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Editor’s Note

Happy New Year everyone! 

We kick off this month with a brilliant interview with Matthew Hall, writer and creator of Un Bore Mercher on S4C. If you’ve enjoyed the series, then check out the interview, and find out if there will be more to come from this wonderful Welsh drama.

We are covering Countrycide this month – one of my favourite episodes from the first series. It’s great to catch up with the cast and find out what they’re doing at the moment.

Hands up who went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi over Christmas? Well, excited as I was at seeing my favourite saga continue, I was absolutely squeezing when I saw Mark Lewis Jones, playing an awesome baddie in the first couple of scenes, and so it led to a massive search of the credits to find more from the Whoniverse, and because it’s such a large credit list, we’ve split it into two parts, or possibly three…

The Big Finish Reviews will be running late this month, on account of BT screwing our writer around. We will post up as soon as we possibly can.

Mitchell begins a new story, be sure to give that a read, and would love to hear your feedback on the story thus far.

I’ve also quite recently changed my name, which is taking a bit of getting used to, so from now on, will be signing out with that, instead of Jack. Makes more sense I think. Perhaps.

OK, well, without much further ado, welcome to Issue 54 – WATNOW – Countrycide.


Articles Where Are They Now? Cast of Countrycide by DJ Forrest

Where Are They Now – Cast of Torchwood Countrycide

By DJ Forrest

The Torchwood team investigate the disappearance of 17 people in the last few months. No bodies have been found and the police are clueless.

Could the Rift have spread out that far?

When a body is discovered in the woods under a tarpaulin, its skin ripped off, leaving only a skeleton form, the team question if Weevils could travel that far out of the city. But when another body turns up wrapped in plastic in the kitchen of an abandoned pub, then further bodies in abandoned houses in a remote area of countryside, the team wonder what they've stepped into.

And when Ianto and Toshiko are captured, facing the prospect of being the next meal,Gwen is shot by a terrified kid with a shotgun, and Owen and Gwen are captured in the woods whilst rescuing Toshiko, it's down to Captain Jack to rescue his team with the best entrance possible on a Tractor (cue music).

Written by Chris Chibnall and Russell T Davies and broadcast on 19th November 2006. This is Episode 6 of Season 1

Owen Teale

‘Evan Sherman’

'Wake up, man. Time to be bled, like veal. It takes a long time, but it definitely makes the meat taste better.'

Evan Sherman, part of a small community, possibly one of the leaders of the group, is a cannibal. As for most farmers, where harvests come every year, and they rejoice in chapels and churches across the land, Sherman's group of locals, enjoy their harvest every ten years, and have a knees up at the big house, where the meat hangs up in bags behind a plastic partition in the kitchen. It's a grim affair.

Before he became the familiar face on the tellybox, Owen Teale was once a children's entertainer at Barry Island Pleasure Beach, since then he's worked in both television and theatre as well as playing David Gore in BBC 4's Radio play 'Chocky'. After his role as Evan Sherman, in Torchwood, Owen has played an eclectic variety of characters from Nicky Turnbull in Lewis, Tom Cornell in The Last Detective, Davy's Dad in Hunky Dory, Brian Frogett in Silk and Captain Fluellen in The Hollow Crown. He played Chief Inspector Osborne in Line of Duty in 2012, and played Dai in Stella (how could we forget that), for 20 episodes from 2012 - 2013. Hilarious character.

Moving forward when we start settling down to watch some serious telly action, Owen played Felix Hackman in Ripper Street, Marcus McDonald in River, a television series, in 2015, and Professor Havensling in Houdini and Doyle, but perhaps many these days will remember Owen for his role as Alliser Thorne in Game of Thrones from 2011 - 2016.
In the same year, Owen played Briggs in National Theatre Live production of No Man's Land. In 2017 he played Chad Berger in Pulse for 8 episodes and will appear as Peter Knox in the tv series A Discovery of Witches due out in the New Year.

Maxine Evans

‘Helen Sherman’

'No one's safe. Every ten years it takes us again.'

It's always the quiet ones you have to watch. Coming across as if she was as terrified as the victims that were caught by the villagers. Brandishing her shotgun, she pretends to care about the 'stock' in the cellar, worried that they may be injured, yet all the while, it's to calm the victim before the Harvest.

Underneath the scary image of Helen Sherman, Maxine Evans is a truly wonderful woman whose witty comments over social media, namely Twitter have kept us all amused during the Bring Back Torchwood and Ianto Jones Day, plus, loved her Pumpkins (not a euphemism).

