Tuesday, 5 January 2016

News Happy Birthday William Green

Happy Birthday William Green

Celebrating on 5th January

With a host of stars from the world of Who such as Norman Kay (1929), Wolfe Morris (1925), Denise Bryer (1928), Norman Kay (1929) and David Ryall (1935).

In 1974, Episode 4 of The Time Warrior saw the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith in the Middle Ages investigating the disappearance of several top scientists from a secret research complex.

In 1980, Episode 3 of The Horns of Nimon saw the Fourth Doctor and Romana with K-9 MkII in danger of being sucked into a Black Hole…

In 1984, Episode 1 of Warriors of the Deep saw the Fifth Doctor with Vislor Turlough and Tegan Jovanka materialising on Sea Base 4 after it was attacked by Sentinel Six, a robot weapons system.

And in 1985, Episode 1 of Attack of the Cybermen saw the Sixth Doctor with Peri Brown ambushed by Cybermen as they returned to the TARDIS.

Hope you’ve had an epic day William

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