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Reviews Torchwood: The Conspiracy by DJ Forrest

Big Finish

Torchwood: The Conspiracy

By DJ Forrest

Written by David Llewellyn
Directed by Scott Handcock
Produced by Big Finish
Music by Murray Gold

Cue the intro and the new upbeat and funky theme tune by Murray Gold.

Torchwood is BACK!

Immediately I feel a sense of loss for the old theme tune but it’s soon forgotten as the story gets underway.  Jack Harkness tells a portion of the story and you know it’s Jack, because there’s that old bouncy, excited, voice of the Torchwood Captain, that I didn’t feel was there in ‘Another Life’ narration from John Barrowman, until the 2nd disk when the story picked up after Jack was attacked by the creature in the bath. 

Torchwood is definitely back, that old feel of the great coat, the squeal of the tyres of the SUV thundering along the streets of Cardiff.  This is the old series and for that I’m hyped and excited as the old Captain himself. 

There are new characters and a newer story to tell, as well as reminiscing about old cases.

I couldn’t give you any spoilers even if I tried.  Not because Big Finish might rap my knuckles or I might offend and upset all the fans and the writers and the people I admire, but just because the hour long story is so crammed full of plots and interesting characters, and so much detail that I wouldn’t know where to begin. 

The Big Finish audio drama is a lot different I feel to the old BBC audios.  I can’t put my finger on it, but there is a difference.  I never thought we’d ever hear from Torchwood again, and I’m so glad that Big Finish picked up the baton and ran with it, and I look forward to the next story with utter glee and excitement, because if this story is anything to go by, then I’m curious to see how they’re going to top it. 

Stay on after the end credits, don’t be in a rush to quickly put the audio away, or restart the disk.  There are four great interviews and all worth a listen. 

Only one gripe I guess, the front cover looks a lot darker than the poster that teased us for the first story of the new season.  Yet they say, never judge a book by its cover, and so I feel that, that says a lot about this story by David Llewellyn. 
It’s brilliant!  So worth the wait! 

We asked the fans what they thought of the new story and avoiding all Spoilers, here are their views. 

Claudia Lindner Love it, cleverly written, great story! It has the Torchwood feeling; John as Captain Jack is awesome, brings the whole Torchwood atmosphere back. Other cast is very good, too. The new theme is fantastic, brings something new, but picks up the Torchwood we know. Gripping story, I can't wait for the next ep. Captain is coming for them!

Alice Osborne Gripping story, the entire cast is fantastic, as are the interviews at the end. Torchwood is back!

Gary Gillespie I really enjoyed it, heard it today, so glad Jack is back!

Ianto Tarrant Good start, loved hearing Captain Jack again....

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