Since Torchwood, Maxine played Mrs Buckle in Agatha Christie's Poirot in the episode Elephants Can Remember, was in Eastenders for two episodes as Beryl Barr and as a Sonographer, played Mrs Busby for three episodes of Call the Midwife in 2016, played 3 different characters in three episodes of afternoon drama Doctors, but is probably better known as Rhian in Stella which she played for 36 episodes, and she was 'Cockin' loud but hilarious'.
Back in 2015/2016 Maxine and her husband raised enough money through crowdfunding to film and broadcast the first series of Storyline, which featured well known actors from various soap operas in the UK, putting together a new 'storyline'. It was mad and bonkers, but raised much mirth across the internet, from its Youtube base.

When Maxine isn't acting, you can find her busy with her photography business providing Headshot photographs for people in the Industry.

Maxine Evans Photography

Calum Callaghan


'I thought you were them. I thought they'd come back for me. You can't fight them, they're too strong. The only thing we can do is barricade the door.'

Keiran was holed up in one of the houses that Jack and Gwen were searching through, hoping to find someone alive. Although they didn't bank on someone firing back injuring Gwen. The terrified teen was protecting himself against whatever was killing the locals, determined he wasn't going to be the next meal.

I was surprised when I saw Calum play Liam's big brother Jack in Tracy Beaker Returns back in 2012, as I hardly recognised him from the teenager Keiran. Surprising how some people can change so physically, you can barely identify them, until you see the credits and think, woah!

Calum's most notable role was as George Towler in Mr Selfridge which he appeared in for 33 episodes.
Between 2nd December 2015 - 21st April 2016, Calum played Cloten in Cymbeline at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Rhys ap Trefor


'The Big House? Sort of unofficial village hall. Village meeting tonight, that's why I'm here. Constabulary report.'

Huw, the police constable, nephew to Evan Sherman, was just the unwelcome face that Owen and Gwen needed to see when they were making their way painfully along the track in the dark and rain, just before they discovered Tosh being choked by Evan.

Since Torchwood, Rhys' most busiest roles have been as Simon Watkins for 10 episodes of Gwaith/Cartref in 2011, and as  Aled in Byw Celwydd, a Welsh political drama where he plays a Conservative, which he's appeared as for three seasons. Prior to that, Rhys has played small character roles, such as Iolo in Series 2 and 3 of Istan'bwl, Prys Ar Frys, in series 1 & 2 of Llan-ar-goll-en, and Gareth Rhys-Jones in Hinterland/Y Gwyll in 2014. He played Doctor TT in Ysbyty Hospital in 2016, which brings us up to his return to Byw Celwydd series 2 and 3.

When he's not acting, you can find him posting up on Twitter. Why not give him a follow - he's a really down to earth bloke.  

Emily Bowker


‘Dad? I dunno, hour and half, tops. I'll be there soon as I can. I can't hear you. The signal's going.'

Ellie was an unfortunate victim of the cannibals collecting for their harvest. Distracted by a 'body' on the road, Ellie exits her car to inspect the football wrapped up in clothing, armed only with a baseball bat for safety. But as her back is turned, someone steals her car keys from the ignition, and punctures a tyre, rendering her car useless. As she heads back to the car and locks the door, something is on her roof. In the next instant, her door locks are open and a dark stranger enters her car. All Ellie can do is scream...

Since 2006, Emily Bowker has played a series of different roles, from Alex in Shameless in 2008, Elaine Rees in Holby City a year later. A nurse in Upstairs Downstairs in 2010, two different characters in the daytime medical drama Doctors, and played Margaret Thatcher in the tv movie, When Calls the Heart in 2013. Emily played Claire Povey in Casualty in 2016, Jemima Benjamin in 2 episodes of Eastenders in the same year, Dot Spenlow in Call the Midwife, another nurse programme, and Matilda in Battenburg Avenue, which is currently in pre production. It's a comedy about Wales leaving the UK and how four residents cope with the departure.

Robert Barton


'You've got to get help. I know where you can get some.'

Martin lurked in the cellar, trying to gain access to the pub and those hiding in the tap room. When Jack fired his weapon blindly into the darkness it connected and the injured man begged for his life, when Jack finally went in search of him. (One of my favourite scenes in the whole episode).

