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The Whoniverse Round-Up Issue 23

The Whoniverse Round-Up

Can we just wish a very Happy Birthday to Gloria Corbi who celebrates her birthday today with Sydney Newman, the man who brought us Doctor Who back in the early 60’s, and to who we all owe a debt of gratitude to, because without him, we wouldn’t have a Whoniverse of amazing stories, creatures, characters and the wonderful actors who play them and the crew to put them on the air.  We salute you!  And we also salute Gloria because we think she ROCKS too! :D

Right on with the show…

The Whoniverse this month has seen a lot of exciting news and stories.  For starters, Maisie Williams is going to be appearing in Doctor Who, as to what character she appears as we’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s awesome news, and Maisie is a great young actress – did anyone see her in the Cyber bully film?

Also this month we learnt that John Barrowman is going to executive produce and star in Heavy Metal’s The 49th Key – an event TV miniseries.  The 49th Key is a story about Enochian magic and adventure.   It reads a little like a Da Vinci Code mystery but looks fascinating and exciting and we can’t wait to see this happen.

Looks like another Who actor is joining the realms of DC Comics this year, Arthur ‘Rory’ Darvill will play Rip Hunter, in a Flash and Arrow spin off series as ‘a roguish time traveller who hides the strains of being responsible for history itself behind a façade of charm and wit’.  Sounds a bit like Doctor Who to me.  I wonder if at some point, all the once Who actors will all converge in one episode.  Imagine that! To find out more, check out the Kasterborous website story here

Also up this month, was the 12th Doctor’s visit to Ty Hafan.  

Peter Capaldi visited the children and staff at the hospice and brought a smile to everyone’s faces.  The photos and comments from the Facebook page brought a tear to the eye.  On the 11th – 17th May this year it’s Hospice Week, find out how to get involved by following this link to their website.

There’s a lot of Election banter going on at the moment, so it’s no surprise that we see David Tennant and Martin Freeman heading up the Labour Party video for the Scottish Labour Party called The Choice, which can be found on Youtube. 

This month (April) we’ll be adding our own spin on the Elections by asking you guys, out of all the Whoniverse creatures and characters, who you would like to see as the next Prime Minister of Britain and not only that, but we want to hear your reasons for why your character should get the vote.  On the day before the actual General Election we’ll be putting your candidates up for the final overall vote.  As I’m sure you’ve got an idea who you might want to vote for.  We need to know what your character strives for over all else, use their background story for the best argument, and see if your choice is the choice of the masses.  Let’s have some Election fun over this.

We’ll be posting up more details next week, so keep checking social networking sites for further news.  It’s something fun to do, as let’s face it, politics are anything but exciting and no matter who you vote for, none of them fulfil on their promises do they?

There were a lot of birthdays in March but incredibly a heck of a lot more in April.  We’ve been a little busy and not been able to post any Shout Outs this month, we’ll make more of an effort this month, since we’ve managed to calm the Rift. 

Be sure to LIKE Justin Walters’ new Facebook Page – Justin appeared as bodyguard to the Prime Minister of Great Britain in Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen and was one of those scary cannibal villagers in Torchwood: Countrycide, and set up his new FB page in March, you’ll find a link to it on our Facebook Page. 

That’s all for now, be sure to check back here at the end of the month, and if you have a news story you want to tell the world about that is Whoniverse related, if there is an event you’d like to share, email us at

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