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Connections Terry and June Doctor Who Mentions and Connections

Terry and June
Doctor Who Mentions

It’s amazing what you can stumble on sometimes. We were watching an episode of the 1970’s situation comedy Terry and June on the 13th June 2014 on the channel Drama. Part way through the episode Doctor Who gets a mention. I decided to do a mentions article that developed also into a connections article.
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I had to do the transcript myself. So as it’s a long scene I have just captured only part of it. Obviously the show Terry is speaking of is Star Trek. Unfortunately nobody else seems to be on the same planet as Terry and it takes him a while to get it across to his seemingly dim neighbour’s.

So here is a Mentions and Connections for this episode of Terry and June!

Episode Details:
Terry and June: Season 1 Episode 5
Episode title: ‘Writing on the Wall
Original air date: 21st November 1979

After seeing graffiti on a wall in the street Terry declares that people should take more responsibility for children and ends up looking after Magnus, Tina's twelve year old nephew, for whom he builds a spaceship for the local fancy dress parade. When Magnus goes down with a rash, Terry 'pilots' the space ship himself but it ends up getting towed away and Magnus's rash is actually red paint as he was the graffiti artist.

Episode synopsis curtesy of IMDB

Doctor Who Mentions:

Terry:  “My suggestion is, well now literally out of this world. Now does that give you a clue?”
Tina:    “Spiritualism?”
Terry:  “No!”
June:   “Out of space?!”
Terry:   “Ah, well done, out of space. Now what is that they repeat year after year?”
Tina:    “Gardening Club?”
Terry:  “Gardening Club. Gardening Club?....What are you talking about?!”
Tina:    “It’s repeated every Thursday”
Terry:  “No, no, the show I mean has that character with pointed ears!”
Brian:  “ Basil Brush!”
June:   “Oh! Mr Spock!”
Tina:    “Doctor Who?”
Brian:  “No, that’s the man with the police box
Terry:  “Doctor Spock?”

Doctor Who Connection:

Actress, June Whitfield, who played June in ‘Terry and June’, played Wilf’s friend Minnie Hooper in the Doctor Who Specials two part story “The End of Time.” This aired over Christmas and New Year 2009/10.

Another connection, that isn’t entirely a Terry and June connection, except for line related is the Mr Spock aspect. In season 27/1 of Doctor Who in 2005. When Captain Jack Harkness first greets the Doctor in the Albion Hospital corridor, Jack refers to the Doctor as Mr Spock.

Here are some more Doctor Who connections to this episode of Terry and June:

Terry and June Cast

Anita Graham played Tina in Terry and June

Played Bollitt in parts 1 and 2 of the Doctor Who story ‘Delta and the Bannermen’ (1987)

Barry Howard played Cochrane Terry and June

In 2009 Barry played Oliver Barnes in part 1 of the episode ‘The End of Time’

Terry and June Crew

Bill Symon
Film editor for 16 episodes of Doctor Who
Listed as William Symon

The Monster of Peladon: Parts 1 - 6 (1974) Listed as William Symon
The Time Warrior: Parts 1 - 4 (1973/74)  
Colony in Space: Parts 1 - 6 (1971)
Spearhead from Space: Parts 1 - 4 (1970)

Graeme Story
Production Design for 8 Episodes

Warriors' Gate: Parts 1 - 4 (1981)
The Horns of Nimon: Parts 1 - 4 (1979/80)

Andrew Rose
Costume Design for 14 episodes
The Trial of a Time Lord: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 9-14 (1986)
The Caves of Androzani: Parts 1 - 4 (1984)
Planet of Evil: Part 1 - 4 (1975)

Mat Irvine - visual Effects
Visual effects designer - 21 episodes, 1977 - 1984
Visual effects assistant - 2 episodes, 1972 - 1974

Warriors of the Deep: Parts 1 - 4 (1984) as visual effects designer
Warriors' Gate: Parts 1 - 4(1981) as visual effects designer
The Creature from the Pit: Parts 1 - 4(1979) as visual effects designer
The Invisible Enemy: Part 1 (1977)   as visual effects designer
Planet of the Spiders: Part 1 (1974) as visual effects assistant - uncredited
The Curse of Peladon: Part 1 (1972) as visual effects assistant - uncredited

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