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News Happy Birthday Peter Davison

Happy Birthday Peter Davison

Peter Davison is best known for playing the 5th Doctor, but Peter’s career spans decades.  In 1975 he appeared as Elmer in The Tomorrow People since then Peter has been involved in comedies, dramas, sci fi, horror and children’s programmes.  In 2013, during the Doctor Who 50th Celebrations he wrote and starred in the short film  ‘The Five(ish) Doctor’s Reboot.  Best piece of telly that was.  I am still waiting for it to become a DVD.
Peter is also David Tennant’s father in law!

Happy Birthday Peter

Did you know on this day in 1968, Episode 5 Fury from the Deep was broadcast?  It was Season 5 and starred the 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton, with companions Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling. 
The story was written by Victor Pemberton and Directed by Hugh David. 

Aboard the North Sea gas refinery, a parasitic seaweed creature is on the move

In 2013, the 234th story was broadcast.  It was called Cold War and starred the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith with companion Clara Oswald.  It also featured David Warner as Professor Grisenko, Nicholas Briggs was the voice of Skaldak.
The story was written by Mark Gatiss and Director was Douglas Mackinnon.

When a Soviet submarine sails near the North Pole in 1983, during the Cold War, a nuclear weapons launch drill is interrupted as a block of ice in the cargo hold begins to defrost.  It isn’t as Grisenko believes – a frozen mammoth – it is a strange creature who attacks the professor before escaping and running amok on the submarine now beginning to sink.

Others celebrating their day with you are: Ron Perlman, Edward Fox, Guy Fawkes (1570-1606) and Saundra Santiago. 

Have a fantastic day Peter!  

©BBC Doctor Who 1963
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