Monday, 7 August 2017

Articles Welcome to Issue 49 - WATNOW? Everything Changes

Issue 49


Content Guide

Everything Changes Cast – Where Are They Now?

Who Reviews
Martha in the Mirror
The Eleventh Doctor Comic Book Vol 1 – 3
Code of the Krillitanes

Fans Fiction
Mitchell: Part 5

Dalziel & Pascoe Part 2

Fragments & Exit Wounds

TheWhoniverse Round-Up
John Barrowman
Steven Savile
Mark Morris
Paul Magrs
Guy Adams

Editor’s Note

I took a little longer to put this Issue together because the WATNOW? article was larger than I gave it credit. It required a lot of research, back and forth through various websites. The Internet can be a frustrating place at times, and often you need to know what you’re going in for before you set off.

It was difficult to locate actors who were no longer acting, or not busy much these days. But we got there in the end.
Which was why there was a huge delay in launching the Issue on the due date.

I can’t guarantee that next month will be any easier but we’ll do our best. Some of the photographs haven’t been added to the article because we’ve been hard pressed to find any. But we’re not giving up.

I’m steadily working through my Who novels on the shelf in my room. I’m going to require new novels at some point, and our Whoniverse Round-Up Page shows that there’s a fair amount to choose from.
Do please check it out – there are some juicy titbits of information about a film out this December, to mark the 10th anniversary of a popular ITV fantasy series.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this month’s issue, including the cast who gave up some of their free time to chat.

Welcome to Issue 49

WATNOW? Everything Changes


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