Since Torchwood there is nothing listed for Robert Barton. Before 2006 however, Robert has appeared in television and films since 1975.

Justin Walters

‘A Villager’

Non-speaking role

Uncredited as a villager seated in the Sherman's kitchen, Justin had no speaking part in the series.

Since Torchwood, Justin has appeared in various guises in Doctor Who, during the 10th era, since then, he's appeared in Clockwork Orange, the musical, in Swan Lake with Birmingham Royal Ballet Company. Goldfish with Fluellen Theatre Company, and will be back with Birmingham Royal Ballet Company in March this year, with their production of Sleeping Beauty.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Interviews Interview with Matthew Hall by DJ Forrest

Interview with Matthew Hall
Un Bore Mercher

By DJ Forrest

Helo Matthew, thank you so much for following us. I'm loving the series, I hadn't realised that the initial launch of the drama was in Welsh, and that it was called One Wednesday Morning. I'd been waiting for Keeping Faith to appear on my screen for some time, so was at first, a little confused.
The new series for BBC 1 Wales comes out next year I believe, how will that play out? Will the series be dubbed in English, or will the same scenes be played out in English?

Matthew: The English version comes out from mid Feb. Initially on BBC Wales, but we hope it will be shown on BBC 2 soon after and are currently talking to the BBC about that.
There were five co-producers involved, including the S4C, BBC Wales, Pinewood Studios, a US distributor and a distributor for the rest of the world. We are intending for the show to travel far and wide!

The English episodes will be 10 minutes longer at 60 minutes each. Each scene was shot in both English and in Welsh, so you will see literally nothing of the Welsh version in the English one. The Amy Wadge songs are also different. It will be a substantially different experience and for my money will hang together a bit better. Quite a few difficult cutting decisions have been made in order to get the show down to 50 minutes.

When you said it took 5 years from outline to screen - why was the reason for that?

I wrote the first treatment for Keeping Faith / Un Bore Mercher in late 2012 and shared it with Pip Broughton, the show’s co-producer and director. She showed it to a number of broadcasters and in 2013 it was S4C who responded. They commissioned all 8 scripts for series one. Then the fun began. I wrote the scripts between writing my novels and other scripts. There was a lot of editorial to and fro and a long process of getting the broadcaster to move to production. S4C is a small broadcaster with only a few slots and productions are scheduled years in advance.

Pip finally pitched the show at a European Convention of TV producers and financiers in Paris in May 2016. The idea for Keeping Faith attracted a lot of attention. Out of this we attracted  French distribution company which wanted to invest in the series. Pip and her co-producer Adrian Bate then built confidence in the show by attracting more investment and critically by tempting Eve Myles to accept the part. We finally got the go ahead in early 2017. The production is not high budget, but it has a lot of participants – S4C, BBC Wales, French distributors, About Premium Content and US distributors, Acorn.

They say to write about what you know, and you certainly know about being a barrister - did that help in some way in creating the drama series?

I was a barrister for about five years before I became a writer and I have written a lot of legal drama over the years. I guess I am interested in the law because it always takes you to fraught, dramatic and morally difficult situations.  I never wanted Keeping Faith to be a legal show, though. It’s all about a woman discovering and using inner strength she never knew she had. Her role as a solicitor in a small community is dramatically helpful because it links her to all sorts of people and also means that she might know their secrets!

The series is in Welsh primarily - are you fluent Welsh, or was the dialogue translated into Welsh for you?

My family is Welsh, I live in Wales, but the everyday use of the language stopped with my grandparents. I am now learning and am determined – inspired by Eve Myles – to be conversationally proficient by the end of 2018. It has been a long term project of mine and I am under way. Welsh is a beautiful, lyrical language and I think we should do our best to preserve and promote it. I wrote the scripts in English and they are translated by Anwen Hughes, who is a prolific screenwriter in the Welsh language.

Was it your decision for Eve and Bradley to play husband and wife in the series, or did you not have much say in who was cast? Or had you an idea who you wanted in the drama series? I know sometimes it is based on who is available at that time from what I’ve come to learn in the past.

Bradley’s casting was a happy accident. Any successful production needs their fair share of them! Bradley originally read for the part of Steve Baldini, but the director, Pip, suggested he try the part of Evan. She liked what she saw and heard. Bradley had to change his image, cut his hair and shave off a beard, apparently, to give him the clean cut unassuming look we needed for Evan. He has pulled it off magnificently. The fact that he and Eve are real life husband and wife adds a whole new dimension – they are so natural with each other in a way it would be hard for two actors who didn’t know each other so well to emulate.  This is one of the many blessings we have had in the production.

