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The Coffee Shop #BringBackTorchwood

What does Torchwood mean to you?
By DJ Forrest

As a kid I grew up watching Doctor Who, hiding behind sofas when the Daleks and Davros came on.  I had favourite shows I wouldn’t miss an episode of, even racing through a driving lesson to be sure I got home before Miami Vice credits had even begun to roll.  And as much as I was a fan and I would collect all the memorabilia of this show and others like it, my crazy fan like behaviour was going to go into over drive much later in adulthood when Doctor Who returned and my attention was drawn to the skinny man in the suit wearing Converse.  But before he appeared, Christopher Eccleston took my attention, and an American in a great coat that looked way too big for him, a con man, a man you weren’t too sure about, and even when he was left behind during the episode ‘Parting of the Ways’ you never expected to find him in 2006 in an underground organisation, with 4 other people working with him protecting the planet Earth from alien attack.

Captain Jack Harkness had arrived.  And this time his coat fit him, he looked dashing, big smile, pearly white teeth, and he was bloody good looking, and at this point I could see that Captain Jack Harkness had grown up, he was different to the Who version and I was wishing Torchwood were real, as I wanted to apply to be a field operative.

There were two things that surprised me of the show.  The genius who thought to conjure up the name Torchwood from Doctor Who AND that this show was based in Cardiff, not just filmed there to make it look like London.  This WAS WALES!  I mean how often do you see an organisation working in secret, protecting the earth against aliens AND based in Wales.  For years it felt that the Welsh were receiving a raw deal when it came to locations, but now, on the BBC, here was a show that pulled in fans from all over the globe, that would keep returning to the city to visit the locations, take photos on ‘that’ step, and be so immersed in the whole Torchwood feel that, finally Wales and the Welsh were a force to be reckoned with.  Proud moment!

This show I watched thoroughly, from the moment it hit the screens to the repeats and the re repeats.  I bought the box sets, and watched them over and over.  I collected the figures, posters, magazines.  I avidly followed the actors; I still follow them on Twitter and tweet as often as I can with them. 

As with Who, I’ve forged great friendships from fandoms, created a website based on my love of the show, made some great contacts and interviewed and still interviewing fantastic people from a fantastic show, and written many fictional stories based on the characters and some of my own.  But I would be gutted if the show didn’t return in some format or other, and it pains me that the BBC have called time on the show after only four seasons.

I hope we can see the show back, I hope that there are more opportunities for the series to return, if not by television then by books and straight to film DVD’s, but it’s too early to call time on a show that has brought together a universe of fans across the world wide web, to converse, share stories and favourite moments and continue to do it long after the show’s final season. 

Torchwood is far from over, and I’m not ready to snuff out the flame!

Gathered from 1 August event and to our last event we’ve created a collage of the wonderful posts on Twitter, including the cast posts.  You guys are awesome and thank you for participating.

Ruby Rose @RubyRose7777
How can the show die when the main character's immortal? #BringBackTorchwood #savetorchwood 

#BringBackTorchwood My idol @Team_Barrowman was happy which makes me happy so bring it back!! 

Beth #HadbyTheChief @brogalaann
Another #BringBackTorchwood that should definitely appear in the vicinity of BBC to make them understand 

Rach @NotABlipinTime
#BringBackTorchwood we need to see these lovelies more :) @Team_Barrowman @Pancheers @burngorman @TeamEveMyles 

#SaveTorchwood @HThorrington
#BringBackTorchwood for more Gwhys!

Gareth David-Lloyd @Pancheers

Ceri Gray @cerijanegray
"What's that smell?" "Grass." #BringBackTorchwood 

Claudia @Cl0udy2day
@BBCOne #BringBackTorchwood #SaveTorchwood Because we want all these back! :) 

Claudia @Cl0udy2day
#BringBackTorchwood #SaveTorchwood Because the universe desperately needs this man! @BBCOne @BBCTwo @bbcthree 

#BringBackTorchwood #SaveTorchwood And bring back Ianto Jones, because.... @BBCOne 

#BringBackTorchwood 1st August 2014

Angelica Colliver ‏@captaincolliver 

 Angelica Colliver ‏@captaincolliver  
@ProTorchwood #bringbacktorchwood #savetorchwood #bringbacktorchwoodorsohelpmegod #torchwood #series5torchwood

 specialsmiley ‏@Ianto_back2_TW 
@burngorman adds his voice to @Pancheers & so many others. Lets go already! #BringBackTorchwood #BringBackIantoJones #BringBackTWCardiffCast

#The10thDoctorsWife ‏@kaitlyn_heddle 
#SaveTorchwood #BringBackTorchwood
sign this petition asking for a new series: …

#The10thDoctorsWife ‏@kaitlyn_heddle 
#SaveTorchwood #BringBackTorchwood sign this petition asking for a new series: …

 Harry Saxon ‏@Eru_Rouraito 
Thank you @ProTorchwood ! Torchwood was a show with very diverse characters and inclusive attitude. #BringBackTorchwood we need more of that

fifty4ten ‏@fifty4ten 
@ProTorchwood @burngorman How great that both Burn and Gareth (@Pancheers) tweeted support. #BringBackTorchwood #ClassicCardiffTorchwood!

