera for The Science of Doctor Who tv documentary in 2013.

Shirley Schumacher was clapper loader for 5 episodes, 2005-2006.
Was focus puller for two episodes of Doctor Who in 2010 - The Beast Below and Victory of the Daleks.

James Scott was first assistant camera: "a" camera for 4 episodes, 2005-2006.
Was focus puller for 16 episodes of Doctor Who from 2011 - 2013.

Simon Ridge was trainee camera for 3 episodes, 2005-2006.
Was camera assistant for 13 episodes of Doctor Who from 2010 - 2011.

Steve Hopkins was electrician for 3 episodes, 2006.
Was electrician for 31 episodes of Doctor Who from 2007 - 2015, lighting console operator for 5 episodes from 2011 - 2013, additional electrician for 3 episodes from 2005 - 2006 and gaffer for second unit but uncredited in 2013 for Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.
Was electrician for 18 episodes of Torchwood from 2006 - 2011, lighting technician for 8 episodes from 2006 - 2007. Most of these he was uncredited for bar 3 episodes of Miracle Day and Series 1.
Was electrician for SJA: Day of the Clown parts 1 & 2 and Secrets of the Stars part 1, all in 2008.

Chris Davies was best boy for 2 episodes, 2006.
Was best boy for 12 episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2009.
Was electrician for 5 episodes of Doctor Who in 2006 and Best Boy for 2 episodes in 2007-2008.
Was best boy for 3 episodes of Torchwood in 2008 - To The Last Man, Reset and A Day in the Death.

Warwick Drucker was additional grip for 1 episode, 2006.
Was additional grip for Doctor Who episodes Rose and Aliens of London in 2005 but was uncredited for both.

Series Editorial Department

Perry Gibbs was colorist for 5 episodes, 2005-2006.
Was colourist for Doctor Who Confidential episode Music and Monsters in 2006.

Other crew

Elaine Matthews was script supervisor for 5 episodes, 2005-2006.
Was Script supervisor for Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex in 2011.

Jacqueline Graham was assistant production accountant for 3 episodes, 2006.
Was assistant accountant for 12 episodes of SJA in 2010, all of which were uncredited.

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