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Articles Welcome to Issue 60 - WATNOW Captain Jack Harkness

Issue 60

Captain Jack Harkness

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Buster Smith – A Real Nice Guy

Beyond the TARDIS
Thor: Dark World by Katie Brock

Editor’s Note

We’re currently enjoying the hottest summer since 1976, and it’s wonderful, except this heat puts off any enthusiasm of sitting at an office desk working on a new Issue. So far, I’ve managed to achieve all goals that rely on outdoor activity or collapsing in front of the idiot box doing everything but put finger to keyboard. However, I’ve had plenty of ideas bubbling under the surface.

This month saw Francesca Gorman receive her signed Hollyoaks script instead of a signed photo – and to be fair, you can’t argue with that. It’s a wonderful gift to receive and we thank Nathan Sussex and Hollyoaks immensely for this.

If you recall, we had a Hollyoaks Competition to find out what Buster’s role was throughout the Summer. We can’t wait to see how this story pans out and who will find him out and how he’ll fare when Luke Morgan discovers the truth? Who will tell first – Ollie or Brody?

We’ve got some cracking reviews for you this month, including a brilliant look at Thor: Dark World by Katie Brock. A new Fans Fiction about Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart by Jeff Goddard, and Andrew Allen has two more Sarah Jane Adventures reviews for us. Tony of course has supplied us with more Big Finish reviews from Doctor Who and Torchwood.
We’ve dedicated our Connections – Gavin & Stacey article as a tribute to Helen Griffin who passed away this month. A sad loss for Wales. Along with Dirty Den actor Leslie Grantham who passed in June.

Tamie has delighted us with an abridged article of her Adventures in Palm Springs, telling of her time at the Barrowman’s Writing Workshop – it’s well worth a read.

So without further ado, welcome to Issue 60 – WATNOW: Captain Jack Harkness


Articles WATNOW: Captain Jack Harkness by DJ Forrest

Captain Jack Harkness

 By DJ Forrest

“Tomorrow's their last training exercise. Just another day. They go out on a sortie and are surprised by two formations of Messerschmitts. He destroys three of the enemy. His men listen to his whoops of joy over the radio. Then it all goes quiet. He can't bail out because his whole plane is on fire, but his men all make it back to safety.”

Captain Jack Harkness is the first of a two parter leading us towards the end of Series One. Its story begins with the Head of Torchwood Three, and Toshiko Sato arriving at the Ritz Dance Hall, amidst reports of music in the early hours coming from the building. Inside however, there is nothing but cobwebs and birds in the rafters, but as Jack and Toshiko waltz across the dancefloor and head down the opposite staircase to which they’d ascended, music fills their ears, and the room back upstairs is transformed from the drab interior to the dance hall of the 1940s, with dancing girls and boys in uniform – black out blinds on the windows and much merriment as you can get inside.

Naturally Jack looks like he belongs in this era, Toshiko feels ill at ease. Jack promises to look after her as he moves through the dancing throng of people and orders her a drink without realising he’s not carrying any cash. George, a young British airman offers to pay for their drinks on the condition he can dance with Toshiko.

In amongst all the frivolities something else is at play, and while the pair are away, Ianto, Owen and Gwen are researching rift activity around the building, especially when they discover that the caretaker, Bilis Manger is in an old photograph with none other than their illustrious leader and Toshiko, caught in a moment in an old newspaper article. With Jack and Tosh still missing, the team work overtime in order to bring them back from the past, hoping not to bring anything else with them along the way.

This is one of my favourite episodes, the second one to follow also.

Matt Rippy
‘The Captain’
“I'm Captain Jack Harkness. 133rd Squadron.”
The night before they head out to battle and it must add a lot of pressure to the leader of the team to keep spirits up of his men. However, struggling with your own sexual feelings can also add to the pressure, especially when you don’t want to break the heart of the one girl who thinks she stands a chance with you – and then to cap it all, you find a man who gets you, and wants you, and although you don’t know him from Adam, you feel a connection and if you could just get that one night…

Since Torchwood Matt Rippy has appeared in Day of the Dead, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, The Dark Knight, Bonekickers, Boogeyman 3, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (but a brief blink and you’ve missed it kind of character as didn’t see him much in the film). In the same year as Jack Ryan, Rippy played Colonel Gregg in The Monuments Men, playing Eddie ‘Buck’ Rogers III in Doctors (check our Beyond the Hub review of that episode). In the same year he also played Terry in the film Crystal Skulls. A year later and he’s in Roboshark playing Rick, and I knew I’d not been seeing things when I spied him playing US Anchorman in Eddie the Eagle in 2016.

