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The Coffee Shop Best Andy Moments!

Best Andy Moments!

From Constable to Sergeant, Andy Davidson is our favourite copper on Torchwood.  He cares!  He throws himself into the action!  He’d like to be a member of Torchwood!  And he holds a torch for Gwen Cooper and really doesn’t like Rhys Williams. 

He is a part of Torchwood - he just doesn't know it yet!

From quotes, to audios dramas, stories and books to the episodes over 4 seasons, what have been your Best Andy Moments?

Annika Gabriella Brink The episode Adrift where a teen-age boy disappeared had several of my favourite Andy-moments.

Jennifer Ings Fave Tom Price moment: Getting fangirled by him and dragged in front of his panel at Gallifrey One this year because of our Costumes.  They’re actually REAL Welsh Heddlu uniforms.

 “CSI Cardiff, I’d like to see that, they’d be measuring the velocity of a kebab”

Jess Emma Towey Two quotes of Sgt Andy’s stick in my mind, both in the first episode ‘Everything Changes’. The first is “CSI Cardiff, I’d like to see that, they’d be measuring the velocity of a kebab’ when he and Gwen go into break up the fight at the pub and the second is ‘I have walked, I have bloody walked’ when he catches up with Gwen on the Bay after she takes off from the hospital in pursuit of the SUV.

If you have any favourite moments please post them below, we’d love to read them. 

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