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Articles Whovian Elections by DJ Forrest

Whovian Elections

As Election Fever grips the Nation we thought it would be a great idea to create our own and with an arsenal of characters at our disposal, nine Parties to choose from, we selected our groups, and with great thanks to you guys for helping us decide which Time Lords and Companions were the most popular, we’ve finally selected 5 worthy candidates for each Party. 

All you guys have to do now, is select which one you want to stand for that Party out of the selections listed below. As you can see from our listing, Captain Jack Harkness and Dr. Martha Jones haven’t been forgotten. 

So for the first part of the Whovian Elections, please select your Candidate that you would like to see competing for the governing seat protecting Planet Earth.  The voting will start tonight and continue till Saturday 25th April, when the votes will be counted and the new Candidate will be announced on Sunday 26th and then the fun really begins. 

So until then, here are the Candidates and their links to post on Twitter.  If you have a Facebook account, head on over and LIKE our Facebook Page and add your choice to our ePoll.  The totals from this AND Twitter will be added together – Good Luck!

Meet the Party Candidates

Dalek Emperor (From Evil of the Daleks)

The Dalek Emperor is a vast monolithic structure built into the Dalek City of Skaro.  It wants nothing better than to spread the Dalek Factor throughout human history on Earth.  It’s a tough adversary that even a Civil war can’t destroy. 

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The Cyberman (From the 10th Planet)

The Cyberman was a human being once.  He came from the planet Mondas, Earth’s lost twin.  In order to survive, they’ve had to upgrade their bodies with artificial limbs and organs and alter their brains to think logically and without feeling.  They’re ultimate goal is to rid the Solar System of Earth as Mondas is draining too much energy from it, and stands a great risk of exploding if Earth isn’t destroyed.
The 10th Planet Cyberman wishes to implement a mandate to destroy Earth using a Z-Bomb, thus saving its own planet from destruction. 

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Max Capricorn

CEO of Max Capricorn Cruiseliners for 176 years, Max is a wealthy but ruthless businessman who aims to grow richer with a plan to think the unthinkable, but only if he’s elected.  For now he offers the lucky voters an opportunity of travelling in his luxury cruiseliner Titanic  with him and see the wonders of the world outside of Earth’s orbit. Of course, Max will be travelling in his secure Omnistate Impact Chamber…just in case anything untoward happens to the ship…

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A travelling Zocci on the cruiseliner Titanic, Bannakaffalatta, despite his diminutive height, has a soft spot for a certain waitress who works aboard it.  Astrid Peth.  A cyborg due to injuries, Bannakaffalatta is a likeable red spiky character who would sacrifice his own life to save others using his EMP source.

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The Gunslinger – Kahler Tek

Tek comes from Kahler.  He is currently on a mission to locate the scientist who disfigured him and his friends, turning them all into deadly assassins in a bid to end the 9 year war on Kahler.  He has a massive arsenal at his disposal, a cybernetic eye with telescopic lens, a laser blaster for an arm, he’s typically dressed as a gunslinger, earning the apt title by the Town called Mercy.  He wears a bandito shoulder belt with ammo, tough desert boots and a western style hat.  He has no need of a horse as he has short range teleportation abilities. 

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The 4th Doctor

This incarnation of the Time Lord is dark although he often comes across as a buffoon, but he always manages to wrong foot his enemies and even his friends.  He wears a wide brimmed hat and a long scarf, and has a very sweet tooth, with a love of ‘Jelly Babies’ confectionary, always in his pocket.  He has vast knowledge of all things.  He created the K-9 Mark II after giving the first one to Leela back on Gallifrey.  He eventually gave the Mark 2 version to Romana.  Once instructed by the Time Lords to destroy the Daleks on Skaro, he found that he couldn’t bring himself to do it.  It went against his moral code to commit genocide.
This Doctor has seen many adversaries over the years, including the Zygons, Daleks, the Master, the Rutan, The Black Guardian, Cybermen, Sontarans, Meglos and Movellans to name but a few. And he has travelled with an array of wonderful companions from Leela, Romana, Adric, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Nyssa, Tegan, as well as working with UNIT’s finest, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart who often calls the Doctor using a space-time telegraph system, when there’s the odd monster to deal with. 

