Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Coffee Shop Caption Comps: Reset

Torchwood: Reset Caption Comps

This month we were planning to only post one Caption, but our choice held back some who couldn’t think beyond the gutter!!! So after much searching we found this little gem.  It was a tough decision to find the winner this month as everyone’s comment was brilliant. 

What do you think he is saying here?

Sue Whiteley:  It's this big.

Claudia Lindner: Jack: "Oh Time Lord, would you give me a Tardis-Benz, my friends all drive Tardis-Porches..."

Ianto Tarrant: Owen, a leather bird is not a goth chick, it's a pterodactyl.

~Tosh~: It was a lovely sunny day.  I was minding my own business when suddenly it went dark and when I looked up there was this beautiful leather clad.....

Betty Dee:  "Dear Lord, please make Gwen stop talking!"

However we did after a while receive a few funny comments from the Martha photo, so we felt we just had to post it up. 

What do you think she’s talking about here?

Ianto Tarrant: Ianto reckoned his was bigger by that much, something about tape measures?

Claudia Lindner: Martha: I'm a medic and I know you guys things can get this tiny when exposed to cold.  So I was really worried about the Doctor, when we once landed in an ice world, I can tell ya!"

Well done to the winners of this month’s Caption Comp.  If you want to join in, come LIKE our Facebook Page.

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