Thursday, 1 October 2015

Articles Welcome to Issue 29 - Fragments

Issue 29 Fragments

Cover, Content, Editor Note
Episode Breakdown: Fragments (late entry)

The Whovians tv

Eastenders Part 2
Grange Hill Part 1

Happy Birthday October

Who Reviews
Paradise Towers by Tony J Fyler
Pyramids of Mars by Tom J Toaduff
The Magician’s Apprentice by Jeffrey Zyra
The Witch’s Familiar by Jeffrey Zyra & Tony J Fyler

Big Finish Reviews+
UNIT-Dominion by Tony J Fyler

TW Reviews
Fragments by Tony J Fyler (late entry)

 The Whoniverse Round-Up
I Believe in Miracles (late entry)
The Cleaners (late entry)

Editor’s Note

It’s always going to happen, that one day when you take on far too much and something suffers.  But then, that’s life! 

Due to taking on extra ‘out of the Hub’ activities, the launch wasn’t going to happen at lunch time today.  I knew this, but still tried to prove myself wrong. 
However, having said that, Issue 29 still managed to make it out on launch day, although a few articles are running late. 
Those will be added within the next few days or so. 

The trouble is, Summer has arrived and so we like to enjoy the sunshine when we can, given that we don’t see it quite as often as our overseas cousins.  Joshua chose NOT to enjoy the sunshine after we slapped on enough sunscreen he dazzled us with the whiteness, plus we also made a few sketches on his bald spot.  He will forgive us…when Hell freezes over.

Anyway, this month sees us with a cracking interview with the cast and crew of The Whovians.  
We have some brilliant Who Reviews by our fantastic Who team, Tom, Tony and Jeffrey. 
Incidentally, if anyone would like to write Who reviews for us, do please get in touch, message us over at our Facebook page, or come FOLLOW @ProTorchwood on Twitter and drop us a line there.

Thank you to Sarah Hood for her photo of the Blood Moon posted on our wall by Kirsty Price, which adorns our front cover this month. 
How many of you stayed up to see the full event?  It was something many of us won’t see again till 2033.

Also Happy Birthday to all our fans, friends and guests who celebrate this month.

Ok without further ado, welcome to Issue 29 – Fragments.



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