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The 9th Doctor

This incarnation of the Doctor brought an end to the Great Time War, rendering him the last of the Time Lords, a weight that is incredibly hard to bear.  Unlike the Doctors before him, he dresses casually, a disguise that enables him to blend into the crowd.  Black leather jacket, tshirt and jeans, with boots, and a Northern accent, yet he is still alien, and often his outlook on life and priorities will differ from his companion Rose’s.  The 9th Doctor has already been inside Downing Street, and destroyed it, after a run in with the Slitheen family.  He dealt with them again when the last surviving member of the family turned her attention to Blaidd Drwg power station in Wales.  The Doctor was able to defeat her with his crew of Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith and Captain Jack Harkness.
The Time War has left him hollow inside and often he will deal with his opponents harshly especially if they do not heed his warnings. 

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The 10th Doctor

The 10th incarnation of the Doctor, witty, empathetic, confident and often quirky, enjoys life to the max, but he is also a dark and dangerous Time Lord, and not one to get on the wrong side of.  He is fiercely protective of his companions, friends and planet Earth.  He will give you only one chance to amend your ways.  Often he requires his companions to keep him in check as sometimes he forgets to be sincere, or less sarcastic, or brash.  But don’t be fooled by his mild manner, he can turn on a sixpence a mood that would cut the atmosphere like a knife.  He cuts a stride in a smart suit but his footwear would often see him as breaking with tradition in a comfortable pair of Converse sneakers. He has travelled with many companions, Rose, Donna, Martha, Captain Jack Harkness and most have broken his heart one way or another, so much so that he often prefers to travel alone.  He has a knack of analysing substances purely by taste!

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The 11th Doctor

The 11th incarnation is a young man with a wise old mind, often eccentric and sometimes quite naïve in his approach and manner.  He never takes dangerous situations seriously but when confronting the enemy, he can show a side far darker than they even suspect.  This Doctor has rebooted the entire Universe after flying the Pandorica prison box into his exploding TARDIS, an impossible feat for many.  He has travelled with memorable companions that still break his heart when he thinks of them.  He has faced far greater challenges including facing the worst of enemies, the Silence, a religious order desperate to prevent the revelation of the Doctor’s real name.

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The 12th Doctor

The 12th incarnation’s travelling companion could probably tell you more about this Doctor than perhaps he can.  Wild and full of wonder, he explores the universe with a curiosity of a child in a sweet shop.  He has little time for the pleasantries and can appear brash in his approach to people.  He is aware of the threats to the planet but has little consideration to those who get in his way in stopping it.  This Doctor is curious about where he’s seen his face before.  He has a lot of unanswered questions about himself.

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Broton - Zygon

The Zygons come from a planet that was destroyed many centuries ago.  They came to Earth after their ship crashed into Loch Ness, Scotland where it remained hidden for hundreds of years.  Broton wants to make the Earth the new homeworld of the Zygons.  They have a hideous slimy orange skin which can pack a punch strong enough to stun or kill if touched.  
They can assume the identity of any creature they come into contact with, keeping the original body alive in order to use the memories. 

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Nostrovites are dangerous shape shifting alien creatures.  Never let them bite you.  They have an exo-biological insemination system for creating their young.  A Nostrovite bite can impregnate the host, planting an egg (non-sentient blastopheric mass) into the host’s bloodstream.  In 24 hours the female Nostrovite will seek out the host, rip them apart and free the young Nostrovite.  It’s not pretty!  It takes a lot to kill a Nostrovite; they move pretty fast and can impersonate any being in an instant.  When they’re cornered they will come out fighting and will take several shots to the body before giving in to death.  Although one very large gun will obliterate them from existence altogether, but they’re not always easily accessible unless you work for Torchwood!

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Prisoner Zero

Prisoner Zero is a serpent like creature with long sharp teeth.  It was a prisoner of the Atraxi and came to Earth through a crack in time, and hid in Amy Pond’s house. Prisoner Zero is a shape shifting multi form which has to psychically link itself with another life form before assuming their identity.  It is able to link psychically to a ward of unconscious patients in a coma ward, including any dreams that the patient’s are having. 

