Friday, 24 May 2013

News Project: Torchwood made the News

Project: Torchwood made the Papers!

Friday May 24th 2013  Annandale Observer, Project: Torchwood became more than an online name.  

On page 6 of the Annandale Observer, the whole of the SW Scotland region who buy the newspaper got to learn a little bit more about the online magazine dedicated to Torchwood.

I am ~Jack~  Editor, writer, weevil walker and many other titles including creator of the website.  

I want to say a massive thanks for this overwhelming achievement, to my writing team, Doreen, John and Mickie, to our reviewers, our readers, our fans.

To John Barrowman and Eve Myles for the signing of the banner, and to everyone we have interviewed so far, and for those we've still yet to do.  

 Thank you!

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