You write about a character called Jenny Cooper, is she a similar character to Faith?

I have written seven novels featuring coroner, Jenny Cooper. She’s a tough independent woman who is determined to get to the truth, and does, but emotionally she is rather different from Faith.  Jenny is recently divorced and her 13 year old son, Ross, has chosen to stay with his dad when we meet her in the first novel, The Coroner.  While she is brilliant in her work she is quite lonely and has mixed fortunes finding a relationship. She is a compassionate and determined woman, though, and like Faith, uncompromising.

I don’t set out to write female characters but have found that they are often the most interesting. Women have to fulfil so many different roles and expectations and never feel they have performed any of them as well as they would like. They often feel they can’t win, which makes perfect material for story telling.

You have a passion for trees and preservation - where did this stem (no pun intended) from or have you always been a strong believer in protecting the woodlands?

I love the countryside, the wilder the better.  Until I was 10 my parents lived in London and Manchester for work and I was desperate to get to my grandparents’ in Wales at every holiday. From age 11 we moved close to them and my love of the countryside grew deeper. From my early 20s to mid-30s I lived in London with my wife and kids and was never happy living in the city. When I came back to live in Wales in 2003 I knew it was home for good. I live surrounded by trees and adore them. They live for hundreds of years which makes them far older (and probably wiser) than us. They provide oxygen, habitat and food for wildlife and if you build something out of timber like oak it can last more than 1000 years. We now understand that trees aren’t individuals but connected by a fantastic underground network of fungi through which they transfer nutrients to one another. A woodland is a whole living organism. Without trees there would be no human beings, so I think we should all love them a little more!

Is this a one off series or will it be a regular series? I'm totally enjoying Un Bore Mercher, the setting, the characters, I'd love it if it were a regular, but obviously, not knowing the outcome of the story, and perhaps given it took 5 years to come together - perhaps you're not wishing for another 5 years of your life going into a second series. Maybe?

I have started work on writing a series 2 which we hope to be filming from August 2018 for broadcast Spring 2019. And then we hope for a series 3. I am really looking forward in going deeper and deeper into the lives of our central characters in the next series with lots more unexpected revelations.

What lies ahead after Keeping Faith? Will you bring out more dramas like these or are you working on already developed series' such as John Deed style or other?

While the series has been filming I have written a new stand-alone novel called, The Black Art of Killing, which will be published in 2018. In 2018 I will be writing series 2 of Keeping Faith and working on developing several new TV projects. I am also hoping that a Canadian TV adaptation of my Jenny Cooper novels will get underway. With a bit of luck, I will be very busy.

Thank you for an awesome interview, Matthew.

You can find out more about Matthew and his work by copying and pasting or clicking on the link to his website. There you will find out more about his novels, and how and where to buy them.

Connections Star Wars: The Last Jedi (pt 1) by DJ Forrest

DW & TW Connections
Star Wars:
The Last Jedi (Pt 1)

By DJ Forrest

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Based on characters by George Lucas, The Last Jedi tells the story of the bitter struggle for freedom against the tyrannical threat of the New Order. With fierce battles, lightsabers and mind tricks, and some good old fashioned humour, The Last Jedi is one of THE best Star Wars films to date of the new Disney saga, despite critics stating that it fell shy of the previous film. It depends how you look at it.

For me, I loved it that much, I need to go back and watch it again, to see the bits I know I missed the first time around.

Plus, the fact that while watching I squeed loudly (at the cinema) when I saw Mark Lewis Jones. It’s not surprising that many cast and crew from the Whoniverse feature in the film, given much of the filming was in the UK. So it was only natural that I’d want to hunt for a few I didn’t were in the film.

So, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

Cast & Crew


Amanda Lawrence played Commander D'Acy. In Doctor Who, Amanda played Doomfinger in the episode The Shakespeare Code in 2007.

Jimmy Vee replaces Kenny Baker as R2-D2. Jimmy played Banakaffalatta in Doctor Who episode Voyage of the Damned in 2007, before that he played the Moxx of Balhoon in The End of the World and the Alien in Aliens of London in 2005 and the Skovox Blitzer in the 12th Doctor episode The Caretaker in 2014. He played a Slitheen in The Sarah Jane Adventures Comic Relief Special in 2009, and The Graske in the Doctor Who at the Proms in 2009, The Graske in Music of the Spheres in 2008 and the Graske in the Doctor Who: Attack of the Graske video game in 2005.