As most actors seem to be over at the Star Wars studios these days, it’s no surprise to see that Rippy is there also, playing Corporal Rostock in Rogue One.

Leaping on another year and Rippy plays Dylan Figgis in Ransom episode Celina in 2017, USS Flynn Captain in American Assassin, and US Intelligence Officer in The Crown episode Vergangenheit. He’s currently finished filming Hunter Killer and is rumoured to be playing Carl in The Tea Chest currently in pre-production.

Murray Melvin

‘Bilis Manger’
“I could think of better things to photograph than numbers, my dear. Do call again.”

In any abandoned dance hall you need a creepy caretaker with an interest in the occult, and who better to play that than Bilis Manger – a man who can step from one century to another in the time it takes to fasten a button. He’s made a lucrative business in antique time pieces and keeps a vital cog of the Rift Manipulator at the Hub, which he’s been using to travel through time and have the odd chinwag to the young Abaddon, the beast beneath the Rift.

With his oily voice and quintessential manner, he’s far more suited to the 1940s like our Captain Jack, and he knows far more than he’s letting on when he catches them in his study, completing the equation for Gwen to find.

Murray Melvin played a blinding performance as Bilis returned to play the role again with Big Finish this year (2018) for further Torchwood stories. He doesn’t appear to have aged either – must be all that time travelling!!!

Since his initial episode of Torchwood in 2007, it wasn’t until 2010 that Melvin played a Librarian in the television film The Village. He later played Bentham Dequetteville in Midsomer Murders in 2012 (saw that – it was an interesting story). In the Emeli Sandé music video Clown in 2013 he played the Judge. Leaping towards 2016 and The Lost City of Z which was a brilliant film, sad in many places and left you wondering if the two intrepid explorers were eaten or did actually survive their journey, Melvin played Lord James Bernard.

In 2017, he played Caravaggio Al in Starhunter Transformation series for 3 episodes and in the Redux series for 2 episodes. Currently in post production of Jusqu’a la lie, Murray plays The English Lord and it’s been announced that he will play a Pastor in Wurdilak.

Elen Rhys
“That's his excuse for not dancing. Mind if I join you?”

Nancy was deeply in love with Captain Jack the RAF airman of the 1940s only until he finally kissed her goodbye did she whisper in his ear how very much in love with him she was. She wasn’t to know it would be the last time she ever saw him.

Since Torchwood, Elen has played characters from Welsh dramas such as Y Pris, to Wild at Heart, Trinity, Pen Talar, Season of the Witch, Holby City, Panic Button, Doctors and World War Z. She played Eara in A Viking Saga: The Darkest Day, Jocasta in Atlantis in 2013, the voice of Blodwen in The Lingo Show, played Mari Davies in Hinterland in 2015, Petra Brattle in The Bastard Executioner in the same year. Amy Coulter in Silent Witness a year later, and Alicia in Crow. In 2017 Elen played Zoe in Broadchurch and Sian Hughes in Keeping Faith/Un Bore Mercher. She’s just completed filming for The Mad Axeman where she plays Lisa, and Jennifer in Apostle which is in post production.

Nadine Beaton
“I haven’t seen you two here before. Is she with you? Maybe she’s a spy. You’re hardly an ally then.”

Audrey was suspicious of anything that didn’t look right, and a Japanese woman escorted by a good looking American airman was still as suspicious as putting tomato ketchup on salad!!! She concluded that Toshiko was most definitely a spy, and if she wasn’t going to let her see inside her laptop bag, then she clearly was ticking all those confirmation boxes.

Since her role as Audrey, Nadine put aside her acting shoes in favour of her new role as a culture and engagement consultant, where she invigorates people through bespoke development opportunities and effective communication which you a competitive edge.

Gavin Brocker
“I can't wait to get up there and give Jerry what for. How many did you kill in the Battle of Britain, sir? Twenty six, wasn't it?”

