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News Happy Birthday AK Benedict 29th May 2016

Happy Birthday

AK Benedict

AK Benedict, writer of Big Finish Torchwood: The Victorian Age, celebrates her birthday today along with Frederick Jaeger (1928) who played Professor Marius/Sorenson and Jano in various episodes of Doctor Who from 1966 – 1977. Neville Jason (1934) who played Prince Reynart in Doctor Who: The Androids of Tara in 1978. Mike Lucas (1941) who played Tom in Doctor Who: The Smugglers in 1966. Oliver Smith (1952) who played Drak in The Twin Dilemma in 1984. David Kinder (1964), who played Billy in Delta and the Bannermen in 1987. Dursley McLinden (1965), who played Mike in Remembrance of the Daleks in 1988. Sam Callis (1973), who played a Security guard in Bad Wolf in 2005. Brian Treitler (1977) who played Dr. Murphy in Torchwood: Miracle Day: Dead of Night in 2011 and
Anita Briem (1982), played Sally in The Christmas Invasion in 2005.


In 1965, episode 2 of The Death of Time saw Ian and Vicki threatened by a Mire beast, while the First Doctor and Barbara meet up with the Aridians who then have no choice but to hand them over to the Daleks.

In 1971, episode 2 of The Daemons saw the Third Doctor frozen by the energy release from the barrow, leaving Jo calling for UNIT’s Yates and Benton for help. When the Brig tries to help them, he discovers the village is surrounded by a heat barrier.

In 2010, Cold Blood saw the Eleventh Doctor and Nasreen Chaudry go deep underground to find an ancient society disturbed by the drilling above. When one of the creatures is captured and subsequently killed, the Restac, a Silurian seeks revenge and is ready to go to war on the humans above.

Have a great birthday from everyone at Project: Torchwood!

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