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Articles Project: Torchwood's Whovian Elections May 2015 - The Whovian Elections So Far

Project: Torchwood’s Whovian Elections May 2015

The Whovian Elections So Far

The Whovian Elections are now into their second phase – the vote for the candidate who will claim the victory of Protector of the Earth.

So the race is on.

The Election Process began with 9 Party’s each containing 5 candidates in each, which were after some serious voting on Facebook, not so much Twitter we noticed, that our 9 Candidates were finally elected to stand for their Party. 

There were a lot of surprises along the way; characters who we thought would romp home barely left the blocks whereas some we didn’t think would do so well, beat all other candidates hands down.

So what of Phase 2, how are the Candidates faring?

As per usual two of the most popular Torchwood characters are racing for the finish with only 2 votes between them, whereas the most confident Who candidate in phase 1 of the voting is barely kicking up any dust miles behind them, and the Time Lords, well, they’ve not left the starting blocks.  What’s happened there then?

The voting seems to have halted, possibly with the UK’s general elections taking centre stage on all television, radio and social networking sites, flooding everywhere with their mud slinging, hence why we thought a little light humour would be great for the Nation – of Whovians out there. 

As the voting is nearing its end – 5th May at 6pm GMT, we thought we’d keep the voting system simple on Twitter, as a lot of you are merely liking or retweeting the post we sent out, which doesn’t count towards a vote. 

For Facebook there is only one link which will give you the list of Party Candidates to vote for.

If you don’t have a Facebook account but still want to join in this is what you need to do.  Choose the party you wish to vote for, and copy and paste the link below the candidates poster and tweet it to us:
(eg.  @ProTorchwood Vote For #WhovianElections #JackHarkness #Immortals)

We will also accept @ProTorchwood #JackHarkness #Immortals at this late stage of the voting.  It couldn’t be simpler!  So what are you waiting for? 

Here are the Candidates and their Party’s again with links below to copy and paste or select merely the Party and the Candidate to tweet to us, to be sure that your vote counts. 

@ProTorchwood Vote for #CantonEverettDelawareIII #WhovianElections #AmicitiaParty

@ProTorchwood Vote for #RiverSong #WhovianElections #RenegadesParty

@ProTorchwood Vote for #Bannakaffalatta #WhovianElections #TheArmouredDivisionParty

@ProTorchwood Vote for #10thDoctor #WhovianElections #GallifreyNoMoreParty

@ProTorchwood Vote for  #Nostrovite #WhovianElections #ShapeshiftersParty

@ProTorchwood Vote for #MarthaJones #WhovianElections #UNITParty

@ProTorchwood Vote for #CaptainJackHarkness #WhovianElections #TheImmortalsParty

@ProTorchwood Vote for #DonnaNoble #WhovianElections #LoyalScreamers

@ProTorchwood Vote for #IantoJones #WhovianElections #TorchwoodParty

Although the voting is visible on Facebook for the ePoll, that isn’t taking into account the votes from you guys on Twitter.  As the Polling closes at 6pm GMT, on 5th May, it may be the following day before all the results are gathered in and the announcement made – we also have the poster to make for that Candidate, and we of course would like to make a big song and dance about it – after all, we want our After Party!!!


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