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The Vespiform – Reverend Golightly

In late 1880 a Vespiform came to Earth from the hives of Silfrax galaxy and took the form of a man calling himself Christopher.  He fell in love with a woman called Lady Clemency Eddison.  They began a relationship which was cruelly cut short by the Delhi floods of 1885.  Lady Clemency, pregnant, returned to England and gave birth to a son, that she soon gave up for adoption.  The child grew up without knowledge of his identity and was christened Arnold Golightly. 
40 years later, Reverend Arnold Golightly, became aware of his Vespiform self, as the telepathic recorder jewel the Firestone that was contained within a heart shaped necklace, worn by Lady Clemency Addison, began to beam direct images into his brain, turning him from the calm rational thinker, into a murderer. 
Lady Clemency Addison was a fan of Agatha Christie novels and the murders were carried out in much the same fashion. 

Although Vespiforms do resemble giant wasps with a nasty stinger, not all Vespiforms are bad, but clearly the Reverend has a few issues he’s yet to get under control and an anger management class would be ideal.

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The Rutan

Rutans are the sworn enemies of the Sontarans.  The come from the cold icy planet of Ruta 3 and resemble large glowing green jellyfish that can hover and shape shift into whatever beings they encounter.  One Rutan Scout was discovered at Fang Rock in the 20th Century by the Doctor and Leela. 

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Captain Jack Harkness

Once a conman prepared to con the Doctor and Rose with an empty ambulance ship, Captain Jack Harkness is a reformed character.  After he was brought back to life by Rose and abandoned by the Doctor on Satellite 5, he had to make his way back to Earth, and back to the time when his time line and that of the Doctor’s would coincide.  He had a lot of unanswered questions, and the Doctor held all the answers.  Knowing he would have to wait 100 years for that to happen he took work with the Torchwood Institute in Cardiff and eventually became the leader of the organisation, hand picking his own team who scavenged alien artefacts that washed up through the Rift.  He eventually met up with the Doctor who broke the news that he was a ‘fixed point in time’.  Captain Jack Harkness, with his charming smile and boyish good looks can con the birds from the trees but he will defend the human race and fiercely protect those that he cares about, even if at times, protecting the human race may come at some personal cost to him. 

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Abaddon – The Great Devourer

One of the greatest threats to mankind – Abaddon the Great Devourer has an insatiable appetite for life.  He can stalk across the world feasting on it, leaving only death in his wake.  Son of the Great Beast, Abaddon answers to nobody.  Bilis Manger is his only fan, a man who can manipulate others to do his bidding, to open the Rift and release the devourer of worlds.  Abaddon is an immortal being, and only one man can stop him if he is released from his chains. 

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The Black Guardian

The Black Guardian is a shape shifting being that thrives on evil and darkness.  He often has others do his bidding for him, agents including The Shadow.  The Black Guardian appears in times of great chaos in the Universe.  He seeks the Key to Time, and enlists the help of the Shadow to locate it, and waits for the Doctor to bring the final 5 segments.
He can appear at any time and in any shape, and has the power to manipulate those around him to do as he wishes.  He wears a black bird headdress and decorated black robes.  It’s unclear where he heralds from.  He’s a dangerous character and one to avoid at all costs. 

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The White Guardian

The White Guardian more notably known as the Guardian of Light in Time is an anthropomorphic character of order and good, in other words the flip side of the Black Guardian.  Or as the 5th Doctor once told him – the lesser of two evils.  The White Guardian sent the 4th Doctor and Romana I on a quest for the six segments of the Key to Time. 

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Celestial Toymaker

The Celestial Toymaker lives outside of Space and time in a strange world where toys can come to life.  Any visitors who happen upon him, are set a series of childish, dangerous and often fatal challenges, which if they lose could see them, becoming trapped in the toymaker’s world for the rest of time.   The Celestial toymaker hates to lose and will often cheat and lie in order to win.  He leads an often isolated life and the games certainly make up for it.  When the 1st Doctor’s companions entered his world, they were faced with electrified hopscotch and deadly musical chairs in a game that could potentially keep them in the Toymakers world forever if they lost.  The Toymaker wears Chinese Mandarin style clothes, which are quite bright and colourful in design. 

