Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Articles Welcome to Issue 33, March 2016 - COE: Day Two

Issue 33

Children of Earth: Day Two

Content Guide

Cover, Content, Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown: COE: Day Two
All Good Things Come to an End by DJ Forrest

Costume Designer, Ray Holman by DJ Forrest
Author, George Mann by Tony J Fyler

Frankie by DJ Forrest

Who Reviews
The Sontaran Experiment by Tony J Fyler
Mark of the Rani by Tony J Fyler
The Seeds of Doom by Tony J Fyler
Invasion of the Dinosaurs by Tony J Fyler

Big Finish Reviews+
The Darkness of Glass by Tony J Fyler
Aquitaine by Tony J Fyler
The Labyrinth of Buda Castle by Tony J Fyler

Clem McDonald by DJ Forrest

Torchwood Reviews
Long Time Dead by DJ Forrest
More Than This by Tony J Fyler

Fans Fiction
Part 5, Heaven and Nature Sings by Echo Fain

The Whoniverse Round-Up
Nathan Sussex
Guy Adams
A.K. Benedict
Sarah Pinborough

Editor’s Note

When will the lighter night’s start returning?

Our 33rd Issue is packed with Reviews and Interviews and the 5th part of Heaven & Nature Sings, which I have to say now, is yet another fantastic chapter written by Echo Fain. Our Who reviews take Tony into the Classic Who, along with the Big Finish Reviews. Our Torchwood audios cover the first season which has been a fantastic journey so far, and look set to continue into a very interesting second season with a trip into the past. For more information on that, visit out Whoniverse Round-Up Page to see what’s happening this month.

Apologies that this Issue has taken a wee while to post up today – events took over that involved our dear mascot, Joshua the Weevil. If any of you have been following our online dramas with Josh and Torchwood toffee, then you’ll have discovered the outcome of what happens after too much sweet confectionery!

While the Doctor is still on his travels, the Locations are taking a hiatus but will hopefully be back before the end of Children of Earth. We have a great Connections this month but we’re certain you’ve already guessed how many Who and Torchwood cast and crew were this month’s choice of series.

So with Articles, Interviews, Reviews and Profiles and Fans Fiction, we’re certain there’s something for everyone in our latest Issue. So from everyone at the Hub, welcome to Issue 33 – COE: Day Two!


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