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Articles Welcome to Issue 25 - A Day in the Death

A Day in the Death

Content Guide

Cover, Content Guide & Editor Note
Episode Breakdown: A Day in the Death
Richard Briers Remembered

Interview with Dan Abnett
The Conspiracy Interview with David Llewellyn

Tracy Beaker & The Dumping Ground

Henry John Parker & The Pulse

Who Reviews
Nightmare in Silver by Tony J Fyler
The Long Game by Tom Toaduff
The Space Museum by Jeffrey Zyra
The Lazarus Experiment by DJ Forrest

Big Finish Reviews+
Lady of Mercia by Tony J Fyler
An Ordinary Life by Jeffrey Zyra

Torchwood Reviews
Up On The Roof by DJ Forrest
The Sin Eaters by DJ Forrest

The Coffee Shop
Caption Comp: A Day in The Death

Beyond The TARDIS
World War W.H.O. by DJ Forrest

Dead Man Walking & Day in the Death

June Birthday List

Editor’s Note

Wow what a month this has been.  From the Whovian Elections to celebrating our 2nd birthday at Project: Torchwood.  Ianto Jones of course won the overall Whovian Elections which did surprise me as I thought Jack Harkness would have won.  I’m glad that we split Jack and Ianto up in the race, it made it more interesting though.

Catriona Scott won our Birthday competition – Well done, I am certain you will enjoy your Torchwood Audio: Golden Age by James Goss.

This month also allowed us the opportunity of seeing the cover of the first Torchwood audio story ‘The Conspiracy’ written by David Llewellyn that is broadcast in September of this year.  I for one can’t wait to get my hot little hands on a copy. 

We always seem to pick Connections that have a very long list of credits, and it was surprising as we worked through them just how many Whovians were linked with Poldark & Tracy Beaker, and not just the random few either.

Last year we ran a Tribute article about Richard Briers who died in 2013 – so it seemed only fitting that we ran the article again considering we were featuring ‘A Day in the Death’ episode that he appeared in as Henry John Parker.  Please feel free to add your comments to our Tributes which came from many, including Lucy Gannon, director of ‘Frankie’ who had worked with Briers in the past.

We have two brilliant interviews this month - David Llewellyn and Dan Abnett, both known for their Whovian involvement. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our young graphic artist Nikki Forrest who created nearly all of the Covers this month.  Thank you.

I’d also like to thank our wonderful team for their hard work putting Issue 25 together, to our fans for their contributions of Captions and to our guests for their wonderful interviews. 

Diolch yn fawr!

So now without any further ado – Welcome to Issue 25 – A Day in the Death


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