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Articles Welcome to Issue 38 Miracle Day: The New World

Issue 38

Miracle Day: The New World

Contents Guide

Cover, Contents Guide and Editor’s Note
Miracle Day Episode Review

Beyond the TARDIS
Dad’s Army

Big Finish Reviews+
By Tony J Fyler
A Life of Crime
Counter Measures 1 & 2
Survivors 1 & 2
The Pursuit of History

U.S. Locations by Steven Barber
The New World

Torchwood Reviews
Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Who Reviews
Army of Ghosts

Editor’s Note

Hi Guys! As ever the weeks have rolled in pretty fast. I’ve been busy with a lot more than writing articles – I’ve been planning my week long trip to the city of Cardiff, and the meet up with a few fantastic friends, and truly can’t wait. The Weevil has been suitably checked for all known diseases, and let’s just say, Dr Owen Harper was thorough!!!

Joshua will be staying with family and friends, and I won’t be staying anywhere near them. He in fact, may not return with us on the journey back given where his accommodation will be for the entire week!!!!

July has been a busy month for reviews however, and as ever, we’ve been busy in that respect. Tony, especially has been reviewing a considerable amount of Big Finish audios to give you his valid opinion about whether they’re a good investment and let’s face it, they nearly always are.

Who Reviews were a little thin, given that over the years, we’ve covered a large majority of them, so only one to read.
Torchwood on the other hand has been exceptionally busy, what with Big Finish, and Titan, releasing their first NEW Torchwood comic book written by John and Carole Barrowman. Now that’s something worth subscribing too.

We are so happy to have Steven Barber on our team, covering locations in the US of A, for our Miracle Day series. Steven keeps a blog of his journeys around the world which you can find on the Locations Page this month. Known as The Thumbnail Traveler, you’ll definitely want to bookmark his site for future readings.

We also get to review the title of our Issue, Miracle Day: The New World. I have to say it was a rare treat returning to Series 4 and watching the episode all over again. Familiarising myself with the cast and picking up where we left off. I do however, miss the Hub, and the old team, but it’s nice to watch the series, and we hope you’ll follow it with us.

Now, before we go, this trip to Cardiff is something rather special for us, as a writing team, and it will be exciting to finally meet up. I do aim to document this in an article next month. We will be hoping to meet up with a Doctor Who/Torchwood actor and spend a day out with them, but where we’re going and what we’re planning on doing, are still in the planning stages. We will be visiting the Ianto Shrine – and we will be leaving something behind. Something we hope you guys will take a selfie beside and post up on our Facebook Page.

The last time I visited Cardiff, Children of Earth hadn’t aired, and this particular Shrine did not exist. So for me, this is an experience I am extremely looking forward to visiting. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Enjoy Issue 38 as much as we enjoyed putting it together. And if you do happen to see Joshua and his many relatives in Cardiff – do give them a wide berth, and please don’t encourage him with chocolate!


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