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Beyond The Hub Film Review: Everest by Jann Tarrant

Film Review: Everest

By Jann Tarrant

A good while ago now Naoko Mori posted a couple of pics from location while she was filming for Everest.  We exchanged a couple of messages, which was awesome because I adore her and I love mountains..... I sent her a couple of pics from New Zealand.  Needless to say she was very excited to be there at 'Base-camp' and who wouldn't be.

So months later I knew I had to see this film.  Now I am not really into the whole 'True Story' thing, but to be honest no one could have made up a better tale of man against nature, heroism and sheer dumb stupidity.  It was a beautiful story, telling of an ill fated journey up to the world's highest point.  A cast was clearly chosen for their fitness as well ability to act in what must have been challenging conditions.  The stunt/climbing teams, well honestly magnificent. 

However the most important cast member has to be mountain itself.

I am not going to go into details about who did what, because truly I don't want to drown you with spoilers, if you haven't seen this, go, or rent the DVD, better still Blu-Ray and find the biggest TV you can.  What you will see will surprise you and delight you and humble you.

I had no idea that Base-camp became such a zoo in the very short yearly climbing window.  I could not believe the sums of money people paid to make that journey happen and finally I was astounded to see that people took it on, knowing that there was a good chance they were not capable of doing it.  I am reminded of man's hubris... and the word Titanic.

You will be on the edge of your seat.

One last thing, I saw this in 3D and for once this format came into its own.  You felt the distance and height in a way that completely took me aback.  If they had turned the air con to cold and cut the O2 supply by 50%, I could easily have been there.  The photography was stunning, for that alone it is worth seeing. My highest praise would have to go to the camera guys and the people who got their gear where it needed to be in order to film this.

So finally, the cast were natural, honest in their performances.  You couldn't say one was better than the other, but they were all really good and most importantly, believable. Obviously it was a real treat to see Naoko on the big screen playing Yasuka Namba.

I loved this film and will be buying the Blu Ray when it comes out.

5 Stars

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