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Whovian Elections Phase 2

 Meet the Party Candidates

& their Policies

Diolch yn fawr (thank you very much) to everyone who participated in the first part of the Whovian Election programme to choose the candidate for their Party.  The votes have all been counted from Twitter and Facebook and the results are thus:

Torchwood Team – Ianto Jones

Immortals – Captain Jack Harkness

Shapeshifters – Nostrovite

Armoured Division – Bannakaffalatta

Loyal Screamers – Donna Noble

Amicitia Canton Everett Delaware

Renegades – River Song

UNIT – Dr. Martha Jones

Gallifrey No More – The 10th Doctor

There were a lot of surprises during the Voting, some who we thought might have raised a few votes received none at all, whereas some we thought weren’t as popular galloped to the finishing line. 

Now the fun part begins.  Each of these Candidates needs their supporters, and so we’re looking to you guys to help raise the profile of the character.  Up for the challenge?

Interesting that Ianto Jones will be up against Captain Jack Harkness!!! Cue the innuendo squad!

What we’re looking for are the fans that will spread the word to all their buddies right across social networking sites to bring them to the Voting table, on our Facebook Page i.e. the ePolls.  This will be open from 9pm Sunday 26th April and end on 5th May at 6pm.  The votes will be counted and the winner duly elected as the Protector General of the Earth.  So there’s a lot to play for. 

But as ever we’ll keep a watchful eye on the Voting.  Please remember that if you haven’t got a Facebook account, but want to vote in the elections, you can still hashtag your vote on Twitter.

Now one other thing – this is all a bit of fun, to beat the blues of the UK’s general election.  We know you’re passionate about your favourite characters, but we don’t want any falling out amongst the fans, no fisticuffs at dawn. 

Dawn is a nice lass and doesn’t like folks picking on her or firing at Will!

Remember, if you want to vote for your favourite candidate, please use the links provided. 

The Armoured Division – Bannakaffalatta – Bannakaffalatta Happy!

A travelling Zocci on the cruiseliner Titanic, Bannakaffalatta, despite his diminutive height, has a soft spot for Astrid Peth, a waitress aboard the cruiseliner Titanic, owned by Max Capricorn.  A cyborg due to injuries, Bannakaffalatta is a likeable red spiky character who would sacrifice his own life to save others using his EMP source.

As part of his manifesto Bannakaffalatta plans to put an end to the discrimination that he and fellow cyborgs face on the planet Sto. 

He also wants increased funding for cybernetic research.

Twitter: #ProjectTorchwood Vote for #Bannakaffalatta #WhovianElections #TheArmouredDivisionParty

Gallifrey No More - The 10th Doctor – No Second Chances

With a strong attitude towards the Universe, the 10th Doctor is a very confident individual.  However, the often witty, empathetic and quirky Time Lord also has a darker side, should anyone wish to cross his path and threaten the livelihood of his friends, companions and planet Earth. 

He is a No Second Chance man and his policies are clear:

He wants NHS doctors to apologise – to oh so apologise, every time they lose a patient. 

With the ever increasing threat to mankind on planet Earth, the 10th Doctor wants first time offenders to receive One Warning.  Second time offenders are to be killed with a Satsuma!

Twitter: #ProjectTorchwood Vote for #10thDoctor #WhovianElections #GallifreyNoMoreParty

Shapeshifters Party – Nostrovite – Advocates of Free Love

Nostrovites are dangerous shape shifting alien creatures.  Never let them bite you.  They have an exo-biological insemination system for creating their young.  A Nostrovite bite can impregnate the host, planting an egg (non-sentient blastopheric mass) into the host’s bloodstream.  In 24 hours the female Nostrovite will seek out the host, rip them apart and free the young Nostrovite.  It’s not pretty! 

But taking that aside, (the ripping apart of the host), Nostrovites are family orientated.  Just view their mandate:

The Nostrovite want Free crèche facilities for all Mothers. 

They want Maternity Pay to equate to a living wage

And want the ban on large Nostrovite families lifted.

To Vote for the Nostrovite, please use the links below:

Twitter: #ProjectTorchwood Vote for #Nostrovite #WhovianElections #ShapeshiftersParty

The Immortals Party - Captain Jack Harkness - Ooh, the usual. Pizza. Ianto.  Save the world a couple of times!

Once a Time Agent manipulating history to eliminate rogue elements, Captain Jack Harkness, now runs a successful Torchwood faction, in honour of The Doctor, with whom Jack has travelled with on many an occasion.

Jack is fiercely protective of planet Earth, and along with his team, scavenges alien artefacts that wash up through the Rift.  Jack is a ‘fixed point in time’ and cannot die, making him the ideal candidate to go into areas where no mortal man can. 

When pressed for his political mandate, Jack replied “You do not want to know what I’m thinking right now.” Insisting that we did, he raised a brow, and broadened his grin.

Captain Jack Harkness, with his charming smile and boyish good looks can con the birds from the trees but he will defend the human race and fiercely protect those that he cares about, even if at times, protecting the human race may come at some personal cost to him. 

Jack’s policies are simple:
He would like to see the inheritance Tax on families of Immortal individuals scrapped.

He would also like to see £100,000 to go along with the Centenary Telegraph from the Queen. 

AND would also like to see Lube available on the NHS!!!

To vote for Captain Jack Harkness, please use the links:

Twitter#ProjectTorchwood Vote for #CaptainJackHarkness #WhovianElections #TheImmortalsParty

Loyal Screamers Party - Donna Noble – Doctor Donna!

