Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Coffee Shop Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams is an essential part of the Torchwood team.  Once on the side lines, keeping a distant eye on his wife Gwen, making sure Jack Harkness, who he always considered a threat to his relationship, wouldn’t make a move on her. 
Rhys Williams was killed by Bilis Manger in the Hub where Gwen thought he’d be safe; he was back in his flat after Abaddon was defeated by Jack, when time was reversed.
He took a bullet for Gwen in ‘Meat’ and from then on, he knew all about Torchwood, about alien life, about Gwen’s job, about the risks she took to protect him and ultimately the world, but most of all, that above all else, Gwen would always come back to him, back to her family.

So we thought it would be interesting to find out what the fans thought about the loveable character that loves his pints and his footie and has a soft heart, but is fiercely protective of his family. 

What are your favourite Rhys quotes, moments in the series, in audios and in books?  If you have any stories about Rhys that you’d like to add or any favourite photos – email those in so we can add them to this.

You can post your favourite quotes and moments in the comment box below…

Claudia Lindner It must be the one from "Exit Wounds": "I'm keeping a lot of secrets. Like a time agency based in Cardiff". Lol. Classic Rhys!

I think Rhys was so popular because he was so grounded, he was the ordinary, round-the-corner guy when confronted with aliens. Lol. And he was so good-humoured, you have to like him and an all around loveable, nice guy - and you always felt a bit sorry for him, that he put up with Gwen.

Katja Armbruster Aliens? In Cardiff?

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