Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Articles Welcome to Project: Torchwood Issue One May 2013

Issue One

1 May 2013

Welcome to Project: Torchwood

Cover and Content Guide
About Us
Ben Loyd-Holmes
Dillon Casey
Joseph Lidster
Richard Briers
Roleplayers Vs Cosplayers
TW Blooper Reel
Torchwood Crossover

Expo & Cons
Doreen’s Fedcon Experience

Fans Fiction
Viva Torchwood by Doreen Freitag

Interview with Ben Loyd-Holmes by DJ Forrest
Live Interview with Dillon Casey by DJ Forrest
Interview with Joseph Lidster by DJ Forrest

Mini Series
Mitchell Episode 1 by DJ Forrest
(In 2014 the story was replaced with the Connections Page)

TW Reviews
In The Shadows audio story by Joseph Lidster
Lost Souls audio drama by Joseph Lidster
Red Skies audio story by Joseph Lidster

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