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Sarah Jane Smith – journalist/defender of Earth

Sarah Jane Smith is one of the Doctor’s closest companions, having travelled with 7 of the Doctor’s incarnations.  She has battled Cybermen, Daleks, met the creator Davros on Skaro with the 4th Doctor, dealt with Sontarans and Ice Warriors and helped the 10th Doctor and Rose with Mickey Smith deal with the Krillitanes at Deffry Vale High School.  A journalist at heart, if there’s a story out there, Sarah Jane will stop at nothing until she’s uncovered the truth.   

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Donna Noble – Office Temp

Fiery tempered Donna Noble is louder than the average companion, quite outspoken, feisty and quite funny.  Donna found herself in the TARDIS after the huon energy in her body was able to transport her to his ship.  Donna has met many alien creatures in her time, her first being a rather large angry red spider – the Racnoss.  She travelled with the 10th Doctor on many adventures back in time and into the future, and during a battle with Daleks, during which Donna was trapped in the burning TARDIS, was transformed by the Doctor’s regeneration energy gaining the consciousness of the Time Lords.  She was able to save the Universe from Davros’ reality bomb.  However the Time Lord side of Donna’s brain was too much for her to handle and the Doctor had to remove it, erasing all the memories of her time with the Doctor.  However, not all is bad, some regenerative consciousness remained, enough to protect Donna from the transformation of all humans across the land, into the Master Race.  All hail to the Vespiform!

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Rose Tyler – Bad Wolf

Rose Tyler, shop girl until the 9th Doctor destroyed the building she once worked at, travelled with the Doctor on many of his adventures, bringing a more compassionate side to his nature.  She met many adversaries of the Doctor including a lone Dalek which through her touch developed human thoughts and feelings.  She destroyed the Dalek fleet after looking into the Time Vortex and brought Captain Jack Harkness back to life, but the power of the Time Vortex was too strong, and she brought Jack back permanently. 
Trapped in a parallel Universe, Rose finally finds a way of returning to the real world and locates the Doctor.  Through clues across the Universe, the big Bad Wolf returns, this time as a Torchwood agent, helping Donna make the right choice, helping the Doctor save the Universe from the Daleks, and returns home with the half human Time Lord grown from the hand in the jar, in the TARDIS. 

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Jamie McCrimmon

James Robert McCrimmon met the 2nd Doctor after the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden in 1746.  From the Highlands of Scotland, Jamie has met and travelled with two Doctors.  Jamie has seen some scary aliens in his time but wasn’t fazed by the Daleks, and was able to destroy a fair few of them.  When the Doctor was put on trial, Jamie was sent back to Scotland, his memory erased to only remember the first adventures he had with the Time Lord and not with the 6th.  He’s not extremely bright but he is certainly one of the bravest and a loyal companion.

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Rory Williams

From Leadworth, England, male nurse, Rory Williams has seen many incredible things in his time with the Doctor.  He was quite timid and fearful when he first travelled with the 11th, afraid of all things that went bump in the night.  In many of his travels with the Doctor, he could compare notes with Captain Jack Harkness on the amount of times he has been killed and brought back to life. He is devoted to Amy even though at times it’s fair to say her eyes were only for the Doctor.  As an Auton, Rory’s love for Amy meant he waited two thousand years for her. 
Over the years he’s met and battled with many monsters from Silurians, Peg Dolls, the Silents, and the Headless monks.  He eventually married Amy.  They have one child together who grows up to become the renegade known as River Song! 

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Gwen Cooper

Gwen Elizabeth Cooper first met Torchwood when she worked as a WPC in Cardiff.  After the Retcon pill failed to wipe her memories of the events of the Life Knife and the Weevil and Captain Jack Harkness, she was later recruited into the organisation and has been loyal to Torchwood ever since.  Although initially unaware of the alien culture in Cardiff, Gwen has seen with her own eyes the dangers that lurk around every corner, on the surface and below ground, and even in the deep dark water of Cardiff Bay and out to sea.  Gwen has learnt to keep her association with Torchwood a secret from everyone she loves, until she had to tell her long suffering husband the truth.  Gwen was the first to discover that Jack couldn’t die, and the only one he trusted to take with him to defeat Abaddon. 
Gwen knows that great sacrifices have to be made to protect those that she loves, and so she wouldn’t think twice in pulling the trigger on Captain Jack Harkness in order to reset the balance.

