Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Articles Welcome to Issue 41 - Miracle Day: Escape to L.A.

Issue 41

Escape to L.A.

Contents Guide

Cover, Contents & Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown: Escape to L.A.
Why is Torchwood so popular?
By DJ Forrest

Who Reviews
The Tenth Planet by Jeffrey Zyra
Ghost Light by Jeffrey Zyra
Deadly Assassins by Tony J Fyler
The Stealers of Dreams by DJ Forrest
Winner Takes All by DJ Forrest

Big Finish Reviews+
Unbound: Exile
1963: Space Race
1963: Fanfare of the Common Men
1963: Assassination Games
The Fifth Traveller
By Tony J Fyler

Torchwood Reviews
Torchwood Archive 
Titan Torchwood Comic Book #2 
by Tony J Fyler

Editor’s Note

We’ve a lot less in terms of Pages this month, but made up for in reviews galore, thanks to the team, especially Tony, juggling between here, Warped Factor and his other work. (Thank you!)

This month saw the Doctor Who magazine interview John Barrowman about his quest to bring back Torchwood to our TV screens, and fingers crossed we all hope he succeeds. With more positive feedback regarding Daniele Favilli’s quest to make a Torchwood film starring Captain Jack and Angelo Colasanto, we really hope this too succeeds. In fact, anything Torchwood goes as far as we’re concerned.

We’re hoping to bring some interviews to our next issue. It’s been a tad quiet on that front for some time now. We did think about interviewing Joshua Weevil on why Strawberry ice cream was his favourite over pistachio but we felt that this was scraping the barrel somewhat. But if you do think we should interview the Weevil, please post LIKES or comments on our Website below this post and we’ll see what we can do.
Alternatively, if you have someone you’d like us to interview that we haven’t so far, then also post in the comment box below and we’ll see if we can make this happen.

We have Big Finish Reviews galore this month, from Who to Torchwood, along with Who reviews and Episode Breakdowns, and the article I have to thank many people for.
As promised in a later edition, we will post our Rex Matheson article, so do keep your comments coming regarding the character (not the actor).

Our Locations this month is taking a break but we hope both the Doctor and Steve will be back next month.

An unavoidable delay has halted our front cover until sometime this week. Our Toshiko always posts fantastic covers, so it will be well worth the wait.
Tony, currently juggling many deadlines, will be posting up his large number of Big Finish and Who Reviews over this month, we will post links when they arrive.

We have no Whoniverse Round up this month, we hope to post something up for December.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this, our 41st Issue. Welcome to ‘Escape to L.A.’


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