Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Articles Welcome to Issue 22 'Adam'

Issue 22 ‘Adam’

Cover, Content Guide, Editor’s Note

Episode Breakdown

Cavan Scott Interview

Beyond The Hub
Twelve Angry Men by Tony J Fyler
The Inbetweeners 2 Review by DJ Forrest

Beyond The TARDIS
Fortitude Review by Tony J Fyler

Adam Smith

The Inbetweeners 2+
Last Tango in Halifax+
Midsomer Murders

Big Finish Reviews+
Masters of Earth – Jeff Zyra
Protect and Survive – Simon Mallinson
Sword of Orion – Reece Morris Jones
The Chimes of Midnight – Reece Morris Jones
The Juggernauts – Tony J Fyler

The Coffee Shop
Caption Comp
Who Reviews
The Ark in Space – Tom J Toaduff
Robots of Death by Tony J Fyler
The Romans by Simon Mallinson
Kinda by Jeff Zyra
Target Zone – The Creature from the Pit by Simon Mallinson

Fans Fiction
Doctor Who: The Church of the Fallen by Sara Black

The Whoniverse Round-Up
Storyline, F*CK H8, ShipCon, Extinction

Editor’s Note

Having come out the other end of the Weevil Flu…ok that sounds far worse than it should, but we’re all fine and Joshua is avoiding us like the plague, no change there then. 

We’ve been extremely busy this month, yes I know, I say that every month, but if you really like reading our ‘Connections’ Page, you’ll see exactly what we mean by busy. 

Our Who boys have been extremely industrious with the old Doctor, with reviews from the Classic Who, the television show to the audio’s with Big Finish, plus as always, our Target Zone Whovian giving us a review on the tenth book in the collection of Target novels.

There are some fantastic articles and reviews, plus a new piece of Doctor Who fiction that you MUST read. 

We have a request this month, we’re looking for a graphic designer who is able to give their time for free to design our front covers.  Mickie, our ‘Toshiko’ is stepping down from her role as our graphic designer.  If anyone is interested in taking on the challenge of our front covers, please email us at: projecttorchwood@ymail.com

Have a great March and Welcome to Issue 22


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