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Ianto Jones

Loyal and faithful assistant to Jack Harkness, Ianto began a relationship with the Captain after his girlfriend Lisa Hallett lost her battle to become completely human and her cybernetic side took over.  Ianto is a walking encyclopaedia, knowing everything there is to know about the tech, the Archives, the complete running’s of Torchwood, far better than even Jack (whose worked there longer).  He is an invaluable asset to the organisation.  He used to work for Torchwood One at Canary Wharf with his girlfriend Lisa Hallett.  After its destruction he moved to Cardiff and after a few attempts to be taken on by Jack, eventually won him around with a pterodactyl trapped in a warehouse. 
Although quiet and unassuming, Ianto is very meticulous, good with a stop watch, looks good in a red UNIT beret, and will do absolutely anything for Captain Jack Harkness. 

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Owen Harper

Dr. Owen Harper is a brilliant young medic with a terrible bedside manner.  Often bitter and sarcastic, he can’t see how much Toshiko Sato loves him and continues to play the field, sleeping with Gwen, adding another notch on his bedpost.  He falls in love with Diane Holmes, a pilot from the 1950s who flies through the Rift, but then after breaking his heart flies back in search of another opening.  Owen is bitter and heartbroken and does everything in his power to upset Jack to the point of firing him.  Reinstated he settles down to work and all is going well till he’s shot and killed by Professor Aaron Copley of the Pharm.  But all is not lost, as the second Resurrection Glove is used to bring him back, just like it brought back Suzie, only Owen, even after the glove is destroyed, survives.  Yet he cannot risk damaging himself, as a broken finger won’t heal, a cut won’t close.  He has to accept his new fate.  With enough air in his lungs allowing him to speak, he cannot eat, drink or breathe, so resuscitating a patient is completely out of the question!

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Toshiko Sato

Japanese technical mastermind, Toshiko Sato has more than earned her place in Jack’s heart for her quick thinking during computer initiations, interlinking computer systems, over riding computer passwords and saving her fellow team mates whenever possible – all by knowing her way around a computerised system.  Saved by Jack from UNIT prison after she had stolen the plans for a top secret sonic manipulation device, creating a prototype with flawed plans, Jack saw something in her that nobody else could.  Toshiko was dedicated to finding solutions to problems.  Nothing was too big to handle, even if it took a while to crack a code, Toshiko would work on it till it was complete.  A lot of the devices used in Torchwood were created by Toshiko, after cannibalising alien tech they found, adapting the Rift Manipulator and building a time lock to keep the Hub safe inside a time bubble protecting them from a Dalek invasion.

Toshiko Sato was in love with Owen Harper and had been from their very first meeting but Owen never knew till it was too late. 

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Suzie Costello

Before her downward spiral into insanity, Suzie was Torchwood investigator and tech specialist and Captain Jack’s trusted Number Two.  However her obsession in using the Life Knife and Resurrection Glove, and her meetings with Max Tresilian of Pilgrim, led her to set a trap in order for Captain Jack Harkness to bring her back to life after she eventually pulled a gun on herself.  Using the life force from the Resurrection Glove that linked her to Gwen Cooper, Suzie was able to continue to live, while Gwen continued to grow weaker and suffer the agonising effects of a bullet wound to the head. 

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Madame Vastra

Head of the Paternoster Gang, Madame Vastra is a Silurian, who was awakened when work began on the London Underground system.  She’s an old friend of the 11th Doctor, and she protects him many times her reward for him talking her out of avenging her sisters and killing innocent tunnel workers.  She is a skilled swordfighter and puts her superior intelligence to work for Scotland Yard, earning her the title of The Great Detective.

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Jenny Flint

Jenny is the human maid and wife of Silurian Madame Vastra and is part of the Paternoster gang who live in the late 19th century London assisting the Doctor against threats to the Earth, while also performing their own investigations with Scotland Yard. 