Willow Emerald ‏@WillowEmerald1 
#SaveTorchwood #BringBackTorchwood love me some torchwood

 Margarita Vollmer ‏@RitaVollmer 
#savetorchwood #BringBackTorchwood

 Laura ‏@Laura_836 
#BringBackTorchwood @BBCOne

 Karebear ‏@BarronKarebear 
#BringBackTorchwood #savetorchwood

Captain Harkness. ‏@carstairsangels 
Oddio magari çç #bringbacktorchwood

TrayFelishe ‏@Merhausofweden 
#BringBackTorchwood for serious, y'all.

Sley Cosplay ‏@SleyCosplay 
Or what if Jack travels back with his own grown Tardis and somehow saves everyone? #BringBackTorchwood

Sley Cosplay ‏@SleyCosplay 
Can't we say season 3&4 were in a parallel universe &we continue after season 2 and bring Owen and Tosh back somehow?#BringBackTorchwood

Sley Cosplay ‏@SleyCosplay 
#BringBackTorchwood I so miss the emotions of season 1 & 2. I miss the entire team! ( especially Owen and Ianto though xD)

Season4 Of TVD help ‏@WhoLockedForev 
Yes bring back Torchwood. Although the storylines going to be messed up coz of the uh immortal CIA agent but oh well #BringBackTorchwood

 Roberta ‏@robbygrella 
#BringBackTorchwood #savetorchwood

 Wendy Carey ‏@WendyCarey2 
#BringBackTorchwood What if everything that happened post S2 were Jack's nightmares during the aeons that he was buried by Grey?

Tiger Pants ‏@221b_ornottobe 
Dedicating my 2500th tweet (like most of its predecessors) to Torchwood & ofc Jack and Ianto! #BringBackTorchwood

 Annie_xo ‏@JBarrowmanGirl 
Anyone else think Ianto and Jack were the best onscreen couple? Let's #BringBackTorchwood and see what other amazing things the bbc can do!

 Bartstern ‏@Burtstern 
#BringBackTorchwood !

 SouffléGirlNevelet ‏@PipersSmile 
#BringBackTorchwood #BringBackTorchwood

 Rach ‏@NotABlipInTime 
#BringBackTorchwood for more of the worlds worst secret organization.

 ♥ Gill ♥ ‏@Giwwy 

 Manesh Mistry ‏@ManeshMistry98

Chloe ‏@Clucky_Chick 
@221b_ornottobe @221gay @ProTorchwood one (news/bbc) has noticed the #BringBackTorchwood trying to to trend!

 Tuffnut Thorston ‏@KingTuffnut 
If BBC One has even a speck of good in them they won't cancel Torchwood. Please #savetorchwood #BringBackTorchwood

 Tuffnut Thorston ‏@KingTuffnut 
You've already destroyed my life BBC One by killing off all my favourite characters, not the show too. #savetorchwood #BringBackTorchwood

 Eli Mickmack ‏@EliMickmack 
wait, is #BringBackTorchwood a thing?? I've been re-watching for a few weeks now I'm here for this

 Lauren-Jay ‏@LaurenJayJay 
Make Our Lives Complete Again! #BringBackTorchwood

Dix_Tom ‏@t_dix123 
Here is one of my oldest videos explaining how we think TORCHWOOD should return  #SaveTorchwood #BringBackTorchwood

 Tiger Pants ‏@221b_ornottobe 
Looking at my #BringBackTorchwood tweets from last night like...

 Antje Strauch ‏@dieastra
@burngorman Thank you so much, I always wanted to see the picture! I made my own #Owen figure  #BringBackTorchwood
 Mel ‏@_mel42_ 
@burngorman I want this action figure if he's released! I have all the others but I always wanted Owen the most. :) #BringBackTorchwood

 Romarson Soria ‏@RomarsonSoria 
#BringBackTorchwood #Torchwood #savetorchwood

 Kate Mora ‏@jedikat71 
@Team_Barrowman Have a safe flight! Hope you saw our #BringBackTorchwood tweets today, and I'm looking forward to seeing Malcolm again! <3

 Marina ‏@JustTheLoki 
Guuuyyyysssss! Look who was standing behind me? It's @Team_Barrowman #BringBackTorchwood #JohnBarrowman

Michelle ‏@cmmdrcupcake 
#BringBackTorchwood please!!! Need more Captain Jack Harkness!!!