George seemed an affable gentleman. He offered to buy Jack’s drinks on the condition that Toshiko danced with him. Of course, he wasn’t taking no for an answer as he literally dragged Toshiko onto the dance floor with him. When Toshiko felt she’d had enough and implored Jack to intervene however, George was a little put out and threw a punch, connecting with Jack, which brought the party to a standstill and took his own leader, the Real Jack Harkness to break things up.

George also couldn’t wait to get back up in the air again and regales in the stories as told by his Captain to the rest of the men.

Since Torchwood Gavin has appeared in Foyle’s War, Incendiary, Trial & Retribution, The Bill, Britannia High, Minder, Coming Up, Bonded by Blood, Sarah Jane Adventures as Caleb in the episodes Sky in 2011. Suspects in 2014, Holby City, Mapp & Lucia, and where many Whoniverse actors wind up – Stan Lee’s Lucky Man. In 2017 he played Crane in the series Howards End, and plays Clipper for In Fabric which is currently in post production as well as Doom which is released in 2019.

Peter Sandys-Clarke

“The sun rose this morning at oh eight twelve, twenty one by seven degrees. I note it down every day. It's a bit silly, I suppose.”

Tim is the navigator. He’s quiet. He jots down dates and times and makes notes on times the sun rose and set. Toshiko warms to him instantly. Although, strictly professionally.

Before Torchwood, Peter appeared in Foyle’s War, in 2008 played Sheridan in Frankie Howerd: Rather You Than Me film, played Silverman in Bonekickers in the same year. Played Doctor Barnado in The Charles Dickens Show in 2012, Lance Hendry in Doctors a year later, Captain Roberts in Indian Summers in 2016. In The Crown in 2017 played a BBC Producer for the episode Marionettes, and played a Doctor in The Royals this year. He has also appeared in stage plays.

Ciaran Joyce

“The thing is you could be the last girl I ever kiss.”

Tim was partnered up with Audrey during the evening, and when the air raid sirens screamed they all headed down to the basement. Aware that he might never return from battle, hopes that Audrey will relent and make out with him before the All Clear is given outside.

Ciaran Joyce to many of us is known as Lol from the Tracy Beaker series on CBBC but played a very young pilot in Torchwood episode Captain Jack Harkness. Since the series, Ciaran played Bingo in Summer Scars, Boris in Young Dracula, Robbie in After You’ve Gone and Travis Stone in Po5t. He’s currently in rehearsals for Les Misérables on the West End.  

Melissa Moore

(sings various verses throughout episode)

Dressed in the style of the day, the singer croons to songs of the 1940s that gets the boys and girls up onto the dance floor. She appears to sing the right verse at the right time when Jack and George spar or when Captain Harkness sits with Nancy or the other Harkness sits with Toshiko, etc.

There’s nothing listed about Melissa since her role on Torchwood.

Lynsey Muir
No quote

Unsure which ‘woman’ Lynsey played in the episode. Lynsey’s other career is as a second and third assistant director on shows such as Foyle’s War, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Love Soup, Doctor Who, Torchwood, 10 Days to War, Ashes to Ashes, All Stars, Lewis, Chirchill’s Secret, Liar, Trust and Black Eyed Susan.

Connections Gavin & Stacey by DJ Forrest

Doctor Who & Torchwood Connections

Gavin & Stacey

By DJ Forrest

Gavin and Stacey was a British television comedy series which ran for three years on the BBC, and is currently on Netflix, where my family have binge watched the entire boxset over and over, backwards and forwards, for over twelve months, still finding hilarities in episodes that have been played back more than thrice. It stars Mathew Horne and Joanna Page as Gavin, an English office worker, and Stacey an ice cream and coffee seller on Barry Island pleasure beach, and the intertwined lives of those between London and Wales. It was written by Ruth Jones (Torchwood, Adrift) and James Corden (Doctor Who, Closing Time, The Lodger), and stars a host of familiar actors from the world of Who.

As a tribute to a wonderful Welsh actress, who has played some cracking characters over the years, and will be missed by many, we’ve dedicated this particular Connections to Helen Griffin, who played Rita the Toll Woman in one particular episode.

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

Cast & Crew


James Corden was creator of 20 episodes from 2007-2010. Was also associate producer for 18 episodes from 2007 - 2009, as well as playing Smithy in the series. James also played Craig Owens in Doctor Who for two episodes with Matt Smith's Doctor - The Lodger in 2010 and Closing Time in 2011. He was also uncredited in a tv mini series short - Night and the Doctor episode Up All Night in 2011.