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Commander Strax – Clone Warrior

Commander Strax is an 11 year old Sontaran warrior forced by the Doctor to serve penance to restore the honour of his clone batch.  He has to take the highest humiliation and work as a nurse.  He aids the Doctor on Demon’s Run and helps the Doctor fight the Great Intelligence alongside Madame Vastra and Jenny. 

Sontaran’s are themselves a clone race, bred for warfare on their home planet of Sontar.  They’ve met 6 versions of the Doctor over the years but only Commander Strax has been trustworthy enough to work with the Paternoster gang and the Doctor. 

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Sabulom Glitz

Sabulom Glitz is from the planet Salostophus in the Andromeda Constellation.  He’s a rogue who enjoys the love of money and engages in acts of mercenary and profiteering.  His home planet is 2 million years in the future.  The 6th Doctor and Peri encountered him and his fellow mercenary on the planet Ravalox.  Glitz and his pal were searching for the secrets stolen by the Sleepers of Andromeda from the Matrix on Gallifrey.  When the Doctor regenerates into the 7th, he encounters Glitz on the Iceworld on Planet Svartos where he’s working for a madman named Kane.  When Kane manages to kill himself with unfiltered sunlight, Glitz steals his ship and renames it Nosferatu II.  The 7th Doctor’s companion Mel leaves the Doctor to travel with Glitz.

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Canton Everett Delaware - FBI

Canton Everett Delaware III is an agent with attitude.  He’s not afraid to break the rules.  An old friend of the Doctor, he remains loyal even in his old age and fulfils his final task for him, giving River petrol to burn the Doctor’s body at Lake SilencioCanton was kicked out of the FBI as he wanted to marry a man.  He takes it as a compliment when President Nixon says he has a problem with authority. 

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River Song

Conceived in the TARDIS, Melody Pond’s origin was Demon’s Run Asteroid.  She grew up with many Time Lord skills such as regeneration.  Unaware of whom she really is, the Doctor meets her in the wrong order of her life, so to keep track of her muddled adventures; River keeps a diary, which contains many Spoilers.  She is abducted as a child and conditioned to be the woman who kills the Doctor, by Madame Kovarian, and The Silence.  When she learns of her fate, especially after learning more about what kind of man the Doctor really is, she sacrifices the last of her regenerations to save him.  Much later she is arrested and imprisoned, but later pardoned, allowing her to have many more adventures.  When she meets the 10th Doctor she’s a travelling archaeology professor, but the 10th has no recollection of her, nor that he was once married to her.  But she knows everything about him – it’s in her diary!

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The Master

The Master was the childhood friend of The Doctor.  They grew up together on Gallifrey but when they joined the Time Lord Academy and he stared into the Untempered Schism, he became quite mad.  He distanced himself from the Doctor, his mind turning towards evil and the constant drumming inside of his head drove him insane.  He was the flip side of the Doctor, he wanted anarchy and chaos, and sought alliances with various forces including Nestene Consciousness, Daleks, Axons and Sea Devils.  He became known to UNIT and Torchwood.  After he’d used up all of his regenerations and eventually died, the Time Lords revived his consciousness during the course of the Time War.  He was then resurrected to serve as the perfect warrior against the Daleks.  He was present when the Dalek Emperor took control of the Cruciform but fled to the end of the Universe to escape and made himself human in the process.  He was found on the Silver Devastation clutching a fob watch.  He later called himself Professor Yana, and worked in Malcassairo, developing a rocket that would take him and the people at the end of the Universe, to Utopia.  During a regeneration after a chance meeting with the 10th Doctor and his travelling companions, he stole the Doctor’s TARDIS and returned to Earth where he created an entire fake history about himself and stood for candidacy for Prime Minister in the General Elections.  And Won!  Will he win again this time?

