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Articles All Good Things Come to an End by DJ Forrest

All Good Things Come to an End

By DJ Forrest

The Departure of Gwen Cooper

I don’t know you spend a few days away from the internet and come on to find that Eve Myles is not reprising her role as Gwen Cooper after the first series of Big Finish Torchwood audios. So where does that leave us with Torchwood now?

Announcing on Twitter after a fellow fan had commented about there being no more Torchwood TV series, Eve replies that ‘GC is now Laid to rest, that she’s stopping. She’s never playing her Lady again.’

But is this the end of Torchwood?

Not necessarily. The actor may leave, but the character will live on, I hope.

As life for the remaining cast seems to be taking them further from the characters they used to be better known for (IMO), you have to ask yourself, how long before John Barrowman pulls the plug on Captain Jack Harkness.

As with all good stories, there has to be a time when they must all say Good Night Torchwood – but for the thousands of die-hard fans, letting go of their favourite characters is not as easy as it sounds. And can we really blame them. Gwen Cooper gave us the insight into the dark world of Torchwood, she became our eyes and ears into the ‘not so secret’ organisation that operated beneath the Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff. Through her we were introduced to the dashing Captain Jack Harkness, the often sarcastic Dr Owen Harper, computer techy Toshiko Sato, scientist and second in command and obvious psychopath, Suzie Costello, and coffee boy extraordinaire, Ianto Jones. We followed the intrepid team through four seasons of television drama till it was declared by BBC Drama boss that there would be no more Torchwood on the telly. Where could we get our fix then? With 18 novels and countless audio stories and dramas, it seemed that this was the only place to find our heroes of the small screen. But with the announcement by Eve on Twitter, what will happen when Gwen leaves the show?

We know there will come a time when the actors will be unable to continue, when there’s too many other commitments, and eventually they have to step down. But we all hope, that the stories will live on for as long as possible. I mean let’s face it. Doctor Who still keeps us entertained with exciting new stories, with Doctor’s who have long since regenerated, so why not keep producing more Torchwood stories, if enough of the remaining cast are prepared to commit to the show?

But it will be sad to say goodbye to Gwen Cooper and her fierce temper should you be on the receiving end of it. Gwen brought us into Torchwood and I would hate to think that she would be leading us out of it. All we can say now, is farewell to Eve Myles, but inside we hope that it’s not completely true and that maybe, just maybe, she might have enough Gwen inside of her, to keep producing more Big Finish audios for many years to come. Even if it’s only one or two episodes per year!!!!

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  1. Personally, I don't think this was really a big announcement, I don't know what prompted Gwen Myles to tweet that, but as there is no TW on screen or will probably be, so what? It's like stating the obvious.All her cast mates have wandered off to other universes, too, pretty much. She just had done another audio drama, and I don't know if it was even planned to do another one with Gwen. If there was TW back on screen, I think she would be on board, of course. Personally, I never was a fan of Gwen and never will be, so I wouldn't have minded if she had taken that decision at least bf season 4 of Torchwood - when it would have been a decision and not just stating the obvious.