Saturday, 19 July 2014

News Happy Birthday Simon Mallinson

Happy Birthday Simon Mallinson

Happy Birthday Simon

Although there are no broadcasted episodes of Who or Torchwood on this day there is however a Big Finish Doctor Who story called Sirens of Time. 

On this day in 1999, the first ever Who Audio Drama by Big Finish was broadcast.  It featured a story involving the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctor.  It was written and directed by Nicholas Briggs and produced by Gary Russell and Jason Haigh-Ellery. 

Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy starred as the Doctor.  It also featured Mark Gatiss and Nicholas Briggs.

Gallifrey is under threat by a fleet of hostile warships carrying higher technology than even the Time Lords possess.  The Doctor discovers that the Sirens of Time seek to destroy him during his Fifth to Seventh regenerations. 

Others celebrating their birthday today are: Benedict Cumberbatch, Brian May, Anthony Edwards, Helen Skelton and Ilie Nastase. 

Hope you get your bottle of Malt Simon, and from all of us on the team we wish you a fantastic day and look forward to your next Target Zone instalment.

All the best

DJ ~Jack~  

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