Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Whoniverse Round-Up March

The Whoniverse Round-Up


Last month saw the Kick-starter project get under way for ‘Storyline’, Maxine Evans and Neil Anthony Docking’s new internet comedy soap, and with a lot of backing and support they look well on their way to succeeding in giving the project a lot more than a few chocky biccies and mugs of tea.  It could even see us with a few more Whovian cast than currently listed.  We will give updates on ‘Storyline’ as soon as we can.


This month saw the launch of something ‘Special’ from the Barrowman camp.  Jumping on the ‘NOH8’ bandwagon, John Barrowman is encouraging everyone to buy his F*CK H8 merchandise with the ‘NOH8’ message from the photo session he had with them last year.  It’s one of my favourite poses of his, next to the one where he bared his buttcheek!!!

I particularly like the hoodie, but there’s a selection of tops available if you follow this link.  Dig deep guys, it’s for an awesome cause – and you know how we like causes!

It’s Shipcon 2015 on March 28th where I believe you will find Simon Fisher-Becker.  It’s at The Ship, 47 High Street, Croydon, CR0 1QD.  Get yourself over there and have a great day, and if you want to tell us about it, email us – address at bottom of page.

Also this month Extinction written by and starring Ben Loyd- Holmes hit the DVD section of major supermarkets this week and doesn’t he look a happy bunny!  

I personally can’t wait to watch this, being an avid fan of dinosaurs, and quite a bit of a fan of Ben’s. 
It’s available in Asda and Tesco’s with other major supermarket chains stocking it from Monday.  Only £7, get it while you can!

Incidentally, if anyone has already purchased a copy, we’d love to know what you thought of it, email us on projecttorchwood@ymail.com

Have a wonderful March, sorry this Issue has been brought to you a little late, but better late than never!!!

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