Wednesday, 3 February 2016

News Happy 21st Birthday Victoria Manson 3rd February 2016

Happy 21st Birthday 

Victoria Manson

You celebrate your birthday with Mat King, Ben Turner and Warwick Davis. Have an exceptionally great time, Victoria, from everyone at Project: Torchwood

Episodes of Doctor Who on this day:

In 1968, Episode 1 of The Web of Fear saw the Second Doctor with Jamie and Victoria trapped aboard the TARDIS in space before winding up in an underground station in an unusually deserted London.

In 1973, Episode 2 of Carnival of Monsters the Third Doctor and Jo search for a way out of the Scope, while the Vorgs try and amuse the Minorans. The crew aboard the Bernice become a lot less friendly.

In 1979, Episode 3 of The Armageddon Factor saw the Fourth Doctor captured by The Shadow in order for it to lay its hands on the Key to Time. The Doctor’s Companions, search for the missing TARDIS while the Marshall plans an all-out strike against Zeos.

In 1983, Episode 1 of Arc of Infinity saw one of the High Council of Gallifrey executing a treacherous act by transmitting the Fifth Doctor’s bio-extract from the space time matrix to an animated creature. While on Earth, two young men spent their last night in Amsterdam sleeping in a crypt where they’re attacked by an alien being controlled by the animated creature.

A Very Special Thanks to Marnix Van Den Broeke, Justin Walters, Anthony Lewis and Jonny Owen for adding a Special touch to your Birthday Shout Out.

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  1. Oh wonderful! Happy 21st Birthday Victoria Manson xxxx