Tim Rose played Admiral Ackbar. From 2011 - 2014 he has been animatronic engineer in Doctor Who episode Let's Kill Hitler, with Millennium FX, as animatronics for Closing Time also in 2011, and animatronic designer for Deep Breath in 2014, all with Millennium FX and all uncredited.

Mark Lewis Jones played Captain Canady. Currently playing Steve Baldini in Keeping Faith (2017), Mark played John Ellis in Torchwood episode Out of Time in 2006.

Paul Kasey played C'ai Threnalli, but also played Admiral Raddus in Rogue One, and uncredited as Ello Asty in The Force Awakens. Paul has appeared in 35 episodes of Doctor Who playing a multitude of different characters, from Ood Sigma, Whisper Man, Judoon, Time Zombie, Cyberman, Cyberleader, Hero Pig, Judoon Captain, Robot Santa, The Hoix, The Ood, Nephew, Wooden Queen, clockwork Man, the Forest of Cheem Tree, an Auton, and Slitheen, from 2005 - 2014.
For SJA he's played Jeffrey, Blakeman, Janine Slitheen, Jay Slitheen, Emperor, Mistress, Kudlak, Highwayman, Captain Tybo, Leaf Blathereen, Shansheeth, Red Robot, The Metalkind from 2007 - 2011. In Torchwood played a Weevil and Blowfish for 13 episodes from 2006 - 2008.

Dan Euston played a Resistance Bombardier. In 2013 was stunt performer for Doctor Who episode The Crimson Horror.

Navin Chowdhry played a Resistance Cargo Pilot. Played Indra Ganesh in Doctor Who episodes Aliens of London and World War Three in 2005.

Togo Igawa played Resistance Bridge Officer. Played Secretary General in Doctor Who episode The Pyramid at the End of the World in 2017, and played Dr Tanizaki in Torchwood episode Cyberwoman in 2006.

Darren Morfitt played Transport Deck Officer. Played Marco in Doctor Who episodes The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone in 2010.

Paul Bazely played Hux's First Order Officer. Played Ven Garr in Doctor Who episode The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe in 2011.

Warwick Davis played Wodibin. Played Porridge in Doctor Who episode Nightmare in Silver in 2013.

Kiran Shah played Neepers Panpick. Played an Emojibot and Figure in two Doctor Who episodes Listen in 2014, and Smile in 2017.

Danny Sapani played Medical Frigate Captain. Played Colonel Manton in Doctor Who episode A Good Man Goes to War in 2011.

Bern Collaço played a Stormtrooper (uncredited). Played a Georgian Soldier and an Office Operator in both Doctor Who episodes The Ice in 2017 and The Return of Doctor Mysterio in 2016, both uncredited.

Mickey Lewis played a Resistance Bridge Comms (uncredited). Was a Dalek Operator, a Cyberman, a Harbourmaster, a Space corpse and a Beast Man all uncredited for Doctor Who episodes from 2012 - 2017. He was also the body double for the Third Doctor in The Day of the Doctor in 2013, again, uncredited.

Clem So played Canto Bight Casino Patron (uncredited). Played Rafando's Guard, a White Haired Corpse, Regency Gent, Starline Galactic Villain, Trap Street Alien, Mongolian Warlord, Chinese Artisan, Japanese Tourist, Victorian Clockwork Droid, and Karabraxos Bank Client, all of which were uncredited for Doctor Who from 2012 - 2017.

William Willoughby played a Praetorian Guard (uncredited). Was stunt performer for 7 episodes of Doctor Who from 2005 - 2012, and stunts for 2 episodes from 2007 - 2010. Was stunt double for 2 episodes of Torchwood from 2006 - 2008, and stunts for 1 episode in 2009.

Makeup Department

Chris Lyons was special effects teeth. Was special effects teeth for 8 episodes of SJA from 2009 - 2010.

Claire Pritchard was hair and make-up artist: daily. Make up designer for 14 episodes of Doctor Who from 2014 - 2018, Make up Artist for 9 episodes of Doctor Who from 2005 - 2006, make up supervisor for 1 episode in 2013. Make up supervisor for 14 episodes of Torchwood, makeup designer for 7 episodes in 2011, makeup designer for 2 episodes in 2011, and makeup supervisor for for 2 episodes in 2006.

