Monday, 7 August 2017

Who Reviews Wetworld by DJ Forrest


By DJ Forrest

Written by Mark Michalowski
For BBC Books

The 10th Doctor promises Martha Jones a trip to Tiffany's for breakfast. He opens the door first only to discover that the planet is somewhat swampy, that the TARDIS has landed on a slippery branch, and as the Doctor slips into the water, so does the Tardis. Protected by a forcefield, Martha only hears the Doctor call that she's going to need her wellies. However, she doesn't hear this, until it's too late.

Dressed for Breakfast at Tiffany's, in an evening dress and gloves up to her elbows, Martha is a little surprised to be yanked out of the bubble protecting her in the Tardis, and dragged through the water to a secure lair, where hundreds of otters live and a tentacled creature threatening to control the Sundayans for its own means.

Wetworld is a story of slimey swampy creatures, of furry mammals, colonists on the planet Sunday, and well, the usual sources of chaos that ensue when the Doctor arrives.

It ends rather abruptly. In fact, so abruptly, I thought I still had a few more pages to go. The Doctor was in the process of saving the Sundayans from a nuclear threat, when all of a sudden…strange how books end in such a way, and with all those pages still to go, full of acknowledgements and other books in the range to read.

I did enjoy the crazy antics of the Doctor, Martha playing detective rather than Doctor, Martha talking to the animals, and basically, everything within the story, it just ended rather quickly, and I may need to return to the last chapter again to be sure I didn’t miss anything out. Sat down at the folks house, taking a break from writing, opened the page and went ‘Oh, end of the book.’

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