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The Whoniverse Round-Up October 2016

The Whoniverse Round Up October 2016

Happy Birthday Torchwood

October sees not only Halloween at the end of the month, but also the 10th Birthday of BBC Torchwood on 22nd. Spanning 4 series’ plus comic books and novels and now Big Finish, Torchwood doesn’t look set to disappear from our lives any time soon. And why should it?
Torchwood is as much a household name as good old Doctor Who. It’s more for the grown ups, than it is for the kids, and as the seasons progress, and the cast list begins to dwindle, we do hope Torchwood builds on its team members and enlists a few more to replace those who have gone on to the realms far beyond our reach…. for now. Although we do love to hear from Toshiko, Owen, Ianto and Suzie in the audios. Perhaps I’m being a tad cynical, but I’d like to hear the newer stories from Torchwood, that tell of the story so far, with the Miracle Day behind us, just what is Jack up to and where is Gwen and Rhys? Or if it’s true that Eve has hung up her Gwen costume for good, then we can only hope that Jack will continue to fly the Torchwood flag for as long as is humanely possible.

Now keeping on the Torchwood theme a while longer. We asked our Torchwood fans if they would like to see a Torchwood film featuring Jack and Angelo. It was a unanimous YES. If, however, the filming and locations were in the UK for some, but most were happy if we at least saw more Torchwood, and as many had loved the scenes between Jack and Angelo, albeit short lived, many classed it as romantic as those between Jack and Ianto.  
So fingers crossed Daniele.

In other news.

Ian Edginton was signing today (1st October) at Infinity and Beyond Comics in Shrewsbury. Next week sees the launch of his Assassins Creed: Locus series, and from November 5th-6th you’ll find him and his illustrator D’Israeli at the New Dock Hall, for the Thought Bubble Festival at table 49. Doors open to the public from 10am-5pm. If you’re a comic book fan you’ll want to get to this convention in Leeds. This link will give you more details on their website, from floor plan to guest list.

Jâms Thomas is joining the touring company of the National Theatre’s Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time in January 2017. He’s currently filming Series 8 of Gwaith/Cartref for S4C.

Nathan Sussex has two short films coming out soon which will be seen on BBC Wales. Ludo for It’s My Shout where he plays Shane. In the Iris prize winning film D-Ice and Pansy he plays Ioan. So look out for these.

Cavan Scott has a new Doctor Who story coming out on BBC Audio called The Lost Angel and stars the 12th Doctor. It’s due out in January 2017. This is the fantastic new cover released by the BBC to whet our appetite. So many months to wait!

John R Walker is finally relaxing in the hot tub after being extremely busy with his projects of late. His Amityville theatre has a nationwide release in the Philippines. His new film Ouijageist is with the editor. As an extra, he’s in the film ‘Girl With All The Gifts.’ John is also currently writing a new Extras Memoir book. He was also 1st AD on the current DVD movie Cry Wolf which both he and his wife also have roles in. So while also enjoying parenthood with their 20 month old baby and juggling the ‘real’ job, John has definitely earned the long hot soak.

It’s also the 50th anniversary of the Cybermen plus the very first regeneration of our dear old Doctor.

Credit -  Ed Sinclair

September saw the trailer release of the Anoraks new online 5 minute drama series featuring three fans of the Classic Who, or as they’re also known as – ‘Men Behaving Sadly’. In 10 episodes lasting five minutes each, the story features mainly around one of the characters – Damien and his girlfriend Rachel. There are plans for further characters in later episodes with the final episode planned to be around 20 minutes long with a guest star and extras. These will be crowdfunded, so watch out for the links on our social networking pages.

Anoraks is Three Middle Aged Doctor Who fans. The politics. The Obsessions and the In jokes. To find out more, visit their website.

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