Ruth Jones the second half of the writing team and creator of the full 20 episodes from 2007-2010, was also associate producer for 18 episodes from 2007 - 2009, who also played Nessa in the series, played Nikki, Mum to Jonah Bevan in the Torchwood episode Adrift in 2008.


Joanna Page played Stacey for 20 episodes from 2007-2010. Played Elizabeth 1 in Doctor Who episode The Day of the Doctor in 2013. 

Margaret John played Doris for 8 episodes from 2007-2010. Played Grandma Connolly in Doctor Who episode The Idiot's Lantern in 2006.

Adrian Scarborough played Pete for 7 episodes from 2007-2009. Played Kahler-Jex in Doctor Who episode A Town Called Mercy and in The Making of the Gunslinger although uncredited in this episode, both in 2012.

Russell Tovey played Budgie for 4 episodes from 2007-2009. Played Midshipman Frame in Doctor Who episodes Voyage of the Damned in 2007 and returned for part two of The End of Time in 2010, sitting beside Captain Jack Harkness at the bar of a space cantina, as a gift to Jack from the Doctor!!! Tovey also appeared in the Doctor Who Confidential episode Allons-y in 2010 and in Doctor Who Greatest Moments in The Doctor episode in 2009.

Steve Meo played Owain Hughes for 3 episodes in 2009. Played Josh in Torchwood episode Random Shoes in 2006.

Samuel Anderson played Fingers for 3 episodes from 2007-2009. Probably better known for his role as Danny Pink for 11 episodes of Doctor Who in 2014.

William Thomas played the Vicar for 3 episodes from 2007-2010. Played Geraint Wyn Cooper for 6 episodes of Torchwood from 2008 - 2011. Played Mr Cleaver in Doctor Who episode Boom Town in 2005.

Jason Gregg played Gary for 3 episodes from 2007-2009. Played Human Dalek uncredited in the Doctor Who episode Evolution of the Dalek in 2007.

Edna Doré played Edna for 2 episodes from 2008-2009. Played Maeve in Doctor Who episode Fear Her in 2006.

Wayne Cater played Huw Davies for 1 episode in 2009. Played Stage Manager in Doctor Who episode The Unquiet Dead in 2005.

Joseph Long played Bepe for 1 episode in 2008. Played The Pope in Doctor Who episode Extremis in 2017, and played Rocco Colasanto in Turn Left in 2008.

Anthony O'Donnell played Ted for 1 episode in 2008. Played Kaagh in SJA episodes Enemy of the Bane parts 1 & 2 and The Last Sontaran parts 1 & 2 in 2008. 

Matt Lucas played Jammy for 1 episode in 2007. Played Nardole for 15 episodes of Doctor Who from 2015 - 2017.

Helen Griffin played Rita the Toll Woman for 1 episode in 2008. Played Mrs Moore in Doctor Who episodes Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel in 2006. She also appeared uncredited in Journey's End episode in 2008. Helen Griffin died on 29th June 2018 aged 59.

Ian Hughes played PC Thomas for 1 episode in 2008. Played Knibbs in Doctor Who episode Empress of Mars in 2017. Played Ralph Finch in Torchwood: The Gathering, part of the Miracle Day story. 

Rhodri Lewis played bouncer Nev for 1 episode in 2009. Played Johnny Davies in five episodes of Torchwood Series 3: Children of Earth in 2009.

Helen Hughes played Patient, uncredited for 2 episodes from 2007-2008. Played an uncredited Nurse in SJA episode Eye of the Gorgon part 1 in 2007.

Alan David played Griff uncredited from 1 episode in 2007. Played Gabriel Sneed in Doctor Who episode The Unquiet Dead in 2005.

Robert Stone played Ralph uncredited for 1 episode in 2007. Played a Goth Man in Everything Changes, uncredited in 2006, and Bouncer in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang in 2008.

Philippa Burt played an Air Hostess uncredited for 1 episode in 2008. Played a Dweller in Torchwood episode Adrift in 2008.

Aaron Fisher played an uncredited Office Worker for 1 episode in 2009. Played a Satellite Five Patient in Doctor Who episode The Long Game in 2005 and a Theatre Spectator in The Unquiet Dead episode also in the same year.

Film Editing

Liana Del Giudice was film editor for 20 episodes from 2007-2010. Was editor for 6 episodes of Doctor Who from 2005 - 2013.