Fiery tempered Donna Noble is louder than the average companion, quite outspoken, feisty and quite funny.  Donna has met many alien creatures in her time, her first being a rather large angry red spider – the Racnoss.  She travelled with the 10th Doctor on many adventures back in time and into the future, and during a battle with Daleks, during which Donna was trapped in the burning TARDIS, was transformed by the Doctor’s regeneration energy gaining the consciousness of the Time Lords.  She was able to save the Universe from Davros’ reality bomb.  However the Time Lord side of Donna’s brain was too much for her to handle and the Doctor had to remove it, erasing all the memories of her time with the Doctor.  However, not all is bad, some regenerative consciousness remained, enough to protect Donna from the transformation of all humans across the land, into the Master Race.  All hail to the Vespiform!

Donna’s mandate policy is simple, she wants to increase the minimum wage for all 180wpm Temping Staff!

To Vote for Donna in the Elections, please use the links below.

Twitter: #ProjectTorchwood Vote for #DonnaNoble #WhovianElections #LoyalScreamers

Torchwood Party - Ianto Jones - That's what I love about Torchwood.  By day you're chasing the scum of the Universe, come midnight, you're the Wedding Fairy.

Loyal and faithful assistant to Captain Jack Harkness, Ianto began a relationship with the Captain after his girlfriend Lisa Hallett lost her battle to become completely human when her cybernetic side took over.  Ianto is a walking encyclopaedia, knowing everything there is to know about the tech, “I know everything.”  He told us.  “And it says so on the bottom of the screen!”

He is a meticulous man, quiet yet extremely loyal.  He also looks pretty hot in a red UNIT beret and he loves Captain Jack Harkness, which might pose a problem in their relationship as they’re both in the race to the finish.  When asked if Ianto thought Jack would play fair in the Whovian Elections, he told us.
   “He cheats, he always cheats.”

When asked about his Policies, Ianto was clear on what he wanted to achieve.

An increase in minimum wage for Pizza Delivery Operatives.

Make Bisexual identity more prevalent and taught in schools

Ban Office Assistants from being the Coffee Boy!

To Vote for Ianto follow the links below:

Twitter: #ProjectTorchwood Vote for #IantoJones #WhovianElections #TorchwoodParty

Amicitia Party - Canton Everett Delaware – Agent with Attitude

Once an FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III was kicked out of the organisation when he told them that he wanted to marry a man.  He’s not afraid to break the rules.  He’s a friend of the Doctor, pretending to rejoin the FBI in order to find the Doctor, Rory and Amy, in order to halt the Silent Invasion.
Canton is very much the LGBT campaigner and his policies are clear: 

Canton wants Marriage Equality NOW. 
Insurance Equality
Inheritance Equality.

To Vote for Canton follow the links below:

Twitter: #ProjectTorchwood Vote for #CantonEverettDelawareIII #WhovianElections #AmicitiaParty

Renegades Party – Professor River Song – Hello Sweetie!

It’s fair to say that Professor River Song, archaeologist, knows much more about the Doctor than any of his previous companions, she was after all married to him.  She was conceived in the TARDIS and raised with many Time Lord Skills, including that of Regeneration.  River is an enigmatic character, and very flirtatious.  She keeps a diary of her time spent with the Doctor where with each encounter the Doctor remembers her less and less.

River Song is an able pilot of the TARDIS, is nifty with the gadgets and is a born fighter, and can protect herself and her companions in time of trouble.  She too fiercely fights to protect those that she loves.

When we asked River about what it felt like travelling with the Doctor she told us:
   “When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it will never end.  But however hard you try, you can't run forever.  Everybody knows that everybody dies.  And nobody knows it like the Doctor.  But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever, for one moment, accepts it!”

River’s policy is simple:
She would like to see a decrease in the prison sentences for women who kill a good man.

To Vote for River follow the links below:

Twitter: #ProjectTorchwood Vote for #RiverSong #WhovianElections #RenegadesParty

UNIT Party – Dr. Martha Jones - This is Martha Jones representing the Unified Intelligence Taskforce on behalf of the human race

Dr Martha Jones has not only travelled with the Doctor, but was employed by UNIT after the Doctor put in a good word for her, AND has through her work with UNIT worked with Torchwood, uncovering the truth behind the work at the Pharm, and almost faced death after being attacked by a possessed gauntlet used to bring back Dr. Owen Harper. 

She has in her own words: “Travelled across the world. From the ruins of New York, to the fusion mills of China, right across the radiation pits of Europe. And everywhere I went I saw people just like you, living as slaves!”

During the Year that Never was, where only certain people aboard the Valiant would remember, Martha Jones saved the world from the tyranny that would see the Master control the Earth. Martha travelled upon the instructions of the Doctor, to save the world, and she did it, and she is a Legend, but she shrugs this title off, telling people that it was the Doctor who is the reason for why she walked the Earth, a man whose name is more important, yet not many have heard of him. 

But she also has a warning, for those who follow or wish to follow the Time Lord. 
   “You need to be careful, because you know the Doctor's wonderful and he's brilliant, but he's like fire. Stand too close and people get burned.”

Dr. Martha Jones’ policies are:

To scrap tuition fees for all including Trainee Medical Students!

To Vote for Martha follow these links below:

Twitter #ProjectTorchwood Vote for #MarthaJones #WhovianElections #UNITParty

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