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Articles Welcome to Issue 32 Children of Earth: Day One February 2016

Issue 32

Children of Earth: Day One

Contents Guide

Cover, Contents Guide, Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown: Day One

'Torchwood' Reviews
Uncanny Valley by Tony J Fyler

Who Reviews
The Awakening by Tony J Fyler
Warriors of the Deep by Tony J Fyler

Big Finish Reviews+
The War Doctor by Tony J Fyler
The Diary of River Song by Tony J Fyler
The Auntie Matter by Tony J Fyler
The Waters of Amsterdam by Tony J Fyler

Fans Fiction
New - Heaven and Nature Sings by Echo Fain

Beyond the Hub
And Then There Were None by Tony J Fyler

Beyond the TARDIS
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride by Jeffrey Zyra

The Whoniverse Round-Up
The Whovians
Constable Keystone
A Day With Gareth David-Lloyd
Simon Fisher-Becker

To be fair, 2016 has been a little rubbish so far. The big C has taken a good many favourite celebrities from us and the weather has put people out of homes and out of pockets, so clearly we have a lot of work to do, to put smiles on people’s faces again. Torchwood I hasten to add, isn’t responsible for the latest weather reports, I mean let’s be fair here, none of us would have labelled the latest storm ‘Gertrude’. We do feel that the next storm should be called ‘GWEN’ because you really don’t want to mess with her when she’s in a mood!!!

So what have we got for you this month? Over Christmas and the New Year, we saw some absolutely fantastic television dramas and of course, we had to grab these and review them to the hilt, and so thanks to our fantastic Who reviewers, Tony and Jeffrey, they did just that.

This month also signifies the start of Season 3 Torchwood – Children of Earth, which starting with Episode One, brings us into an action packed story, full of government bodies, military bodies and Torchwood doing what they do best…

Our front cover as always has been designed by our ‘Toshiko’ Mickie Newton, with additional covers by the wonderful Nikki Forrest. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our first edition of 2016. We aim to be bigger and better every month, and for that we always strive for fan participation. Get in touch with us if you’d like to review for us!
Our Locations Guide will be at a later date, due to the Doctor’s ever busy schedule; people to see, places to go; trying not to cause trouble….

Echo has delighted us with another chapter of Lyn’s life in ‘Heaven and Nature Sings’, be sure to settle down to a good read.
We have some announcements on our Whoniverse Round Up, news that you may have read elsewhere on our PT pages, but covering all bases! The Day with GDL may be fully booked already, but it’s always worth checking in case of any cancellations.

So, without further ado, Welcome to Issue 32 – Children of Earth – Day One.


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