 Marina ‏@JustTheLoki 
I saw the first two seasons of Torchwood in two days, two more to go. BUT STILL #BringBackTorchwood !!!!!!!

 Kate Mora ‏@jedikat71 
@Pancheers @burngorman Thanks for your tweets of support today! Your words to the BBC's ears! #BringBackTorchwood #SaveTorchwood

 Debra Polk ‏@1cuddlesmom 
#BringBackTorchwood So many aliens left to discover; so many stories left to tell!

 Debra Polk ‏@1cuddlesmom 

 HiddlesGirl️ ‏@dancergeek32 
#BringBackTorchwood oh this would be so great!

 SJB The Musical USA ‏@SJBTheMusicalUS 
Just found out about #BringBackTorchwood. YES PLEASE, @BBCWales!

 Carl Padgham ‏@StarlacUK 
@AnnoyedGamer Yes @BBCWales must #BringBackTorchwood with both @TeamEveMyles & @Team_Barrowman in tow, fighting the supernatural in Cardiff.

 GarnettLee ‏@GarnettLee 
@AnnoyedGamer @BBCWales @TeamEveMyles @Team_Barrowman only if it's good Torchwood #BringBackTorchwood

 Molly Bolly Wolly ‏@MollyEvelet  

 Maxine Evans ‏@maxinevans 
#BringBackTorchwood Come on.... You know you want to!!!!!! Xxxx

 Rhian Ianto Cork ‏@Rhiannon_tweets 
"@Clucky_Chick: We want to save Torchwood. Please, please, please retweet! x #BringBackTorchwood" @Pancheers

 deirdre brownell ‏@deirdreb38 
#bringbacktorchwood #savetorchwood #TORCHWOODISNOTDEAD Torchwood will never die!!!

 Frankie Army ‏@MoreFrankie 
#BringBackTorchwood #SaveTorchwood @BBCOne Still has a fantastic fan base! Why not listen to the people who pay the television licence?!?

 Eve&KaiNews ‏@EveletsUnited 
#BringBackTorchwood #SaveTorchwood @BBCOne Still has a fantastic fan base! Why not listen to the people who pay the television licence?!

 Gabriella Tóth ‏@Ravolox  
#savetorchwood #bringbacktorchwood (ps: picture's not mine)
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Kez Cox ‏@Kez_Cox 
#torchwoodisnotdead #BringBackTorchwood

Frankie Army ‏@MoreFrankie 
@Team_Barrowman RT please, Torchwood is not dead lets get this trending! #BringBackTorchwood #SaveTorchwood @SaveTorchwood

 Chloe ‏@Clucky_Chick 
We want to save Torchwood. Please, please, please retweet! x #BringBackTorchwood

 The Game Is On ‏@DayFour34 
Omg what, Torchwood can't be dead! #BringBackTorchwood

 Kate Mora ‏@jedikat71 

 Jess'ca Mott ‏@Clarrijem
Just wait until one of us works for the BBC, then we will #BringBackTorchwood ! #SaveTorchwood

 Chloe ‏@Clucky_Chick 
@ProTorchwood We really need #BringBackTorchwood trending more than ever! We need to find a day and a slot, and set off tweet limits!

 Simona ‏@iAm0ne0faKind 
if you love #torchwood and want to #KeepTheFlameAlive read this article we need to #bringbacktorchwood @ProTorchwood …

 Chloe ‏@Clucky_Chick 
Going to cry now... Torchwood means so much to me....#SaveTorchwood #BringBackTorchwood
#KeepTheFlameAlive @BBCOne @bbcpress

 Save Torchwood ‏@SaveTorchwood 
As @ProTorchwood put it so nicely here …  - we need to keep the flame alive! #SaveTorchwood #BringBackTorchwood

 T O R C H W O O D ‏@jamiecursons 
Ianto's Shrine today: Cardiff #BringBackIantoJones #SaveIantoJones #Torchwood #BringBackTorchwood

 T O R C H W O O D ‏@jamiecursons 
RT How I think #Torchwood and Ianto Jones could comeback via #DoctorWho. #BringBackTorchwood  #BringBackIantoJones

Save Torchwood ‏@SaveTorchwood 
Short update: We're now at 7400 plus a few signatures.. keep spreading the word #bringbacktorchwood …

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the event!

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