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Beyond the TARDIS World War W.H.O. by DJ Forrest

World War W.H.O.
By DJ Forrest

Based on World War Z by Max Brooks
Story by Matthew Michael Carnahan
Directed by Marc Forster
Released in UK (Empire Cinema, Leicester Square) 2nd June 2013

So I finally got to watch World War Z, thanks to Netflix, and I have to say, it was really rather exhilarating.  Now it has to be said, that I’m not a fan of horror flicks involving zombies, which is odd, considering I’m in a horror film, as a zombie, which is out this Summer!
Having worked as an Extra on set of Bad Blood, seeing a larger scale film such as World War Z allowed me to look at the film as something more than horror.  Yes obviously seeing the human race turn in on itself because of a virus, like rabies or something equally as horrific is scary but the crowd scenes, the hundreds of Extras brought together for the running scenes in Glasgow which were to depict Philadelphia, now that interested me.  So much running, hurling, head butting of glass, the immense level of high powered action, gee whiz I was on the edge of my seat throughout, even ignored a phone call just to see the film through without a break! (sorry Mom). 

The film tells of a worldwide zombie outbreak which affects a bitten victim to become a zombie in mere seconds, rather than a build up of a few hours if not days.  A UN investigator Gerry Lane, now choosing the quiet life with his family is pulled back into service when his friend UN Deputy Secretary-General Thierry Umuntoni calls for his help.  After fleeing Philadelphia, they’re taken with a Hispanic boy to an off shore safe haven aboard a US Navy carrier.  Gerry is enlisted to help the cause, while on the understanding that if he refuses, he and his family will be sent back to Philadelphia to fend for themselves – charming!

Gerry is sent to South Korea where the outbreak is reported to have started, after a Korean doctor was bitten by a soldier he was treating.  It’s from this base that he learns about Israel building a wall to protect its people but still allowing uninfected people to enter. Of course Gerry has to fly to Israel, where through helicopter fly over you see the extent of the virus.  On one side you have the calm as you like human population, on the outer wall side you see the demonic beings throwing themselves at the wall in order to break in, especially when someone on the good side thinks it’s a good idea for a little sing song, cranking up the volume, in a ‘Hey Zombies, come on over, let’s have a bite to eat’ kind of thing! *shakes head*

Hundreds of zombies begin hurling themselves at the wall, like the crazed fans of a One Direction concert, creating a human wall of zombie bodies in order to penetrate the safety of the Israeli camp, and of course anarchy grows into absolute mayhem. One of the Israeli soldiers protecting Gerry is bitten, but fast action abound, her hand is lopped off while Gerry counts to ten, obviously the magic number for the virus to kick in.  The girl soldier is showing no signs of turning, but could now do panto as a female version of Captain Hook!

More tense moments as they run across the runway towards the last passenger plane leaving the country, and they’re safely aboard, as the hordes surge onto the runway after them.  Aaaaaannnnndd rest….

Now apologies to all those of you who have already seen the film, and know I’m 2 years late in mentioning it, but hey, bite me, not everyone manages to see the film at the cinema.

Pitt and his soldier friend Segen (female Hook) have to find a vaccine in order to protect the human race from being mauled and turned into zombies, but the W.H.O. facility has its own problems, but hey, we knew this already. 

It has to be said that when I read the cast list and their titles on IMDB two years ago, that I didn’t just get a little bit excited.  Under the long list of cast for the film sat one name that would mean something quite big in 2014 for the world of Who that is.

Peter Capaldi plays a W.H.O. doctor based in Cardiff!!!

World War Z premiered in London on 2nd June 2013 at Empire Cinema, Leicester Square.  On 4th August of the same year, Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor.  And as we know, filming takes place mostly in Cardiff.  If this isn’t a mere coincidence I don’t know what is.

I give this film a high five out of five.  Exhilarating!  But I think I prefer Capaldi as The Doctor over the W.H.O. doctor. 

Wikipedia World War Z

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