Friday, 10 April 2015

News Kai Owen to Join the Cast of Hollyoaks

Kai Owen to join the Cast of Hollyoaks!

Kai Owen has joined the cast of Hollyoaks - Channel 4's teen soap. 

In a tweet this afternoon Kai told his fans 'It's true!  I've joined the lovely cast of #Hollyoaks and it’s brilliant. Got one hell of an important story to tell.'

Kai plays abuser Pete, a terrible man who sexually assaulted Porsche McQueen (Twinnie-Lee Moore) when she was 15.  His character is an ex boyfriend of Porsche's mother, Reenie, who is currently behind bars. 

Pete comes over as a really nice guy, which many abusers do to those on the outside, but he's anything but a nice character to Porsche. 

Owen told Digital Spy. "Pete is a challenging role to take on.  I'm honoured to be a part of this storyline and to be able to work with the NSPCC to raise awareness of child abuse to the Hollyoaks audience."

It's not the first time that Hollyoaks have tackled difficult issues on their soap, from transgender to murder by Silas (oh how we enjoyed that storyline), or the crazed manipulative Will, who thankfully got locked away, in fact the thing I love about Channel 4 and Hollyoaks is that they do tackle a lot of quite difficult issues and very sensitively. 

Will Pete outlast all other villains in the soap, only time will tell, but as ever, we're so happy to see Kai Owen back on our screens.

Kai Owen’s twitter
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