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The Rani – Time Lady

The Rani is a Time Lady from Gallifrey.  She’s a scientific genius who was exiled after one of her experiments – an enlarged mouse – bit the president and ate his cat.  She wears bright and stylish outfits, and is a beautiful woman, with a wicked smile.  She rules two planets – Miasimia Goria and Lakertya, using the inhabitants for her experiments.  The Rani owns a TARDIS but little is known of her whereabouts after the Time War.  She could be anywhere…

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Morbius is from Gallifrey and a ruthless dictator.  He once held High Council of the Time Lords and wanted to use their powers to conquer planets rather than merely observe.  He had millions of followers known as the Cult of Morbius and together they travelled to Karn to steal the Elixir of life so that they could become immortal.  Hiding on the planet Karn is an Earth neurosurgeon by the name of Mehendri Solon.  He is responsible for putting together a new body to host the brain of Morbius, a Time Lord once thought dead, killed for his crimes.  Now only his brain survives, thanks to Solon.  

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The Meddling Monk

The Meddling Monk came from the same home planet as that of the Doctor.  He also has a TARDIS.  Like the Master, he likes to cause trouble, and break the golden rule of space and time travel choosing to interfere with the course of history.  Just like River Song, The Monk keeps a diary of his meddling.  He met only the 1st Doctor during his meddling.  The Doctor taught him a lesson by breaking the dimensional circuit in the Monk’s ship.  Just like The Rani, little is known what happened to the Meddling Monk after the Time War destroyed Gallifrey wiping out the Time Lords!

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Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

Lethbridge-Stewart first met the Doctor when he was a Colonel and together they defeated the invading Great Intelligence.  Many years later the Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart met again, this time when he was a Brigadier, and they became firm friends.  The Brigadier was the Head of the UK Contingent of UNIT, a role he took extremely seriously.  He had met and worked with 6 incarnations of the Doctor and been around during a few of their regenerations.  The Doctor was employed as Lethbridge-Stewart’s scientific advisor and together they helped see off many invaders to Earth, from the Nestene Consciousness to the Master. 

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Captain Yates

The Brigadier’s Second in Command in UNIT, Captain Yates was forced to take extended sick leave and resigned from the organisation after betraying them after involving himself in a project that would return the Earth to prehistoric times.  After he leaves he joins a Buddhist Meditation Centre but realises something is wrong when he discovers that his fellow meditators are making contact with spiders from Metebelis III.  Ohhhmmmmmmmmm!

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Sgt. Benton

Sgt Benton is a long serving and most loyal member of UNIT and a good friend of the Doctor.  He’s loyal and a brave soldier but is often outwitted by the aliens he comes up against, during the 3rd incarnation of the Doctor.  He is often put down by Lethbridge-Stewart. 

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Dr. Martha Jones

Dr Martha Jones worked at the Hope Hospital in London when she first met the 10th Doctor, and later travelled with him through Space and Time.  She had many adventures with him and was introduced to a number of his past travelling companions, namely Rose Tyler, through name only and Captain Jack Harkness through association at the end of the Universe.  She soon found herself working with Torchwood with her UNIT credentials, helping to solve the case involving the Pharm and became a temporary medic while Owen appeared too unstable to continue while he got to grips with his ‘dead but alive’ status.  She was aged to a near death like state by the Resurrection Glove when Owen was brought back to life, bringing with him Death in the form of Duroc.  When Duroc was defeated, she returned to normal.  She contacted Jack later on when working at CERN in Switzerland requiring his help in dealing with Ghost Entities. 
Martha has travelled with the 10th Doctor, and met previous companions.  She has been kept in a trancelike state while the Sontaran created a clone of her to infiltrate UNIT in order to use Earth as a breeding ground.  During the events that saw the Master in power across the world, she escaped the Valiant using Captain Jack’s Vortex Manipulator and travelled the world carrying out the Doctor’s instructions, walking across America, from the ruins of New York, to the Fusion Mines of China and across the Radiation Pits of Europe.  She was rumoured to be the only person who could kill the Master by using a gun that could kill Time Lords!

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Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart is the head of Scientific Research at UNIT.  She is also the daughter of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.  She drops the Lethbridge part of her name to avoid rumours of favouritism.  She got the job on her own merits!
She has only worked with the 11th Doctor.  She is strong minded and managed to drag UNIT into the 21st century.  She led the investigation when millions of black cubes appeared across the globe. 

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