Sunday, 1 January 2017

Articles Happy New Year Welcome to Issue 43 - The Middle Men

Issue 43
Miracle Day: The Middle Men

T’was the Night before Christmas
Torchwood Poem

Big Finish Reviews+
Bang Bang a Boom
I Davros 4

Beyond The TARDIS
Metaphysical Engine
The Lost

Paddington, The Movie

Coronation Street (Part One)

Fans Fiction
The Doctor, the Witch and the War Zone
By SF Cambridge

Who Reviews
Silver Nemesis
The Christmas Invasion
The Next Doctor
The Return of Doctor Mysterio x 2
The Runaway Bride
The Time Warrior
Voyage of the Damned

Escape To LA

Torchwood Reviews
Random Shoes
Torchwood Comic #3
They Keep Killing Suzie

Editor’s Note

My, it’s been a fair old year, 2016, not sure I want to live through another like it. We lost a fair few people we’d idolised as kids, and these were hard losses to bear. It wasn’t just the losses, but then it depends which side of the fence you’re on. Either way, last year was not a good time for many people, and we can only hope things improve over time, for all of us!

In our usual bout of reviews and articles, I took on a challenge with a television show that’s been around a little bit longer than Doctor Who, and stupidly thought that I could finish it in a month – how wrong could I be. Coronation Street has seen many familiar faces from the world of Who and Torchwood, and it was of no surprise, that given the number of people passing through Weatherfield, it would take me some time to collate all the names. So, if you don’t see the name of the person you know then it’s likely you’ll find the name in next month’s or beyond.

There’s no Episode Breakdown this month, but there will be in the next issue.

In a recent Northern Ireland Road Safety video who should we see but Estelle Cole aka Eve Pearce, our favourite lady from Torchwood. This is a still taken from the video. If you want to see the full video, the link is below.

This is the first jam packed edition for 2017. We hope to have many more in the months to come. We also hope to have some more exciting interviews from the people we know you want to read about.
So until then, Happy New Year and take good care of yourself. Be wary of drunken Weevils, especially those singing a rendition of Auld Lang Syne and clutching a very warm bottle of beer.

Welcome to Issue 43.


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