Adrian Rigby was prosthetic makeup artist: crowd. Was prosthetic make up artist on Doctor Who episode Face the Raven in 2015. Was prosthetic make up artist for 4 episodes of SJA in 2008.

Allison Sing was key crowd hair/makeup artist. Was make up artist for 25 episodes of Doctor Who from 2007 - 2013. Was make up artist for SJA episode Invasion of the Bane in 2007.

Art Department

Sophie Dyer Bartlett was junior prop moulder. Was fabricator for Doctor Who episode The Girl Who Died in 2015.

Steven Brown was sculptor. Was the model maker for 14 episodes of the Doctor Who spin off series for K9 from 2009 - 2010.

Ian Bunting was 3D set designer. Was concept artist for 5 episodes of Torchwood in 2006. Was design assistant for 12 episodes of Doctor Who from 2006 - 2007.

Martyn Doust was chargehand dressing props. Was props for Doctor Who at the Proms in 2013. Uncredited for the Who Proms in props in 2009.

Justin Lee Farr was props/vehicles. Was prop maker for 10 episodes of Torchwood for 2006 - 2007.

Mark Hutchinson was lead snow effects technician. Was snow effects technician for 4 episodes of Doctor Who from 2011 - 2015.

Adrian Platt was chargehand props. Was dressing props for Torchwood Everything Changes episode in 2006 but uncredited.

Miguel Quina was prop modeller. Was props for 3 episodes of Doctor Who for 2014.

Matthew Savage was concept artist. Was design assistant for 6 episodes of Doctor Who from 2005 - 2006 and storyboard artist for 2 episodes in 2010. Was concept designer for 1 episode of SJA in 2007 and assistant art director for 3 episodes of Torchwood in 2006, associate designer for 2 episodes in 2006. Appeared in three video documents about Doctor Who from 2005 - 2010.

Sound Department

Adam Ridge was with Skellig Unit. Was Boom Operator for Doctor Who: Music of the Spheres in 2008.

Special Effects

Julie Bentley was snow effects consultant. Was snow effects consultant for 2 episodes of Doctor Who from 2013 - 2015, one of which was uncredited for.

Chris Clarke was key animatronic designer. Was prosthetic technician for Doctor Who episode Turn Left in 2008.

Liz Harkin was fabricator. Was creature effects fabricator for 2 episodes of Doctor Who in 2014, fabricator for 1 episode in 2013 and costume fabricator for 1 episode in 2013.

Peter Hawkins was animatronic designer: Creature FX. Was on-set prosthetics supervisor for 6 episodes of Doctor Who from 2007 - 2008, prosthetic effects for 6 episodes in 2006, animatronic designer for 2 episodes in 2014, creature effects engineer for 1 episode in 2014, studio engineer for 1 episode in 2012 and prosthetics crew for 1 episode in 2008. Was animatronic engineer for 2 episodes of Doctor Who in 2015.
Was prosthetics and animatronic effects floor supervisor for 8 episodes of Torchwood from 2006 - 2007.

Gustav Hoegen was supervising animatronic designer. Was prosthetics technician for 2 episodes of Doctor Who in 2007. Appeared in episode Meet Martha Jones for Doctor Who Confidential in 2007.

Gareth Jolly was special effects technician. Was special effects technician for 4 episodes from 2008 - 2010.

Göran Lundström was paint finisher: Creature FX. Was makeup effects sculptor: Millennium FX for Doctor Who episode The Waters of Mars in 2009, uncredited.

Matthew MacMurray was animatronics designer. Was animatronic assistant: Millennium FX for 2 episodes in 2014, creature effects engineer: Millennium FX for 1 episode in 2014.

Gerard Moore was animatronic designer. Was animatronic assistant: Millennium FX for Doctor Who episode Deep Breath, but uncredited in 2014.

Darren Nevin was sculptor: Creature FX. Was prosthetics technician for 3 episodes of Doctor Who from 2009 - 2010, and prosthetics crew for 1 episode in 2008.

Visual Effects

Stacey Boiselle was motion capture producer: Audiomotion Studios. Was motion capture producer for Doctor Who episode Flatline in 2014.

Adriano Cirulli was digital compositor: ILM. Was 2D artist for 10 episodes of Doctor Who from 2008 - 2010.

Part Two Next Month