Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Articles Welcome to Issue 23 - Reset

Issue 23


Front Cover, Content Guide & Editor’s Note
Reset: Episode Breakdown
The Many Faces of Alan Dale

Interview with Chris Wilson

DW & TW Connections: Foyles War
DW & TW Connections: Neighbours (late entry)

The Coffee Shop
Reset: Caption Comps

Who Reviews (new)
Happy Birthday NuWho by Jeffrey Zyra
Doctor Who: The Secret Lives of Monsters by DJ Forrest
Mawdryn Undead by Jeffrey Zyra
The Two Doctors by Tony J Fyler

Reposted from The Mothership Page
The Deviant Strain by DJ Forrest
Summer Falls by DJ Forrest
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy by DJ Forrest
Enemy Aliens by DJ Forrest
Day of the Doctor by Jeffrey Zyra
Ghosts of India by Simon Mallinson
An Adventure in Space and Time by Jeffrey Zyra
Target Zone: Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen
By Simon Mallinson
Night of the Doctor by Jeffrey Zyra

Big Finish Reviews+
The Marian Conspiracy by Tony J Fyler
The Bounty of Ceres by Jeffrey Zyra

The Whoniverse Round-Up
Our March look back

Prof. Aaron Copley

Editor’s Note

So another month over and the weather doesn’t appear to be improving.  We have SNOW, SLEET and there’s an icy chill to the wind.  So all the more reason to stay in the house and read our latest Issue of Project: Torchwood #23.

A few things have changed since the last time we spoke.  So determined were we not to lose our Graphic Designer we now have a new department, it’s spacious, with a goldfish bowl in a round bowl on a table by a round window, and a potted plant that Ianto has instructed that I’m not to touch!
It has ambient lighting and it’s filled with all the mod cons our Toshiko would ever need – also uninterrupted work time.  So the dart board goes down the other end of the Hub…

Yes, Tosh has been given the role of Head Graphic Designer.  It’s great not to lose such a talented person.  With three designers, we have enough to delegate work and cover the er…covers!

Having also discovered something rather nifty on the website, there may be a chance that we might not need to come off air at the end of the month, but that just depends on how technical this technical gizmo becomes.  Strip down an AK47 and rebuild it, easy, wire a plug or fix the leak in the Weevil cells, also equally easy.  Get to grips with Blogger on an off day….well that’s still open to negotiation!

We also have a new Page this month – Who Reviews.  It made more sense to group the reviews into the one Page, freeing up The Mothership for more articles of the Who world.  And we’re sure we’ll be filling those up over the coming months. 
It’s only when you realise just how many reviews you’ve to do that you realise you probably should have started this many months earlier.  Still, always up for a challenge!

We have a Neighbours Connections this month too, but as with many soap operas with 30 years of episodes, you can imagine just how mammoth a task it was researching.  So it will be posted up within the week. 

Research is great fun, and researching what you love, there’s nothing to top that. 

Have a great Easter!


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