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Articles Welcome to Issue 27 - From Out of the Rain

Issue 27 – From Out of the Rain

Cover, Content and Editor’s note
Episode Breakdown – From Out of the Rain

Interview with Eve Pearce

From Out of the Rain Review by Tony J Fyler

Expo & Cons
Miracle Day 2 by Jann Tarrant

Beyond the TARDIS
Terminator Genisys by DJ Forrest

Happy Birthday – August

Who Reviews
Journey’s End by Tony J Fyler

Big Finish Reviews+
I, Davros by Tony J Fyler

Afterlife by DJ Forrest

The Coffee Shop
Captions Comp – From Out of the Rain

Editor’s Note

It’s always a busy month here at the Hub.  It’s been busier still with the rescue of a housemartin that became an additional member of our family for 4 days before it passed away on Friday 31st July at 7:20pm. 
Hector will be sadly missed.  He had a lot of character for such a little bird.  He had fallen from the nest up in the eaves of a neighbouring property and landed hard on the concrete below which killed his two siblings.  It’s a miracle that he survived for the length of time he had. 

This month’s Issue has been quite busy, but also fraught, especially concerning Windows 10 which if any of you have already installed will know what I’m talking about.  Toshiko is still in a darkened room trying to find some inner peace as Windows 10 screwed up all her work and gave her no access to her computer to add the finishing touches to the front Page, so please be patient and it will be added within the new week. 

We have a wonderful interview with Eve Pearce who you may remember played Estelle in ‘Small Worlds’ in Series 1.  She is indeed a truly wonderful lady and it was a brilliant interview.

We have Who reviews from Tony Fyler, who writes with such flair that I am in awe of him.  His Who articles and reviews can also be found on the website Warped Factor, check it out if you have a chance to.

We have an exciting Beyond the TARDIS review this month regarding Matt Smith, do go check it out and if you have seen the film, let us know what you thought of it below, or if you fancy writing a review for us of any film, television, theatre or radio show, then be sure to let us know.

I have an apology to make regarding the Eastenders Connection – it’s still not completed.  The crew list is longer than I first admittedly thought it would be, and I am working with XP and it’s rather slow, but fear not, as soon as it’s completed, it will be posted up.  Just as well I didn’t consider researching Corrie!!!

We have a fantastic MD2 experience review by Jann Tarrant that you can find on our Expo & Cons page be sure to check that out.  And don’t forget to check through to see who celebrates a birthday with you, if you are celebrating this month.  If you do have a birthday this month and we’ve not added you, please, please get in touch, either by usual social networking sites or by commenting beneath the article and we’ll add you to the list. 
The proper Birthday Shout Outs will make a return someday soon.

Our Connections this month is the Stephen Volk spooky series Afterlife starring Lesley Sharp.  It’s one of my most favourite scary dramas and stars Andrew Lincoln from the Walking Dead series.

So without further ado, Welcome to Issue 27 – From Out of the Rain



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