Thursday, 30 April 2015

Profiles Duroc

Profiles: Duroc

Name: Death, Duroc
Episode appeared in: Dead Man Walking
Enemy or Ally: Oh definite Enemy
Status: Unknown

“Melenkurion abatha! Duroc minas mill khabaal!”

"I will walk the earth forever, and my hunger shall know no bounds"

Whatever you want to call it, Death appeared through the Resurrection Gauntlet that Jack procured from the sleeping Weevils at St Mary’s Church, after receiving the information from a young Tarot reader in a drinking house in Cardiff.  It was true what Ianto had said after Suzie had finally been put to rest. 
   “They do tend to come in pairs.”
For a while, Death, or the unknown entity that possessed Owen, released him in order to find more souls, 13 in fact, in order to fully manifest itself on Earth.  Killing Jack was its first meal, after that it was open day at St. Helen’s hospital, where on the Intensive Care ward it began to take lives and a more corporeal figure

Torchwood evacuated the hospital before it could fully manifest itself, leaving only Owen and Death to fight it out in the reception area of the building. 
Once it realised that it couldn't win, it disappeared back into the Darkness.  It’s unclear how it had manifested itself within the glove, or how it had managed to come through Owen, but where often Life can find a way, so can Death.

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  1. "I will walk the earth forever, and my hunger shall know no bounds" - loved Ianto's remark that he kept searching for the phrase in the web, but was redirected to Weight Watchers again and again. That made me laugh so much. ;)