Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Coffee Shop Happy 10th Birthday Torchwood

Penblwydd Hapus Torchwood 22nd October

Of course, we’re a little early with our celebrations, but as ever, we wanted to take the opportunity before, as always, life got in the way.
Torchwood appeared on our television screens on the 22nd October 2006. It came with a whole host of actors, of which some we’d never met before and others, we were sure we’d seen in Doctor Who, Jack Harkness being the obvious. Toshiko Sato, appearing in the episode with the Pig Pilot, and of course Gwyneth Cooper, Gwen’s family relation who was possessed by the Gelth, desperate in their bid to enter our world through the Rift.

We all have our favourite episodes, some more than others. Memories of those episodes’ spark moments in our life, when we can relate them to where we were when they came on, what we were doing, and who we were doing them with. Torchwood opened our eyes to the creatures that lurked just beyond the shadows. That corner of the eye stuff. It introduced us to a world of magical creatures, mystical, plain bloody bonkers and Captain John Hart. It brought us closer than Doctor Who to the creatures that walk amongst us. Creatures living in sewers, and creatures living in Cardiff. Yes, Cardiff my friends. And quite right too!

We asked the fans a good many questions on what they felt about Torchwood since it’s humble beginnings. What were their favourite episodes and so on? So please, if you feel you want to add your twopenneth, please post below.

Ianto Tarrant Best episodes, Captain Jack Harkness, Out of Time, Adrift, to The Last Man. Losing both Tosh and Owen cut the heart out of the show, losing Ianto, the Cardiff back stories, hub etc. took away its soul. Hated season four, it wasn't Torchwood. Thank God for Big Finish.

Claudia Lindner Though I was sad about the deaths of Owen, Tosh and Ianto, it was good, all four series, and I still hope for more. Exodus Code would make a good miniseries, or the new comic, picking up from it, wherever the story leads us. :) I hope the Big Finish audios are going to be set in the presence more, atm, too much stuck in the past for me, although I enjoyed them.

Becky Zertuche I love Torchwood, but it needed to remain in Cardiff. What they did in Miracle Day, was pepper Jack and Gwen here and there. It was not Torchwood. I loved the 1st and 2nd seasons best and my favorite episode is Captain Jack Harkness.

Diane Phillipa The death of Ianto Jones was the end for me. The Radio plays are awesome but unless they bring back real TW ie in Cardiff that’s it for me. I don't think I can ever forgive RTD for making one of most abhorrent characters’ immortal it was an insult to all true TW fans.


  1. Love Jack Harkness and Ianto jones, my favorite couple ever! Fav seasons: 1 & 2 (obvious reasons , except Tosh and Owen´s deaths, Why?!?!) No Ianto, no Torchwood.

  2. And fav episodes: To the last man, From out the rain, Countrycide, Cyberwoman, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

  3. I really don't understand why ppl don't finally get over the death of Ianto. I liked him, too, but he never defined Torchwood for me,he wasn't that important, so TW can well and happily go on without him. Sorry, and I am sure I might get bashed for that view, but I hope for new TW stories set in present time and I am excited about the new comic stories. :)