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Articles Welcome to Issue 39 September 2016 Miracle Day: Rendition

Issue 39 – Rendition

Content Guide

Cover, Content, Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown: Rendition
By DJ Forrest
Cardiff Pilgrimage by DJ Forrest

Big Finish Reviews+
Counter Measures Parts 3 & 4
Survivors Parts 3 & 4
The Boy That Time Forgot
By Tony J Fyler

Torchwood Reviews
Made You Look by Tony J Fyler

Who Reviews
Leisure Hive by Jeffrey Zyra
The Dominators by Tony J Fyler
Let’s Kill Hitler by Tony J Fyler

Editor’s Note

The last time I spoke here I was looking forward to my journey to Cardiff. That now over, I can proudly say, I loved every minute of it, although as with every holiday, it’s great to finally return home and sleep in your own bed, and not have vehicles revving at traffic lights in the early hours of the morning, or night time revellers partying on till the wee small hours. That aside, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I got to meet some great people and visited some fantastic locations plus, got to post up our Torchwood team poster at the Shrine. Have yet to see any Selfies from you guys beside it, but hey, it’s something we hope will last as long as the Shrine itself, so there’s plenty of time.
Full of the cold, I’ve had plenty of time to put the articles together this month and managed to rattle off the episode breakdown in record time, and in less pages, which is a feat in itself.
Locations will appear in a later edition, due to offline duties rendering it impossible in the time frame.

Joshua the Weevil didn’t return with us from our holiday, so is still in Cardiff, somewhere. If you see him, as much as we welcome your selfies, be aware that he is a wild animal, and he will steal your chocolate, amongst other things. Cadwaladers have already been onto us about a sad lack of strawberry ice cream. Once again, sorry for this!

We hope he will return to us soon and hopefully without a restraining order attached. Can’t say how long Ann Summers want him to remain out of their store. The large teeth marks in the chocolate putty was a step too far in kinkiness!

You may have seen our poster dedicated to the Ianto Shrine, created by Jim Wilkins, freelance illustrator for In Print Comics. We asked him to create caricatures of our favourite characters from Torchwood and Who, and the results were absolutely awesome. We can’t thank him enough. So we’ve updated our About Us page with the new images. Please check these out, and please visit In Print comics on social media and their website and give them a huge follow.
Thank you again Jim!

So without further ado –

Welcome to Issue 39 – Rendition.


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