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News Happy Birthday Maria Pola Aguado

Happy Birthday Maria Pola Aguado

Happy Birthday Maria

Did you know on this day in 1965 Episode 3 The Wheel of Fortune from the story The Crusade was broadcast.  It was Season 2 and William Hartnell was the Doctor, with William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, Maureen O’Brien as companions.
Cast also included Julian Glover as Richard, Jean Marsh as Joanna, Bernard Kay as Saladin.
Director was Douglas Camfield  and writer David Whitaker.

The Doctor and his companions are caught up in the Holy War between Richard the Lionheart and the Saracens.

In 1971, Episode 1 of Colony in Space was broadcast.  It was Season 8 and starred Jon Pertwee as the Doctor with Katy Manning as his companion Jo Grant.  Also featuring Roger Delgado as the Master, Helen Worth as Mary, Roy Skelton as Norton.
Director was Michael Briant and writer was Malcolm Hulke.

A ruthless mining company causes fury amongst the colonists on a barren planet.

In 2010, The Beast Below was broadcast, it was the 204th story of Doctor Who and starred Matt Smith as the Doctor with Amy Pond his companion.  Also featuring Ian McNeice as Churchill, Sophie Okonedo as Liz 10.
Writer Steven Moffat, Director Andrew Gunn.

The Doctor arrives on the Starship UK a ship built entirely to house the entire United Kingdom after Earth was abandoned due to harmful solar flares.  The Doctor and Amy discover that beneath the ship is a Star Whale that is relentlessly tortured  by the government of the ship.  The Doctor discovered that to release the whale from the ship would destroy the ship completely and kill all those onboard.

Others celebrating their birthday today are:  Alex Pettyfer, Steven Seagal, Haley Joel Osment, Omar Sharif, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Max Von Sydow, Dean Norris and Peter MacNicol to name but a few. 

Have an awesome day Maria

©BBC Doctor Who 1963
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