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Profiles Toshiko Sato


Toshiko Sato

Torchwood Three Officer: Toshiko Sato
Born: 19th September 1981
Origin: Japanese
Played by: Naoko Mori

Toshiko Sato first came to Torchwood’s attention five years ago, after she stole the plans for a Sonic Modulator device from the Lodmoor Research Facility, a division of the Ministry of Defence. Milton, a dark haired, bespectacled woman, who was holding her mother hostage, required it.  The initial plans were flawed but as Toshiko built the Sonic Modulator, she corrected the mistakes as she went.
After her arrest and gruelling punishment at the hands of UNIT, she was visited by Torchwood’s Captain Jack Harkness who admired her work on the Modulator and offered her the chance of a clean slate, if she worked for him.

With the alien tech that Torchwood Three scavenged over the years, Toshiko was able to cannibalise the tech for their own use. Such as, creating the Rift Manipulator and inventing the time lock that protected the Hub during the Dalek invasion, securing Ianto and Gwen in a bubble, which meant that the Daleks couldn’t enter, but equally, Gwen and Ianto couldn’t leave.

Toshiko’s love life was abysmal however, failing to catch the eye of the man of her dreams, Dr. Owen Harper, even after covering for him during the Slitheen invasion, Toshiko fell into doomed relationships, including Mary, an Arcateenian criminal, who gave her a pendant, enabling her to hear people’s thoughts and Tommy Brockless, a tragic soldier of the First World War who was suffering from shellshock but who had to return to 1918 to close the Rift, with the aid of the Rift Key.

When Owen was resurrected in order for people to say their last farewells, Toshiko confessed her true feelings to him. As Owen lost his cynicism, he and Toshiko had better conversations and even agreed to go on a date together, sadly this never happened.  As Gray, hell-bent on ruining his brother Jack’s life for good, entered the Hub and shot Toshiko, fatally wounding her. The valuable time she needed in order to assist Owen at Turnmill ultimately cost him his life.

Toshiko was given a traditional funeral service by Captain Jack Harkness, and is still to this day, sadly missed.

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