Makeup Department

Kate Roberts was makeup designer for 13 episodes from 2007-2008. Was make up and hair designer for 4 episodes of SJA in 2008. Was makeup and hair designer for 3 episodes of Doctor Who in 2008 but uncredited, and make up supervisor for 5 episodes of Torchwood in 2008, makeup artist for 4 episodes from 2006 - 2007 and make up-artist for 2 episodes in 2006.

Claire Pritchard was makeup artist for 5 episodes in 2007. Was makeup designer for 14 episodes of Doctor Who from 2014 - 2018, makeup artist for 9 episodes from 2005 - 2006, and makeup supervisor for 1 episode in 2013. Was makeup supervisor for 14 episodes of Torchwood from 2006 - 2008, makeup designer for 7 episodes in 2011, make-up designer for 2 episodes in 2011, make-up supervisor for 2 episodes in 2006. Check out our interview with Claire a few years ago!

Hayley Watkins was makeup trainee for 5 episodes in 2007. Was makeup artist for Torchwood episodes Captain Jack Harkness and End of Days in 2007.

Nel Blatt was makeup artist for 5 episodes in 2009. Was makeup artist for 5 episodes of Torchwood Children of Earth in 2009.

Anwen Davies was makeup artist for 5 episodes in 2009. Was makeup artist for 13 episodes of Doctor Who from 2005 - 2006.

Elin Rhiannon was makeup artist for 1 episode in 2008. Was makeup artist for Torchwood episode End of Days in 2007. Was makeup artist for Doctor Who episode The Snowmen in 2012.

Steve Williams was makeup artist for 1 episode in 2008. Was makeup artist for 8 episodes of Doctor Who in 2005, and makeup supervisor for 1 episode in 2013.

Production Management

Beccy Jones was unit manager for 13 episodes from 2008-2009. Was unit manager for 2 episodes of Doctor Who from 2016 - 2017 and production manager for 1 episode in 2008.
Was location manager for 1 episode of Doctor Who in 2011.

Art Department

Alex Robertson was prop hand / assistant art director / dressing props / properties for 14 episodes from 2008-2010. Worked in the Art Department on Doctor Who for 16 episodes from 2005 - 2006 uncredited.

Dewi Thomas was prop hand for 7 episodes in 2008. Was props chargehand for 3 episodes of Torchwood from 2006 - 2007. Was stand-by props for 1 episode of Doctor Who in 2011 and props master for Doctor Who episode Blink in 2007.

Sound Department

Matt Stronge was sound editor for 5 episodes in 2007. Was dubbing mixer for Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide documentary in 2013.


Rod Woodruff was stunt coordinator for 1 episode in 2008. Was stunt coordinator for Doctor Who episodes Rose and World War Three in 2005. Appeared in Torchwood Declassified episode Dead Man Walking as himself in 2006.

Camera and Electrical Department

Sam Horsefield was best boy / electrician for 17 episodes from 2007-2009. Was electrician for 10 episodes of Torchwood from 2006 - 2007.

Adrian Rogers was still photographer for 6 episodes in 2007. Was stills photographer for 11 episodes of Doctor Who in 2014, was still photographer for 10 episodes from 2011 - 2013.
Was still photographer for 10 episodes of Torchwood from 2006 - 2007.

Dai Hopkins was grip for 5 episodes in 2009. Was grip for 3 episodes of Doctor Who from 2006 - 2011. Was grip for the Doctor Who TV Short Music of the Spheres in 2008.  Was grip for 8 episodes of Torchwood from 2006 - 2007.

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Kat Willis was costume supervisor for 6 episodes from 2009-2010. Was costume supervisor for 3 episodes of Doctor Who from 2016 - 2017.

Location Management

Clive Evans was location manager for 5 episodes in 2007. Was location manager for 5 episodes of Doctor Who in 2005.

Iwan Roberts was location manager for 5 episodes in 2009. Was location manager for 28 episodes of Doctor Who from 2010 - 2017. Was location manager for SJA episode Enemy of the Bane part 1 in 2008. Was assistant location manager for Torchwood episode Adam in the same year.

Charlie Coombes was runner: dailies but uncredited for 4 episodes from 2009-2010. Was production assistant for 14 episodes of Doctor Who from 2010 - 2011.