Wednesday, 6 January 2016

News Happy Birthday Guy Adams

Happy Birthday Guy Adams

40 today

6th January 2016

Celebrating your day with a host of Who stars, including: Raymond Westwell (1919), Sylvia Sims (1934), Rowan Atkinson (1955), Arthur Bostrum (1955) and Elizabeth Tan (1986).

In 1968, Episode 3 of The Enemy of the World saw the Second Doctor with Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield enjoying themselves on a beach in 2018, when Astrid Ferrier attempts to assassinate the Time Lord.

In 1973, Episode 2 of The Three Doctors saw the first three Doctors with Jo Grant, saving the Time Lords from the losing all sustainable power that would see Gallifrey being sucked into a Black Hole.

In 1979, Episode 3 of The Power of Kroll saw the Fourth Doctor and Romana on the 3rd Moon of Delta Magna searching for the penultimate segment of the Key to Time.

Have an epic day Guy from everyone at Project: Torchwood

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