Wednesday, 6 May 2015

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And the Winner is…

From 35 candidates of 9 Party’s, they came prepared with an objective – to win the coveted crown of Protector General of Planet Earth.  Over the past few weeks, the Whovian world has voted for their favourite Candidates from - Dr. Martha Jones for UNIT, Donna Noble for the Loyal Screamers, Captain Jack Harkness for The Immortals, Ianto Jones for Torchwood, River Song for Renegades, Bannakaffalatta for The Armoured Division, Canton Everett Delaware III for Amicitia, Nostrovite for Shapeshifters and the 10th Doctor for the Time Lords. 

After the initial selection had been whittled down and selected, the interest in the Party Candidates dwindled somewhat, yet after a final push, the votes began to come in thick and fast. 

It’s clear to see that the fans that were more committed to the Elections were those from the Torchwood groups, as even though we posted up in all the Who groups across social networking sites for the 2nd Phase, only those who supported Torchwood were voting the hardest.  So surely that shows that there is a need for more TORCHWOOD!

We felt it was better for the voting to split Jack and the Torchwood team up and it clearly shows the level of loyalty for Ianto Jones and Jack Harkness.  So there is every reason to Bring Torchwood Back as often as Doctor Who.

The votes have been gathered and counted, and read as thus:

With zero votesShapeshifters – Nostrovite, The Armoured Division – Bannakaffalatta, Amicitia – Canton Everett Delaware III, UNIT – Martha Jones.

With two votesLoyal Screamers – Donna Noble

With three votesRenegades – Prof. River Song

With four votesTime Lords – 10th Doctor

With 19 votesThe Immortals - Captain Jack Harkness

We are proud to announce that the winner of the 2015 Whovian Elections with 28 votes is Torchwood Officer Ianto Jones. 

Even though it was a surprise to us that Ianto surpassed Jack in the race to the finish and even Gareth David-Lloyd seemed to think that Jack should win ‘as he is the pop to Ianto’s ROCK!’

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Whovian Elections which may have been slightly overshadowed by the main General Elections taking place in the ‘real world’, but nevertheless, we all had a bit of fun, and that’s what’s important. 

So everyone, welcome to our new Protector General of Planet Earth:

Ianto Jones


  1. It´s clear, Ianto has to be in TW. With Jack. In Cardiff. Alive.

    1. Should never be anymore Torchwood without those points. No Ianto alive in Cardiff with Jack? NO Torchwood.

  2. ^^^ DITTO what Cloe1706 says

  3. Perfect! Always knew Ianto would make a much better Leader and Protector than Jack. :)

  4. Love Jack and Ianto. Ianto wins, Jack is in the TW team anyway (so Jack wins). If Jack had won, Ianto is (for me, at least) in Immortal Team. Both are winners, and I´m really happy for seeing Ianto winner.