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Articles T'was the Night before Christmas Torchwood poem by DJ Forrest

T’was the night before Christmas

By DJ Forrest

A Torchwood Special

T'was the night before Christmas
And the house was in darkness.
Gwen was out hunting
With Captain Jack Harkness.

Rhys was out shopping
With Anwen in tow.
With armfuls of wrapping
And a McDonalds to go.

When out of the Arcade
Rode Jack on a sleigh
With Gwen riding shotgun
And Rhys shouting, 'Hey.'

'Bloody Torchwood' he muttered
As he strode up the street
Anwen knee deep in wrapping
And chewing a sweet.

With a roar and a splutter
An engine erupted
Scattering the choir
Their carols disrupted.

Santa was furious
And waving a fist
Jack was Ho ho-ing
Or getting the jist.

Gwen, gripping tightly
Was steadying the beast
That lay beneath the sleigh
Enjoying a feast

Out popped the device
That would render it stable
Jack felt the sleigh stop
It's gravity disabled.

He looked quickly at Gwen
A brow raised in alarm
She shrugged quite unruffled
Which was odd - she was calm.

Down the sleigh plummeted
Then Gwen gave a scream
Jack gripped on tightly
Prayed this was a dream

Out from the sleigh
The beast did awaken
It stretched and roared
And suddenly was taken

That close to its nose
Its dinner was standing
Meat on two legs
Though its voice was commanding

To another behind it
To switch 'it' back on
At best Jack would survive this
But Gwen would be gone.

Wrestling with buttons
And levers and dials
Gwen gave a final yell
They were plummeting miles

Till suddenly levelling
They fell back in the sleigh
Laughing from fear
Jack turned to Gwen, 'Hey,

Let's go home.' he suggested
'But what about the sleigh?
Santa will want it.' she said.
'Well OK.'

Jack pondered quite often
Of the festive magic
Of sleigh bells and reindeer's
That belief was, well tragic.

Of Santa's with visions
Of stealing back toys
Bringing chaos and mayhem
To all girls and boys.

But this year was different
A dragon lay sleeping
Bigger than Myfanwy
He wondered where to keep him.

He shook from his ponders
And took up the reins
Landing somewhere familiar
Gwen smiled. 'Home again.'

In Torchwood surroundings
Myfanwy perched, waiting
Sensing something quite close
She squawked anticipating

In a secure and safe unit
He stowed away the beast
And hoped Myfanwy
Wouldn't be its next feast

Santa roared to the venue
His eyes blazed red
He spied the Captain
And wanted him dead

But Jack was ready
Gwen readied the trap
Santa roared towards him
On the motor built from scrap.

Doing what they do best
Torchwood saved the day
Another alien dealt with
Jack returned the sleigh

'Happy Christmas,' Jack smiled
Handing over the reins
'Thank you, dear Captain,
It's good to see you again.'

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Torchwood poem 2016

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